Meghan Markle’s Weight Gain – How Did She Gain A Lot Of Weight?

Meghan Markle's Weight Gain

Pregnancy is the most weight-gaining stage of a woman’s life and she needs to eat a lot of healthy food which put on weight on her, for delivering a healthy kid.

Meghan Markle Talks About Her Weight Gain Journey

Also after giving birth she will be tired and stressed which makes her eat more. Moreover, she won’t be able to find time for herself which makes it difficult to practice exercises and workouts.

But nowadays everyone dreams of going back to their skinny body times, soon after labor.

When everyone is going behind fitness and workouts and struggling hard to regain their slim body even after delivering a baby, can you imagine a lady who is ready to face the crowd as such?

You will be further surprised to know that the lady is an actress too and her name is Meghan Markle widely known as Duchess among her fans.

Meghan Markle Talks About Her Weight Gain Journey

Meghan’s Weight Gain

Today everyone especially celebrities are in a hurry to lose weight soon after their labor and many celebrities are not planning to give birth to kids since they will lose their perfect body shape by earning extra pounds.

Definitely, the weight gain will happen during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. There might be rare cases where mothers don’t gain weight and it may adversely affect the kids in the womb.

For this reason, celebrities today are trying alternative ways to grow kids without giving birth like adopting kids and having surrogate babies and some are not even planning to have kids instead they are growing pet dogs and cats.

Somehow, they don’t want to destroy their beauty and they are chasing behind chances. 

However, Meghan Markle is against all these ideas and she is making revolutions and trying to change the world’s concept of body shaming.

Besides all these thoughts, she planned to give birth to two kids, one boy (Archie Harrison) and one girl (Lilibet Diana). and after giving birth to the second kid she gain weight in such a way that she was unrecognizable in the first gaze.

Meghan’s Appearance In The Public

Meghan Markle appeared in public as if she wanted to show the world that it was time to change their mind. But soon people started to compare her with Kate Middleton who came stunning out of the maternity hospital a few hours after labor as if she went there to adopt the kids. 

Meghan had to face many criticisms about her extra pounds and appearance. Some even told her that she might have worn some sort of loose type dress to cover her fat pieces instead of wearing such tightly fitted ones.

Meghan’s Appearance In The Public

Some tabloids also criticized her and they were like ‘instead of wearing such out-of-season clothes which made her bulky she might have worn body-sculpting shapewear just like the other Hollywood actresses do to hide the struggle of baby bump’.

But we all know that undoubtedly Meghan has a costlier wardrobe than any others and she wasn’t intended to keep the matter of weight gain and extra pounds secret like others.

However, there were many who came forward supporting her decision. They praised her for her honesty, openness, genuineness, and positivity. They even claimed she is the encouragement to all the women over there and she sets the right trend.

They also said that she added confidence to them and inspires them not to feel ashamed of their appearance postpartum and it is not something to be kept secret.

Some even claimed that it is extremely merciless to blame someone for her weight gain during and post-pregnancy. It is completely normal for a mom to gain some baby weight at the time of conceiving and it doesn’t seem to be someone who is unhealthy or unfit.

Comments Of The Fans Of The Duchess On Social Media Platforms

Her fans defended her from the critics and they didn’t fail to appreciate and support their actor publicly. Some of the comments were like this.

‘So delightful to see Meghan Markle embracing her postpartum body and no rush to retain her pre-baby body back. Apart from being a celebrity, so kind of her to show off her body like normal people.

‘She proves that it is really important to feel happy within yourself and your weight or appearance should not affect your happiness’.

‘I have read all the comments on the weight gain of Meghan Markle but I am happy on her for she is comfortable in herself and her family rather than worrying about her weight gain and appearance’.

‘Going through the social media, I noticed the main discussion was about Meghan Markle’s weight gain. But I don’t understand why others are too much worried about somebody else’s appearance and look. Moreover, body shaming is an offense’.

‘I love for what she is and her transformation. I think she is not at all in a rush to burn out the extra pounds due to the sake of others. She is enjoying her motherhood and embracing her new body… So others please leave the ground’.

‘I love that Markle hasn’t lost her baby weight yet by doing different practices that usually the celebrities do to get rid of weight gain. It’s completely okay Meghan, even though I haven’t lost my baby weight yet ’.

Actual Fact Of Meghan Markle

In fact, Meghan Markle gained a weight of about 175 pounds when she was pregnant with her daughter. After labor, she managed to burn off 30 pounds of her weight and now she is not ready to remove the remaining 30 pounds for an instant. 

The actual fact about Meghan Markle’s weight gain is that she refused to follow any type of diet at the time of breastfeeding and she knew it will affect the health of her baby.

The words of royal expert Katie Nicholl are that Meghan has not yet begun her exercise routines and has also not been to gyms.

She also added that Markle is taking advantage of this stage and she is very happy for herself and her kids. 

However, she is opting to approach the world in her new style, showing them how the body of women changes over time regardless of whether she is a star or not.

Moreover, it is a good matter that a public figure like her makes the revolution and this can be a good example and inspiration for many people in the world.

Through this, she opens up to the world that your weight should not determine your happiness.    

Meghan Markle – An Overview

Meghan Markle was born in the name Rachel Meghan Markle to the couple Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle, on August 4, 1981.

She started her career through a television program in the USA in 2002. But her most famous role was as Rachel Zane in the drama Suits in 2011.

Meghan wrote an article about the stigma around menstrual health for Time magazine. She was the person who also traveled to Rwanda for charity’s Clean Water Campaign.

In September 2011, she got married to film producer Trevor Engelson, whom she started dating in 2004. But they ended up in divorce after 2 years in 2013.

In 2016, she met Prince Harry and started a relationship. After one year they announced their engagement on November 27, 2017. And they got married on May 19, 2018, at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

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