The Unbelievable Weight-Loss Journey Of Sherry Yard

The Unbelievable Weight-Loss Journey Of Sherry Yard

Are you finding it too hard to deal with obesity? You would have tried out several techniques for shedding weight and failed miserably. It’s too early to lose heart.

Here we take you through the inspiring story of Sherry Yard, who lost 10 pounds, that too, in a very short span of time.

How Did Sherry Yard Lose Weight?

The most surprising part is that putting on weight and losing quickly has become a part of her lifestyle routine.

Let’s quickly go through Sherry Yard’s amazing weight loss journey that would be quite motivating for people like you who are on a weight loss mission.

Sherry Yard Lose Weight

Who Is Sherry Yard?

Sherry Yard is an American chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur. Later, she went on to become a judge in several renowned cooking shows.

Born on January 11, 1964, in New York, United States, Sherry completed her college education at the New York City College.

Later, she joined the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), a famous institution offering courses in culinary, baking, and pastry arts education. It was her grandparents who inspired Sherry to pursue her present career path.

Sherry has served as a chef in several restaurants owned by Wolfgang Puck, the renowned Austrian-American chef, and restaurateur. Some of them are Spago, Tribeca Grill, and Rainbow Room.

She also worked as the Chief Operating Officer at the Restaurant Division of iPic Entertainment, a group with interests in in-cinema dining and restaurants.

Sherry has also donned the hat of a judge in several popular cooking shows such as ABC’s The Great American Baking Show, Sugar Showdown, and Christmas Cooking Challenge.

She was a contestant in the Food Network show, Cutthroat Kitchen: Superstar Sabotage and beat the famous Italian-American chef Alex Guarnaschelli. According to Sherry, her signature dish is Kaiserschmarrn, the Austrian dessert.

Filming Of The Great American Baking Show

To film a single episode of the Great American Baking Show, it takes two days. This involves one day of shooting and one more day to prepare for the next competition.

In short, a whole season takes a month-long intense filming schedule. To add on, they film the holiday specials months before the holiday season. This is done so that there is sufficient time for editing and promoting the season. 

Sherry’s Role As A Judge At The Cookery Show

At the Great American Baking Show, there will be several bakers vying for an opportunity to showcase their best dishes. Since the television show is watched by millions of viewers, the competition will naturally be quite tough.

When asked about her job in an interview, Sherry replied that it was about eating and judging.

Sherry’s Role As A Judge At The Cookery Show

As a judge, Sherry’s job involves tasting each and every contestant’s dish. Until and unless she has tasted a contestant’s dish, she cannot pass judgment on him or her.

Thus, Sherry’s job demands her to eat a lot of sugary foods, especially cakes and pastries.

If the same contestant prepares two dishes, Sherry makes sure that she tastes both of them. It is not only due to the reason that it is a part of her job responsibility, but also because she loves food.   

What Makes Sherry Go On A Weight Loss Spree?

In an interview, Sherry expressed her concerns about gaining weight. For her, losing weight is not about appealing looks or impressive appearance. Sherry engages in a weight loss mission to prevent being obese, especially during the show.

For Sherry, losing weight is just like a hobby. If you search on the internet, you can see pictures of Sherry’s appearance before and after the Great American Baking Show.

Sherry Go On A Weight Loss Spree

Before the start of the season of the Great American Baking Show, she goes on a weight loss spree. The reason is that after completing the show, she will be gaining much more weight than she has lost before.

According to Sherry, she has to lose at least 10 pounds before the start of the new season as she will gain around 15 pounds by the time the show ends. Once, she jokingly said that there should be a game show about how much weight she would put on during the show.

Sherry’s Weight Loss Plan

When she is in weight loss mode, it doesn’t mean that Sherry avoids eating food. In fact, she loves food.

It’s just that before preparing food, she will carefully evaluate the ingredients used. Also, before the start of the show, she checks on her diet.

Let’s try to understand how Sherry achieves her target of losing weight.

1. A Cup Of Green Tea For Breakfast – For breakfast, she chooses to have a cup of green tea.

  • Benefits – Rich in numerous antioxidants and nutrients, green tea offers a lot of health benefits. It is one of the natural stimulators that can speed up your weight loss efforts. There are many studies that show the effectiveness of green tea in burning fat fast. It is not only low in calorie content but also improves your metabolism and enhances your body’s capacity to burn energy.

2. Avoid Cakes And Pastries – Sherry makes sure that she doesn’t have cakes and pastries.

  • Benefits – Saying no to cakes and pastries can make you leaner. Cakes and pastries often contain high-calorie ingredients such as butter, wheat flour, cream, and sugar. Consuming these foods can cause rapid fluctuations in your blood sugar level, leading to an increase in your body weight over a period.

3. Light Food For Lunch And Dinner – For both lunch and dinner, Sherry prefers to keep it light.

  • Benefits – If you eat an early and light dinner, it cuts down the obesity risk and helps reduce acid reflux. A major drawback of having a heavy and late dinner is that the calories will not be used and deposited in your body as fat. Ultimately, you have to go through issues such as obesity and gastric problems. 

4. Include Salads In Food – She makes it a point to include salads in her diet.

  • Benefits – Eating salad every day can help you enormously in losing weight. Studies show that having a low-calorie veggie or fruit salad will make you feel full and cut down your food intake.

Sherry’s Workout Plan

Sherry visits the gym daily as part of her mission to lose weight. Let’s check out the exercises she performs at the gym.

1. Push-ups – Your entire body works when you do push-ups the right way. Apart from burning calories, you also benefit from improving your balance, posture, and flexibility.

2. Pull-ups – When you do pull-ups, you spend more energy, thus leading to the burning of more calories. It boosts your metabolism and enhances your ability to burn fat.

3. Cycling – Cycling makes use of all major muscle groups in your body. The benefits of cycling include an increase in metabolic rate and a reduction in your body fat levels. If you engage in steady cycling, it will aid in burning around 1,200 kilojoules (about 300 calories) per hour.

4. Lifting Weights Of 10 To 12 Kgs – The best part of strength training is that it helps in building your muscles. As result of building muscles, it will lead to calorie burn and an increase in your resting metabolism. It means that even when you are sitting idle, you will burn calories.


Losing weight within a short period seems like a herculean task for many. However, through sheer determination and persistence, Sherry Yard has proved that it is very much an achievable feat.

She stands out from the rest as she switches between a lean and a fat figure.

If you are aiming for a trim and slim, enviable figure like Sherry, then the above tips would come in handy for you. However, the key lies in following a strict diet and doing regular workouts.

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