Liz Marie Weight Loss: How The Popular Blogger Lose Weight?

Liz Marie Weight Loss

Liz Marie Galvan is a blogger and co-proprietor of the Found Cottage, a store known for its rare home style. After so many questions about how Liz lost a huge chunk of her weight in just 19 months and people pondering over whether she has undergone any surgery to lose her weight, Liz Marie has opened up about her weight loss journey in her blog.

Weight loss is the number one health topic that is often discussed. In the past decade, with the rise in PCOD and PCOS, more than 55% of the population is prone to obesity. While there are so many shortcuts to lose your weight, maintaining a sustainable health journey is important to not gain back the lost weight. One such person you can look up to start your health journey is Liz Marie.

An Overview Of Liz Marie’s Health Journey

Liz Marie has a blog where she has documented every aspect of her journey toward becoming healthy and every struggle she has come across. 

Many of you might think losing weight is a physical struggle but in reality weight loss is a mental game and plays a huge role in redefining your mental health.

Liz Marie Health Journey
Instagram posts: Liz Marie Galvan

Once you start a healthy eating pattern not only will you witness changes in your body but you will notice a huge shift in your goals and your way of approaching life.

You can think properly only when your mind is clear. When you binge eat unhealthy foods it will not only add extra pounds to your body but it will block your creativity and make your mind numb. Liz Marie has stated how she noticed a huge change in her way of thinking and how she redefined her goals when she reengineered her eating habits and started exercising. 

The Reason She Changed Her Lifestyle

In her blog, Liz mentioned that she was living a tired, inflamed, and unhealthy lifestyle and how this led to her facing so many lows in several aspects of her life. This pushed her to take control of her mind and body and start working towards creating a healthy lifestyle for her.

Liz has been following this healthy lifestyle for over 19 months and now she has stopped noticing those extra inches she sheds every week and started focusing on the shifts in her mental health. Last September 23, Liz Marie made a post on her Facebook stating what pushed her to become focused on her health journey and she has stated her child cope is the main reason she wanted to change herself and take active participation in creating a healthy new version of herself.

She has elaborated stating being a mom is the best part of her life and in her journey as a mother she needs to keep up with her son and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to do so with the increased 40 pounds weight which has accumulated as a result of her PCOS, stress, and lack of care for what her body needed.

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Liz Marie’s Weight Gain Struggles

She has also mentioned how this weight gain took a toll on her mental health and made her low both physically and mentally and this made her take an active decision to get control of her life. Liz has stated how she noticed signs of her health deteriorating and how even the smallest of things like going outside for a walk or tying her shoe has become extremely hard for her.

Liz Marie Weight Gain
Instagram posts: Liz Marie Galvan

She got to a point where her clothes didn’t fit her anymore and even after her doctors advised her to lose weight multiple times she never felt the interest to do so. And the more she ignored her body’s cry for help, the more her mental health was affected and she got to a point where everything started feeling low for her this made her take an active decision to regain control of her life, body, and mind. 

Now that she has lost all that weight and leading a nutritious life, Liz Marie states her in the journey of regaining control of her body she realized healthy life has little to do with weight loss and more to do with learning about calories, what your body requires to remain healthy, how to fuel your body for all your needs and day to day activities and Liz happily states she is now physically and mentally lighter. 

Liz Marie’s Weight Loss Is An Inspiration

Liz Marie started journaling her health journey in Liz Marie’s blog to answer the questions of everyone who has approached her for weight loss tips and to serve as an inspiration to change the negative mindset behind weight loss and start focussing on what is important.

Weight loss is not achieved overnight. Liz has outlined in her journey to become healthy she has undergone a series of lifestyle changes including alterations in her diet, sleeping routine, exercise habits, stress management techniques, and so on, and has stated that weight loss is merely a side benefit of becoming healthy as creating a healthy lifestyle is holistic and cannot be achieved overnight.  

Liz states that by learning about calories and how they promote and alleviate her body’s health she has curated a thorough understanding of her body’s wants and needs and this has led her to be more cautious about what she eats.

This understanding of calories has prevented her from binge eating and by consuming fewer calories she has lost extra fat. In addition to being mindful of calorie consumption, Liz also energizes weight training. When it comes to weight loss, strength training is crucial as it will boost your metabolic rate and help in burning calories effectively. 

One of the common side effects associated with weight loss is sagging skin and stretch marks. By making strength training a part of your weight loss regimen, you will not only boost your metabolism but will gain a fit body and lean muscle.

Liz has explained how staying healthy doesn’t mean you starve yourself but rather is a process where you feel fueled, satisfied, and happy by mindful practices and that’s why your aim should never be to lose those extra pounds but rather create a holistic experience where your soul is satisfied.

Final Thoughts

The weight loss journey is not the same for everyone. Everyone has their own merits and defects and hence it is important to create a healthy journey that best suits you. The progress everyone gets also varies depending on their lifestyle, work habits, sleep habits, surroundings, and so on.

Hence it is important to tailor make your routine and enjoy the road to becoming healthy without worrying about hitting the gym every morning and dressing about the same every night. The end goal is to be comfortable in your skin.

Liz Marie started her weight loss journey by looking for a former change instead of a quick-fix diet and she started by making one small change at a time without pressurizing her mind or body. It is important to stay patient and remain consistent and make healthy eating and exercising a part of your daily routine instead of letting it be something you dread every day.

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