James Argent Says Getting A Tummy Tuck Improved His Love Life!

James Argent Tummy Tuck

Weight is a big problem in everyone’s life. Some people are trying to gain muscles while others are trying to lose fat. Amidst the struggle of weight management, not only common people but celebrities are also trying different methods every day.

The star of the reality show “The Only Way Is Essex” is in the news lately but the reason isn’t his acting. It is his weight loss! The TV icon expressed how confident he felt in the bedroom after losing 13 stone weight. His love life has improved and now he is definitely looking forward to the swimming season!

How The Surgery Helped Him Gain His Confidence?

James Argent has always been candid about his battle with weight loss. Earlier he spoke about it and said that at 27 stone, he felt heavy. Now that he has dropped weight, he doesn’t want to feel very complacent and keep working on his body.

The 35-year-old star is currently dating an 18-year-old movie star. They met at a Mykonos wedding and hit it off. Talking about his love life, James Argent said that whether he is at a beach or in the bedroom; his confidence has now elevated and he doesn’t feel shy about wearing any kind of clothes.

James Argent Gained His Confidence After Tummy Tuck
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James Argent underwent a tummy tuck surgery so that all the baggy skin can be removed from around his stomach.

But this is not the first time for this wedding singer to take such a step. In 2021, he went ahead with gastric sleeve surgery to cut down on weight and from 27 stone, his weight dropped to 14 stone.

But this left him with baggy skin that dropped his confidence. He used to wear swimming trunks in XL so that those could be pulled to his belly button. This would hide the saggy skin. James didn’t feel confident in tight apparel and that’s why he decided to go with a tummy tuck in January.

Talking about the same in an interview, he said that he feels body confident now. Without making people feel wrong about his ways, James said that he still wants to go to the gym to work out and tone his body. But he would be completely confident when summer finally arrives.

He also talked about his sleep schedule. James said that today when he sleeps, he always feels excited about the next day and when he wakes up, there is a storm of energy and positivity. Life is amazing currently and he wants to enjoy every moment of it.

Explaining his condition in the past, James Argent said that the only problem he faces right now is that there’s too much weight loss and he might need to gain at least half a stone. Adding to that, he said that everyone feels it is funny but nobody thinks about the situation that the other person is going through.

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