Kiah Twisselman Burchett Weight Loss: Amazing   Journey To A Motivational Speaker!

Kiah Twisselman Burchett Weight Loss

Not all losses are bad, especially weight losses! We are often so attracted by celebrity weight loss challenges and every time someone posts it we can’t wait to know how it all unfolded. But we often wonder if it happens in real life or if is it all a myth.

This blog will restore your faith in humanity since we are here with a story that doesn’t belong to any celebrity. It is a real story of a woman who decided to change her life for the better and now inspires millions like her. Read on to know how and what altered for her.

Who Is Kiah Twisselman Burchett (Coach Kiah)?

Kiah started her career as a cattle rancher belonging to a long line of ancestors. Thanks to her hometown of California, Kiah took to Kentucky beef council as fish takes to water. Placed as the director of consumer affairs, Kiah began her journey.

Cooking and eating whatever is naturally grown on the farm, she even got featured in People Magazine, “Beef, it what’s for dinner.” Now after a major life change, she has reinstated herself as a life and personality coach.

How Did  Kiah Twisselman Lose Weight?

Kiah Twisselman started her weight loss journey 2 years back in 2018. All of that began when she took an airplane journey and spent the flight time reading the book, “Girl wash your face” by Rachel Hollis. But after she landed, she was never the same. Reacting about her thoughts, she said, “They were the words I needed to read and the catalyst for my personal journey.

Coach Kiah Weight Loss

She always was troubled by body weight and then finally she managed to lose 25 pounds from 285! Now if that isn’t commitment we don’t know what is! Basically, she attributes her success to her position in the food council.

As a Public Relations Director, she practiced what she preached and decided to take beef as seriously as possible. Now combining this with the golden words in the book, Coach Kiah achieved what only a few could dream of perhaps. Read on to get details about her current lifestyle.

Coach Kiah’s Workout Plan

We don’t have enough information about life coach Kiah’s workout plan. In an interview, she admitted to watching workout routines religiously on Youtube and trying them after regularly.

Moreover, she did make her lifestyle a bit more active and started going out for walks as well as climbing routines for at least 30 minutes which required excessive energy. Through her website, she organizes regular sessions in case anyone wants to join her.

Coach Kiah’s Diet Plan

As she lived on a ranch, she decided to enjoy the full benefits of having organic meat available to her. She admits that though she didn’t categorize foods into good and bad, she did eat in moderation.

Planning her meal became an important aspect of her life. Eating beef 3 times a week in tandem with drinking enough water, intuitive eating helped her better than the quick weight loss plans. According to her, she substitutes beef in all her meals as toppings or main course. The benefit of doing so is vast. Not only will it keep her satiated but also curb her unwanted sugar cravings.

Coach Kiah’s Journey To Weight Loss And Life Coaching Business

Talking about her life mantra, Kiah says, “I paint a vivid picture of my future self-focus on taking one step towards that person every day”. To motivate her followers Kiah reiterates that it is not all about “transforming yourself overnight but “it’s about willing to show up every day.”

Rachel’s book also gave her the five testaments she swears by including waking up an hour earlier, drinking lots of water or at least half of her body weight, engaging in physical activity for an hour, mindful eating, and journaling.

She vouches for the power of belief and hard work that can make it possible. But is losing weight everything? No. Kiah confirms. It is about your personal growth and not the kilos. “I’m now more willing to forgive myself,”

Kiah wants people to be more kind to their bodies and search for the meaning of life that shouldn’t depend on the circumstances. Her website Coach Kiah is available for anyone who wants to book her for a motivational speech or for a private session. Kiah also joins selected members when they go on a retreat which includes the culmination of her personal life lessons.

Kiah’s story is no miracle. It again shows us how important the power of faith is. She did blame it initially on her genetics and busy life but once she took the reins into her hands nothing was to stop her. We do hope that this life story has instilled some confidence in you and perhaps a belief that you can do this too. Remember Kiah’s lesson though, “Be more forgiving.”

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