Keep Your Weight Under Control After 40: Easy Steps To Take!

Weight Under Control After 40

Are you over 40 and wondering how to cope with unreasonable weight loss? We understand your concern. The age after 40 is a nightmare, especially for women. You no longer know how to manage weight, what to eat, and blame it all on the changing hormones.

It is an actual struggle for both genders- all have to adjust to a unique lifestyle along with the hormonal changes, and exercises that will not cause your bones to go bad. Some may experience back-to-back pains (not letting your body lift those heavy weights), and some may be restricted to perform cardio!

Weight gain is common over 40 but you can fight against it. We understand the energy level is less, and your hormones are annoying but here you need to buckle up! Plan, workout, eat right- is the mantra to combat such issues. A good diet with optimal nutrients can help you get back in shape. The same rules that applied 20 years ago still work. It’s just your mind that needs to be controlled!

A supple will help you be energetic, and a little walk will keep those joints greasy. Weight loss is important for your overall well-being. We are sure you do not want to be obese and unworkable.

Make sure to go for annual check-ups, talk to dieticians, and consult the gym trainers. If you have chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or high blood pressure, consult your physician. He will recommend a diet plan that suits your body and its physical condition. 

What Is The Mantra?

  • Follow a diet that suits your health – fats and salty food should be avoided by a high blood pressure patient but works in a decent way for a diabetic. Everyone is catered to their specific needs. Some may be asked to avoid green veggies like spinach (which is healthy), and some for potatoes- know what suits you with the help of a dietician.
  • Work out what suits your physical body – you may not be able to perform certain yoga poses, or lift other heavyweights- consult a gym trainer for the same. They make sure to create a plan according to your body’s condition and diet. 
  • Know your hormones – for example, some menopausal women may experience emotional as well as physical stresses. Do not worry! Everything has a solution- and we are sure your physician will help. Make sure to take your medications (as prescribed by the doctor), and tell your trainer/ yoga teacher about it. 
Mantra To Keep Weight Under Control After 40

You have to understand your body first, and later consult someone. It might be possible a certain group of muscles is not working for you, or a diet is not suiting you. Make sure to understand what your body is trying to say. It may feel bad at first, starting from peeling skin and muscle deterioration, but worry not! It is always a good start when you START!

Start these simple sessions-

  • Go for a walk in the park, do not jog or run, just walk. Maybe tiny steps!
  • Do the body stretches in the morning, not too stressful ones but the ones to keep you warmed up.
  • Try to do as many household tasks as possible- they say a lazy mind is a lazy body!

Last but not the least, do not go for comfort eating or emotional eating. Love your body. For a positive mind and soul, you have to be happy within not by a cup of brownie sundae!

We understand the age over 40 is different- but we all transformed from teenage to adulthood, right? It takes the same amount of energy, just with a new perspective. So what are you waiting for? Get your sneakers out today!

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