Juicing For Weight Loss: Is It A Healthy Way To Be in Shape?

Juicing For Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss might just be the most searched word on Google and we wouldn’t even be surprised.  Every day a new trend rears its head rendering the one before it obsolete. The latest one to become a popular trend is juicing. But is it really effective and can anyone lose weight with the help of this new way? Keep on reading to see what we uncover.

What Is Juicing?

When you begin your journey towards fat shedding, you are always told to eat as many fruits as possible. But carrying it everywhere is not plausible and that is when juicing comes to play. Juicing for weight loss includes making a watery solution of your fruits and then sieving the pulp. Now this can be emptied into a bottle and consumed at our convenience.

Health Risks of Juicing For Weight Loss

Before we look at the benefits, let’s look if juicing has any side effects or health risks that make it unsuitable. According to doctors, juicing for weight loss can have varied impacts on the body. Firstly, due to the removal of the pulp, it is possible that the richness of the fruit is lost. The dietary fiber in most fruits is the reason why they are prescribed but once they are separated it is no good.

Lastly, due to the ease of consumption, there is a possibility that you may end up drinking a bit too much and in that way include a whole lot of Calories in your otherwise controlled diet. And for those who are confused about how fruits contain calories, we would like to humbly remind them about natural sugars.

Does Juicing Help You Lose Weight?

No. There are no definite proofs to suggest that juicing for weight loss is a great idea. Though it can be easy to consume due to its digestibility, there is no sure-shot benefit to it when it comes to shedding those extra kilos.

Is Juicing a good way for weight loss

The doctors firmly argue that you can lose water weight with juicing but no fat. Not just that juicing can also wash out all the Sodium in your body retaining the water content. This means you will be extremely dehydrated and end up losing muscle weight.

Consequently, you cannot work out and then maybe feel stressed. But will it show a decrease in your weight? Yes, it will show a lower tilt in the weight scales but this can only be momentary. This is to underline the fact that it has no scientific standing and can in fact work counterproductive.

Many also believe that drinking juices will not let the needed nutrients inside your body which means an unsustainable way of weight loss. It is ideal that you confer with your gym trainer before opting for juicing as a method of weight loss.

Benefits of Juicing

This is not to say that juicing is without any benefits. You can opt for juicing for weight loss if you are-

  • Looking for an easy way to include fruits in your diet-Juices are easy to carry, make and consume.
  • Interested in meeting your daily calorie quotes– In case you are yet to complete the calorie count for the day, a quick juice can be a good idea.
  • Eager to boost your immune system– A well-mixed juice of fresh fruits and vegetables can create a surge in energy and therefore increase immunity levels.
  • In a hurry to detoxify your body– Juices are the best way to detoxify your body and cleanse it all over.

How Can You Include Juice In Your Diet In The Healthiest Way?

As it has been established that juicing the traditional way isn’t a great way to lose weight. Juicing for weight loss can be adapted in a way that may make it more convenient to be included in your weight loss diet. They are as follows-

  • Mix and match– Do add variety to your juice by mixing and matching veggies and vegetables. You can opt for some leaves as well to add some fragrance to the concoction.
  • Try and add some pulp back to the juice– This way you can save some of the dietary fiber which might otherwise be lost if you filter it completely.
  • Don’t overdo it- A juice-only diet should not be a way to go. Always eat solid food too.
  • Make it a quick nutrient fix– This way you can get all the Vitamins and minerals.
  • Add no sugar– Beware of added preservatives in case you are buying it from the market.

Juicing for weight loss can definitely be included in your regimen but depending only on it can do no good. Surviving only on liquid foods is not ideal so always strike a balance. Consult a doctor to monitor your growth and blood sugar levels. Also, talk about the way you might be consuming juices or fruits that aid in weight loss. 

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