Joe Thomas Weight Loss: What Was His Secret To Weight Loss?

Joe Thomas Weight Loss

People are obsessed with celebrities and their lives. Their fabulous life is not just intriguing but inspirational. How about weight loss journeys? They are definitely interesting to read. But now it’s not just actors or models who are all about losing weight. Recently we have seen a rise in the number of businessmen and politicians who are making ripples with their wonder transformations.  And sportsmen? Their whole career is about fitness but once they retire, things aren’t so rosy.

We find ourselves very committed to all these stories because we live a lifestyle just like them. Sedentary ones and therefore they are relatable. So today we delve deep into football star Joe Thomas’ weight loss regimen. Take notes, people, and get inspired!

Who Is Joe Thomas?

Ex-NFL Star Joe Thomas probably needs very little introduction. A major part of the Cleveland Browns’ offensive line, his illustrious career is decorated by his admission into the Hall of Fame. Born in Brookfield, he has been playing football since childhood and has been a professional for 11 years.

Along with numerous trophies like the Ring of Honour, and Brown Legend, he is considered to be one of the greatest offensive line players in football history. This sure is all good but Joe Thomas weight loss journey is something wonderful.

How Did Joe Thomas Lose Weight?

After his retirement in 2017, like most of us, Joe took up a way of living that includes a lot of sitting on the couch and eating chips. In the beginning, it was all about taking a rest but suddenly things changed. The breaks became regular and the food was way too greasy.

Joe Thomas's Diet Plan

When his father passed away in 2019, Joe decided to take things seriously. He knew he had to clean up his act to live a prosperous life with his son. Thus he began a journey that he was confident he would complete.

He did open up a bit recently on how he figured out the ways to lose weight effectively. So how did he do that and what are the secrets?  Joe Thomas weight loss plan included lessening his calorie intake from 7000 to 2500.

Earlier to keep up his activity of football he had to take this much but once he stopped all the extra calories became fat. So decreasing the food increased his energy. Secondly, he decided to skip all items that had sugar, carbohydrates, or milk. Now sugar and carbs have a direction toward weight gain.

What about milk? So being an athlete Joe had a more elaborate diet than most of us. He was given liters of milk with thick creamy fat that over time can increase your waistline. Next, he realized he had to find some way to burn all those calories he was consuming.

As football was no more his profession, he took up swimming and other activities which he enjoyed as well. Joe has also talked about the change he brought about in his workout routines. When he was a player, he would do all those power-lifting exercises to build stamina and of course, have the 6 pack abs, but later on, he started concentrating on muscle-building routines that helped him in a more holistic way.

He also admits that he did undergo regular blood tests to make sure he had no hidden diseases that prevented him from losing weight thanks to his numerous injuries on the field.

Joe Thomas’s Diet Plan

Not much is known about Joe Thomas’ exact food habits during weight loss but in an interview, he did admit to keeping a diet that includes-

✔️Going for a low carb low-sugar diet with no breakfast, a late lunch, and a moderate dinner.

✔️ Keeping an eye on the calorie count to make room for an unexpected dessert.

✔️ Eating pizzas and pasta in moderation during weekends.

✔️Ditching buffets and going for limited foods on plates that are vegetables and chicken breasts.

✔️ Use an app to track how many calories each item contains and how you divide them throughout the day.

Joe Thomas’s Workout Plan

In an interview given to GQ, Joe said, “ I primarily do my lifting in the afternoon so that by my dinner, I can have the biggest meal of the day.” He also said he did Cardio in the morning. Additionally,  Joe Thomas weight loss plan also consists of bench presses, incline presses, squats, and hang cleans in combination with his physical activities of choice.

How Much Does Joe Thomas Weigh?

We have not been able to get the real number but we know some numbers that can calculate what he weighs now. During his offensive lineman days, he weighed 300 pounds and after that, he put on 25 more rounding up to 325.

He is 6”6 tall so after all the practice he has now reduced it to 250 pounds which is remarkable. Joe Thomas’ weight loss plan not only helped him to ensure playtime with his son but also reduced all the pain he had from the injuries.

Knowing Joe Thomas’ weight loss plan has been a real eye-opener. Along with stumbling on some tricks we also found out how determination can move mountains. As a sportsman, Joe never lacked dedication but he did need the extra push to accomplish what is another stripe to his already adorned Jersey. Maybe this could be that extra push that you needed to take succeed!

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