Study, Exercise Could Improve Heart Health In Adults In Their Late 70s

The aging rate of the population is much faster than before. Aging occurs due to the cellular and molecular damage that is happening at the biological level as time goes on.  

Study, Exercise Could Improve Heart Health In Adults In Their Late 70s

When people become age, they gradually lose their mental and physical capacity, and this even increases the chances of getting several diseases that finally result in the death of a person. This has become a common issue that happens as every person gets aged in years.Exercise Could Improve Heart Health In Adults In Their Late 70s

A common issue that every adult face in their late 70s is heart disorder and in some cases, this could be serious that may even result in death. The heart is a strong muscle that pumps blood to all parts of your body and it is like an engine that regulates your body functions.

As people get aged their heart gets weaker and the chances of getting affected by some disorders also are too high while compared with younger peoples. Several heart disorders like heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure are most commonly found in adults rather than youngsters.

This happens because of the lack of activities in their life, they think of themselves as disabled once they became a little older and this is the same with everyone in their late 70s. 

Aging is a major part of the life cycle of living things and in the case of man,  this makes your body a little bit weaker than your early stages. Your body undergoes several changes both internally and externally. You can understand this easily while taking the example of your heart.

At a young age, you never get tired easily even after a short run, and your heart rate will be normal, but will that be the same even if you become aged? As you age, your heart rate will increase even if you become stressed. These are the common issues that every person will have in their old age, but this can be solved to an extent.

One of the main reasons for heart disorders is due to the lack of activities in adults, because of this the fat consumed over the years from your food gets accumulated in the walls of arteries making them rigid. These fat accumulations will not do good with your heart health and may cause several disorders.

The rigidness caused by the fat accumulation narrows your arteries and reduces the flow of oxygen-rich blood to all parts of your body. This lack of blood flow in your heart is a major reason for the heart diseases that you face in adulthood. When the heart muscle becomes weaker it may result in heart damage that can even happen because of heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes, high alcohol consumption, etc. 

From the latest Italian research, it is proved that incorporating moderate to vigorous exercise patterns in your daily routine could help reduce the risk of all these heart issues in adulthood. Approximately 3000 Italians over the age of 65 were studied for this research and out of this 52% who have followed regular exercise are seemed to have a lower risk of heart disease. 

The participants of the study were assessed for about 4-7 years and were asked questionnaires regarding their physical activities and food habits by the researchers. This study has suggested adults follow at least 20 minutes and more of vigorous or moderate activities and are considered active.

The researchers have also tracked the details of the participants regarding their health and present conditions from the hospitals. And it was clear that more than 1000 participants from the study were suffering from some kind of heart disease.  

From the study, it is proved that exercise could improve the chance of getting affected by heart diseases because most of them are caused because of atherosclerosis, which is caused by the fat accumulation in the arteries that slows down the blood flow. Regular moderate physical exercise could help in the burning down of these fat accumulations thus improving the blood flow.

The researchers even suggested that exercise alone cannot improve your heart health but could play a major role in building heart health. As per the researchers, maintaining a healthy lifestyle incorporating both a healthy diet and moderate to vigorous exercise could really help in improving your heart health thus reducing the risk of heart diseases in both men and women.  

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