How Do Fat People Wipe? Best Ways To Wipe Properly!

Fat People Wipe

Fat shaming is more frequent in our society but none of these fat shamers understand the real struggles of fat people. Obesity is not just caused by overeating; there can be many reasons behind this. It is a complex health condition that has myriad reasons like genetics, hormones, etc. So it is necessary to understand the struggles and issues of fat people before shaming and bullying them. One of the major issues faced by fat people is their inability to wipe their bottom properly after a bowel movement.

Many reasons can create such a difficult situation. Having a large belly or overweight hands and even the inability to sit down on a toilet seat can cause issues with wiping the bottom properly. Thanks to our medicinal and technological advancements, many innovative tools can help fat people to wipe their bottom after a bowel movement.

In this article, we will be discussing the major aspects of obesity, what are its main symptoms, the issues of fat people in wiping their spots, tools, and methods that help fat people to wipe their bottoms, etc. It even includes some tips to clean your bottom properly that can create a healthy and hygienic body for you. So dive right into the article and read on to find how fat people wipe and tools that can be helpful for them for this purpose.

Obesity- An Overview

Obesity is becoming one of the major health concerns in the US today. According to the statistics that have been revealed by the World Health Organization, obesity has tripled since 1975. Many reasons, including genetic and lifestyle factors, contribute to the condition called obesity. According to the BMI calculations, if your BMI is more than 30, you come under the class of obese. Many people in the world struggle with this condition, as some reasons behind obesity, can be genetic and cannot be treated as such.  

Many signs indicate whether you are obese or overweight. Some common symptoms of obesity in adults are listed below:

  • Accumulation of excess body fat, especially the visceral fat that is found around your waist
  • An inability to catch a breath while doing any hectic activity such as brisk walking or climbing
  • Abnormal sweating and panting
  • Sleep disorders and sleep apnea
  • Skin issues where excess fat and moisture get trapped inside the skin and cause pimples and folds
  • A constant condition of fatigue
  • Recurring pain in the joints and back
  • Mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety, etc.

    Why Do Obese People Have Issues With Wiping Themselves?

    Obese people have real struggles when they encounter their day-to-day lives. Apart from the common symptoms that arrive with obesity, such as trouble sleeping, fatigue, and depression, certain other things are quite difficult for obese people to achieve. Fat shaming or body shaming is pretty easy for those who do it but rarely do they understand the core struggles of obese and fat people. One such struggle that is faced by obese people in their day-to-day lives is an inability to wipe their bottom after completing a bowel movement. Even if some obese people can do that, this seemingly simple process can become a task and difficult to attain. 

    Many reasons hinder the smooth process of wiping after completing a bowel movement for obese people. One of them is their excess belly fat. When you have a big belly, it can cause difficulty for your hands to reach the place.  Also, sitting and squatting can be difficult for them to attain and it can cause hindrances to proper washing.  Many techniques and measures can help fat people with wiping their bottoms. They are becoming more popular now as these can be beneficial for the lives of obese people.

    When you wipe after having a proper bowel movement, it reduces the risk of developing serious conditions such as UTIs and Itching.  Wiping after completing your bowel movement is a basic and compulsory cleaning activity that you should do for your health. It is part of keeping yourself clean and hygienic. After you have completed the bowel movement, there can be a multitude of microbes residing near your anal region. If you don’t wipe the part with clean tissues, this can cause some major and complex illnesses later on.  In the case of women, the lack of proper wiping after going toilet can cause the following issues:

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    Why should one wipe?

    • Labial Irritation: Also known as Vulvitis, this condition is caused by an inflammation in the outer sides of the vulva, namely the Labia Majora and Labia Minora. Many reasons can irritate the labial parts including infections, irritants, allergies, etc. 
    • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Studies show that women have a greater chance of developing Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) than men.  Any type of infection that affects the urinary system can be classified as Urinary Tract Infection. Some of the symptoms of a UTI include a constant and recurring urge to pee, a burning sensation when you pee, pelvic region pain, etc.
    • Vaginitis:  This is one of the common infections that affect women.  Many kinds of vaginitis are there including yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, etc.  They can be caused by bacterial, viral, and fungi infections in and around the vagina.

    Lack of proper wiping after doing a bowel movement can cause similar conditions in men too. Some of them include UTI, general itching, discomfort, etc.

    Tools/ Methods that can help fat people to wipe

    There are many ways to wipe your bottom if you are unable to do it yourself. This can be more real if you are obese, and your large belly will stand in front of your hands that reach the spot. Technology has the answer to everything. There are solutions to this problem also. One of the tools that help fat people to wipe themselves is extension tools. There are various types of extension tools available in the market. Another invention that helps with washing the bottom for fat people is a bidet. Check out the list below to know more in detail.

    Hand Extension Tools

    Extension tools are becoming popular among fat people to wash their bottoms. As these tools come with a long wand-like structure, you can use them easily on the part that needs to be cleaned. Every extension tool comes with a flexible curve that can be bent and flexed as per the needs of the users. These tools also come with a tissue paper-holding grip.  Many of these extension tools are designed ergonomically and contain discreet storage pouches along. Overall this type of tool helps you to wash your bottom yourself if you are fat or have any disability.


    These are commonly found in Europe and some parts of Eastern Asia. They are automatic fixtures to clean your bottom after you have done your bowel movement. They are considered as more clean and tidier than traditional toilet paper.  Bidets can be helpful for fat people as they don’t need many adjustments. The only issue with having a bidet is that when you travel somewhere you can’t bring it along. Otherwise, using bidets is easier and more effective for fat people to wipe off their bottoms.

    Change to a wider toilet seat

    Toilets with wider toilet seats are also known as bariatric toilets. Try to purchase a wider toilet seat with an opening on the front side as it can be helpful for you to wash your bottoms in case you are fat or disabled. Using larger and elongated bowls can also be helpful for fat people to wash their spots properly.

    Tips to wipe your bottom in a healthy way

    Knowing how to properly clean your bottom after a bowel movement is a necessary skill to master.  Improper cleaning can lead to complex and serious health conditions.

    Here are some of the tips and techniques that can help you to wipe your bottom healthily and hygienically. Check out the list here:

    Clean your bottom from posterior to anterior: This is extremely crucial because your rectum contains more impurities and bacteria than any other area. If you are wiping your butts from back to front, the chances of you dragging those bacteria to your urethra are high. That is why you must learn how to wipe your bottom from front to back.

    Wipe the area softly: When you clean the bottom with tissue paper, don’t rub this area harshly. Putting too much pressure can cause the soft tissues on your bottom area to break and later will result in discomfort.

    Select the appropriate toilet paperAlways purchase toilet paper that is sturdy and two-ply folded. At the same time make sure that this paper won’t harm your skin.

    Wipe your bottom while you sit: This will give you more access to the pelvic regions to wipe these areas. You can also choose to stand when wiping, but it is after all about your comfort.

    Use mild soap and lukewarm water: Cleaning your bottom with warm water and mild soap after bowel movements or sexual intercourse have many benefits. Warm water and mild soap can kill pathogens in this area and keep the area clean and hygienic.

    The Bottom line

    From the above article, we can understand that there are many issues and shame faced by obese people. Some of their struggles are visible to the outer world, while some of them are hidden. Many believe fat people are lazy and incapable of doing many things that others can do. They face shame for much more even though they are not directly responsible for many of these problems. One such common yet hidden issue that is faced by fat people is the ability to wipe their bottom after a bowel movement.

    The stigma of fat people can prevent them from approaching their issues from a positive and productive viewpoint. One positive aspect of our technological and scientific innovations is that they have discovered some tools that can help fat people to wipe their bottoms properly. This kind of innovation not only helps fat people, but it can also be helpful for disabled people. In total, the major lesson we learn from such a thing is that science, when ingrained with a humane point of view, can help people and can be a blessing for those who are in dire need of that.

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