Are Fat People Lazy? What Do You Think? Here Is What We Found!

Are Fat People Lazy

A person is considered to be obese if he or she has a higher BMI. Obesity is a tough situation to go through as the obese experience many difficult situations both mentally and physically. Apart from encountering several bullies and criticisms, they even have to undergo several disease conditions. Everybody thinks that fat people are bulky as they are lazy in following exact diet and workout practices. But there also exist claims defending the fat by telling they are just fat as they have some health abnormalities and it is not their eating habits or laziness.

However, this article will discuss deep this topic, and after going through this article, ‘Are fat people lazy?’ you will be able to know the exact fact behind the bulky appearance of fat. So without sparing any more of your valuable time, you can make a quick scan to know the actual reason behind obesity.

Is Laziness A Cause Of Obesity?

To be honest, fat people aren’t overweight because they are lazy, but reduced physical activity and an unhealthy lifestyle might cause obesity in both children and adults. There is a drastic change in the lifestyle of people nowadays as they are spending more of their time in front of screens which prevents them from performing physical tasks leading to reduced utilization of energy in their body leading to the low burning of fat which results in obesity or weight gain. Such situations, besides providing you with an imperfect body appearance also lead you to several diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc laying you at risk of heart attacks, stores, and other heart-related diseases.

Fat people and Laziness
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Obesity might also make you tired and fatigued as the energy produced in your body is less compared to normal individuals. Moreover, several studies show that those who are less active are more prone to obesity when compared with active individuals. However, there are several factors that lead to obesity which are been discussed in this article. You can continue reading to know the factors which lead to obesity. 

Factors Leading To Obesity

Obesity might affect anyone regardless of age and they are many factors that make you fat elevating your weight.

Some of the main factors which lead you to obesity are been discussed below which you can go through.

🔴 Unhealthy food habits

Taking unhealthy food and making it a habit is one of the main reasons for obesity. This practice leads to the accumulation of fat in your body making you bulky and out of shape. Consuming food rich in calories and sugar also leads you to several health hazardous situations. 

Alcohol consumption is another reason which causes obesity as it is rich in calories and you might have noticed that the people who drink a lot are often obese along with belly fat accumulations.

🔴 Low physical activity

Lack of physical activities might lead you to obesity as less moving will prevent you from burning the calories you took through food. When less physical activity is combined with unhealthy food habits, it accelerates your weight gain as the movement is less and calorie intake is high. 

But many of you become the victim of obesity due to your job style which forces you to sit at a desk for the majority hours of the day. Also, you prefer comfortable vehicles in your journey rather than using cycles or taking walk. In short, the energy produced in your body is not used for the activities, instead, they are stored as fat deposits.

🔴 Improper sleep 

Improper sleep will also contribute to obesity. It is recommended to your sleep at least 7 hours daily to stay away from obesity. A lack of sufficient sleep might lead you to obesity. In short, a peaceful night’s sleep is very essential to stay you healthy. Different studies show that those who sleep less than 7 hours are found to be overweight when compared with those who sleep 7 hours or more.

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🔴 Genetics

You don’t have to believe all fat people are lazy because obesity might also occur genetically in the body. Several genes may contribute to obesity by elevating your food intake and cravings. Certain genes will get inherited from your ancestors leading you to obesity even without following any unhealthy eating habits. But in most cases, obesity has nothing to do with genes and all you have to do is create favorable situations to shed the extra pounds in your body like fixing your poor food habits, unhealthy lifestyles, and others.

🔴 Illness and Medications

Certain medical conditions can also lead you to be obese as a result of the side effects of the medication you undergo. The medicines taken for diabetes, depression, etc will make you obese by making you more tempted to food and elevating your appetite. These medications will even slow down your metabolic rate thus reducing the fat-burning capacity and increasing the fat storage possibility.

🔴 Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Your lifestyle is the social determinant of health which changes your state of being. SDOH includes your living style, working style, and other habits which you follow in your daily life. If you are leading a busy life, it is difficult for you to invest time in body-building activities and you would prefer taking junk as the time allotted to you is less. Also if your working style forces you to sit on a chair for a long time without giving a gap for any physical activities or at least a walk. All these factors will put you at the edge of weight gain gradually leading you to be obese.

How To Overcome Obesity?

You might be depressed reading the above information which describes the reason for obesity, but now we can go through the solutions and preventions to overcome obesity and shield you from it in the future too. Now let us go through it.

🟢 Changing the eating pattern

Changing your eating pattern is the best way to restore your body structure in order to fight against obesity. You can do this by including a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other fiber-rich food in your menu. This will help you to compress your appetite staying fuller for a long time. You can also switch to protein food which helps you with providing a lean body. Such a product apart from providing a lean body provides you with the energy needed for your body to perform several tasks. 

You can also keep a safe distance from sugary products and beverages which are the real reason behind the fat accumulation in your body. You can also take low-fat foods to lower the calorie intake.

🟢 Improving physical activities

Improved physical activity helps you a lot in shedding extra pounds from your body. Children under 5 are supposed to be physically alive throughout the day while those between 6 to 17 years should not be less than 60 minutes a day. The intensity of the activity can range from moderate to heavy. In adults, it is a minimum of 150 minutes a week and it can be even a small or any other moderate-intensity activity which you prefer.  An idle body is more prone to obesity and many other dangerous disease conditions.

Physical activities to overome obesity
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🟢 Restoring sleep cycle

Last but not least change which you can make to overcome obesity is by improving your sleep cycle. Getting an inadequate amount of daily sleep might lead you to be obese. You are supposed to take a daily night’s sleep of 7 hours or more to stay away from obesity. During your sleep, you are able to keep a good balance of cortisol in your body and an insufficient amount of sleep will raise the secretion of cortisol in your body leading you to obesity and fat accumulation especially belly fat.

A peaceful night’s sleep will help you in keeping your cortisol under control helping you to release more leptin which is an appetite-suppressing hormone that helps in contributing to weight loss.

Final Verdict

Now, after going through this article you will able to realize that fat people are not always lazy and there are several other factors that lead them to uncontrollable obesity. Some of the factors that lead to being overweight are unhealthy food habits, improper sleeping, poor physical activities, different medical conditions, and others as discussed in the article. 

Improper lifestyle may also make you obese so you can change the lifestyle by planning in such a way by including simple and healthy physical activities in your daily routine. You can conduct programs and awareness classes regarding this topic and can be a reason for bringing a change in both your life and as well as others.

Even though many of you are trying very hard to lose the overweight, you can achieve your target of attaining your dream, weight by planning your life systematically including all the essential routines in it like a healthy diet plan, and simple activities, which help you in yielding a great output by fighting against obesity.

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