Why Do Fat People Sweat More? Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating!

Fat People Sweat More

Do fat people sweat more? Science says yes. This is simply because the larger the body is, the more heat it captures, and thereby more sweat is needed to cool it all down. As per many studies, sweat glands in obese people are larger and are spread all over their bodies instead of places like the armpit. So when they work out or simply get exposed to sunlight, they trap all the heat and thereby sweat it out like a river.

In the following article, you will be provided with an overview of the sweating process and the factors that affect it. The write-up then follows by giving you some of the benefits of sweating. Further, you will be delivered a scientific explanation of why fat people sweat more than lean people. Before the conclusion, you will be instructed on some techniques to relieve the symptoms of excessive sweating. So read on and find out why fat people sweat more than leaner ones!

Sweating: An Overview

Scientifically known as perspiration, sweating is a normal body function through which fluids are secreted out. This fluid often contains salt and is released from the sweat glands of mammals. There are two types of sweat glands, namely eccrine glands and apocrine glands


Eccrine glands are found normally over the body and skin and apocrine glands are usually found under the armpits and other areas of your body.

Sweating is often conducted as a process of thermoregulation in human beings. Thermoregulation is an activity through which an organism keeps its body temperature adapted to its surrounding temperatures. Normal amounts of sweating are necessary for the body. But if you experience excessive sweating or not enough of that, it can be an indication of some health problems.

What are the factors that affect sweating?

Many factors affect the process of sweating. Some of them are provided below:

  • The weight of your body: People with more body weight usually sweat more. This is because compared to leaner people they have more body mass and produce more heat. This can lead to more sweat as a result. Also, as fat people tend to have a wider body surface, they need more sweating to cool the body down.
  • Physical fitness: Another factor that can affect sweating is physical fitness. This is because they tend to have a higher intake of oxygen than people who don’t engage in fitness activities.
  • DNA: One of the crucial factors that determine how much you sweat is your DNA. Some people have more predisposition to sweating compared to people who sweat less. 
  • Acclimatization: This means adapting to your surroundings’ temperatures efficiently. If you are someone who spends regular time in the sun, you start adapting to this temperature more and as a result, you tend to sweat more.
  • Status of your health: Health status is another factor that decides the amount of sweat one person produces. If someone has hormonal fluctuations, it can affect the quantity of perspiration too.  Even conditions like colds, flu, etc can have a role in sweating.

Health benefits of sweating

Sweating is a process that acts in favor of your body. It not only cools down your body but comprises other health benefits too. Some of them are listed below:

It helps you lose weight: When you sweat out, your body burns all that fat and converts it into energy. This is good for you as it can help you reduce your weight.

Detoxifies your body: Sweating is a way to expel toxins from your body.  Through sweating, you will be able to eliminate substances like alcohol, cholesterol, and salt from your body. 

Improves your heart health: When you sweat out more, it means your heart is pumping more blood too. 

It can improve your skin:  Many studies have shown that sweating can make your skin glow. When you engage in activities that produce sweat, your blood circulation increases and as a result, your skin gets a healthy glow.

Improves your immunity: Studies have explained that certain sweat-derived germ-killing proteins known as dermcidin can help you against the onset of diseases such as tuberculosis. This means sweating is good for your body and helps you to improve your immunity as a result. 

Elevates your mood: One of the benefits of sweating is that it can help you release endorphins, the happy hormones in your body.  When your body has a high amount of endorphins, it can affect your overall mood and can make you happy and elevated.

Why do fat people sweat more than others?

One reason fat people sweat out more than leaner ones is that they have more fat in their bodies. Fat can act as a heat absorber and thereby more heat is trapped in fat bodies. This then results in an increased level of sweating for fat people.

Another reason behind fat people sweating more is their sweat glands are spread all over the body other than the armpit.

Compared to leaner people, their sweat glands are found more in parts like the face, neck, etc.  Their sweat glands are more extensively spread out which results in more sweat. Body weight is an important factor that affects the amount of sweat one produces. Fatter people tend to have more body weight compared to leaner people and this results in more body sweat.

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How to deal with excessive sweating?

If you are a fat person and you often feel embarrassed because of the excessive sweat you produce, there are some ways you can manage this issue.

Check out the list below to know how to deal with excessive sweating if you are a fat person.

👉🏻 Choose breathable dresses

Always go for breathable fabric, mostly cotton kind of dresses. Try to avoid dresses that stick to your body. Also, choose light colors so that sunlight won’t absorb them.

👉🏻 Regulate your diet

Food can play a key role in stimulating sweat production. If you are someone who uses a lot of spicy foods, it can lead to more sweating. Choose foods that can cool down your body.

👉🏻 Make use of antiperspirants

These are products that can block underarm sweating. They work by closing the pores on your skin which expels the sweat outside your skin

👉🏻 Drink more water

To keep your sweating inside a limited control, drink more water. Staying hydrated is the key to avoiding sweating excessively. Beverages like caffeine and alcohol can cause dehydration and can result in more sweating.

👉🏻 Adopt methods to cool it down

By using certain methods to cool your body, you can avoid excessive perspiration. Try to take a shower in case you are feeling more perspiration. Or spend most of your time inside a building with air conditioning. 

Final Thoughts

From the above article, one can properly identify the reasons behind fat people sweating more than leaner ones. Sweating or perspiration is a natural process through which harmful toxins and impurities are eliminated through the body in the form of sweat. Many factors affect the process of sweating. Weight of the body, physical fitness, acclimatization status, DNA, health conditions, etc is some of these factors. 

Sweating can provide a myriad of benefits to the body apart from cooling it down and detoxifying it. Also, scientists have found out that fat people sweat more than leaner ones because due to their larger body mass, they need to cool down a larger area than leaner people. Along with that, sweat glands are distributed all over the body of fat people, which also contributes to heavy sweating. Anyway, one can conclude from this article that fat guys sweat more and it is because of their specific body mechanisms.

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