Study Reveals That Healthy Eating Sustains Human Life


Food plays an integral part in the existence of life on earth, on the contrary, this same food can even become the reason for your departure from life.  The food you eat is not only directly related to your physical body but also affects your mental and social health. It is the main source of all the essential nutrients, minerals that are necessary for the proper functioning of your body and to keep up your health. Thus it is important to know what kind of foods are necessary for your physical and mental well-being.

Study Reveals That Healthy Eating Sustains Human Life

However, the current unhealthy lifestyle of people lacks nutritional quality because they value the taste of food more than its nutritional contents, and it can lead to several health disorders, such as uneven blood glucose, high cholesterol, and even heart disease. To avoid all of these situations, you need to include a healthy: balanced diet that delivers the essential nutrients your body needs to function properly.


From the latest study published by PLOS Medicine, it is proved that following a healthier lifestyle can increase up to 13 years of your life expectancy. In this study, they have suggested using more greens rather than using red meats and other processed food items to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancers, etc. Including greens doesn’t mean that you should eat more green food but preferably include grains, nuts, beans, and so on. The food you consume is digested and your body absorbs the essential nutrients and other minerals that are necessary for stimulating your growth hormones and shielding your health.

Keeping your body healthy is not an easy task as there are situations when you may fall out of your track. But always remember that it is your body and you are the sole proprietor who is responsible for everything that happens to your body. There are many tips to keep your body healthy at all times, no matter what obstacles you come across.

Firstly you must be aware of what you are eating, because a healthy diet, which includes more fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, low cholesterol, sugar, etc., helps maintain a healthy weight. Thus, consuming the right amount of calories daily in a moderate way helps you maintain a healthy weight throughout your life. A healthy weight is directly related to reducing the risk of several chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart problems. They also help improve your self-esteem and mental well-being. Eating healthy helps improve your quality of life.

People tend to eat everything around them, so it’s really important to know your food environment. You should not only care while eating but also you should start it right away from your grocery store while choosing your grocery. Because what you choose is what you eat, and therefore, you need to be careful about what you need to keep yourself healthy, rather than what fills your stomach.

Another better way of starting your day healthy is by removing the sugar from your food because from the sauces you use in your food to the peanut butter you might get sugar from the most unexpected food you eat, and this much sugar intake may add up the calorie intake. In the US, the Dietary Guidelines suggest limiting calories from added sugar to less than 10% per day because added sugars account for up to 17% of the total calorie intake of adults and up to 14% for children. And as per the experts, sugar consumption is a major cause of obesity and many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

From several studies, it is proven that food alone doesn’t help in increasing life expectancy, rather you must incorporate some exercise so that you can improve your health and also lead a peaceful life. Also, some other factors like stress management, your quality of sleep, and your relationships play an important role in keeping up your life.

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