Link Between Irregular Sleep Routine & High Blood Pressure In Teens With Extra Belly Fat!

Erratic Sleep Patterns And High Blood Pressure In Teens

Do you know there is a link between erratic sleep patterns and your heart health? When you think of teens the one thing that will immediately pop into your brain is their fluctuating sleep patterns. Teens tend to stay awake most nights and sleep in most of the morning.

The problem with this sleep pattern is that it is unhealthy and will affect you both physically and mentally. For instance, one of the most common side effects of erratic sleep patterns in teens is increased blood pressure. This increased blood pressure will ultimately lead to heart problems and when a teen has exceeded abdominal fat, they are prone to heart failure due to their sleeping patterns. 

Obesity And Higher Blood Pressure In Teens

If you think of your medical checkups in the past, you might notice the first question your medical expert asks is whether you are having proper and undisturbed sleep. This is because when your sleep is interrupted, all health issues are a natural byproduct that you will not be able to avoid. 

The American Heart Association has declared healthy sleep as a key factor in determining the strength of one’s cardiovascular system. The association has further stated that a teen is said to have experienced healthy sleep when they have an interrupted sleep time of 8-10 hours.

Obesity And Higher Blood Pressure In Teens

Sleeping beyond two in the morning is delayed sleep and is unhealthy and the association has stated that when there is a sleep midpoint difference of 45-50 minutes every day, the teen is experiencing a highly irregular sleep routine.

It is important to have control over the above-mentioned metrics because when a teen has excess belly fat, every extra minute of irregular sleep will add to the blood pressure and cause heart problems even before the age of 30.

This was confirmed by the medical experts during their test study where it was reported that the visceral abdominal fat did not show a negative impact on blood pressure when the variation in sleep is less than 45 minutes and spiked up the blood pressure when the variation is more than 45 minutes.

Obesity in itself is a danger to health and threatens the well-being of an individual. When obesity is combined with health problems, a teen’s health will take a toll and endanger their life. Teenage is one of the best parts of life and it is vital to stay in good health to have the optimum benefits and enjoy the teen phase to the maximum possible level.

Irregular Sleep Patterns

As teens, your life will be filled with so much pressure to plan for your future, get good grades, finish your assignments, and take care of those extra-curricular activities for added credit. But when you skip your sleep and binge throughout the night on your favorite snacks and catch up with your life not only will your belly become heavy but your heart becomes stressed too. 

Your heart is a great fan of consistent sleep. When you sleep well your energy levels will spike up and this will keep you productive the whole day. Having uninterrupted sleep is not a luxury but a basic necessity in teens. 

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