The Famous Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Eric Fleishman, Dead at 53

Eric Fleishman

Another death that took the world by surprise is that of the personal trainer Eric Fleishman, who specialized in training celebrities. He is that trainer that is famous among every celebrity. He is popularly referred to as ‘Eric the trainer’ and he is the physique expert of Hollywood. For over two decades, Hollywood celebrities have been looking up to him when it comes to fitness and have been following his tips and techniques to stay tender. Eric has volunteered for many television programs and he has been featured several times in popular magazines. He has his own Eric The Trainer website titled His interest in martial arts developed from a young age when his father enrolled him in one to stay little. 

Unfortunately, Eric passed away at the age of 53, this Thanksgiving on November 24, 2022. His death was so unexpected as he was happily spending Thanksgiving with his family when he dropped dead suddenly. Eric has a verified Instagram profile where his family announced his death along with his pictures and made a carousel post. 

Eric Fleishman’s Sudden Death Left Everyone Shaken

Eric made his last post on Instagram on November 21, 2022. He was looking all happy and healthy, relaxing in the Grand Cayman islands. It’s saddening to see that he dropped dead just three days later. You never know what happens the next moment and Eric’s death has proven the same. People all over Instagram are paying their tribute and condolences to Eric by making posts of him and sharing what a great soul he was.

He passed away at his Glendale, California, residence. Eric’s family, including his parents, his wife Alysia, and his son, have welcomed people to pay tribute and reminisce about Eric by sharing information about their memories with Eric, how he has impacted their life, and so on at   

Except for the Instagram carousel post made by Eric’s family, no other details of his death have been made public yet. People have stated Eric Fleishman is the Beacon of Light, hope, and love and he was a happy soul all in all. 

The family is planning to organize a ‘Celebration of Life ‘ ceremony for Eric and hence collect all possible memories for the ceremony to share their common love towards Eric and grief over his death. It’s almost been a week since Eric’s death, yet people are still tagging Eric in their Instagram posts and this depicts the life Eric lived and the people he has touched. Although his life span was cut short, Eric has captured the hearts of everyone he came in touch with and made their lives better. He was a good human in and out who followed his dreams and passion till the last moment. Many celebrities have been training under Eric, a few of them being Kirstee Alley, Michelle Branch, Big Time Rush, and so on. 

Eric was a wholesome person when it came to his profession also. He has been a personal trainer, an influencer, a fitness and physique expert, explored the ins and outs of the media, and worked as a television host and an entrepreneur. When it came to physical transformation, everyone turned to Eric because he was the best shaman. To benefit the public at large, Eric Fleishman made it a point to share free tips & techniques to stay fit and lead a healthy life all over his social media and website, so that every single person could have access to the same and start their journey towards leading a healthy life.  Eric has lived an honorable and noteworthy life and the tributes of people all over the world prove it. 

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