Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight? Is It A Safe And Healthy Approach?

Vaping and losing weight

With time, modes of getting intoxicated keep on changing. Starting from prehistoric times, a lot of inventions have been done in this category. As of now, nicotine is considered one of the most popular choices among the youth. It is also selling under the guise of helping people lose weight in the long run.

This statement does not hold true in any context. The reasons are numerous, and they do more harm than good in almost all cases. Exceptions exist in this case also. In this article, we will uncover various facts about the relationship between vaping and losing weight. 

What Is Vaping?

Vaping in literal terms means inhaling vapors. While talking in the present context with reference to losing weight, the harmful habit of inhaling nicotine is a fact. Vape refers to e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. In the past few years, close to a decade, it has taken the youth by storm as It is quite addictive. The procedure is quite simple – liquid nicotine is heated and cooled to produce vapors. The procedure is the same as that of a cigarette but the harms are considerably high and more in number.


In addition to this, nicotine content is also on the higher side. The person vaping can easily inhale the nicotine by pressing the button on the vape and exhaling after a few seconds. To increase popularity amongst the youth, it is also being sold in various new and trendy modes which are quite portable and look catchy. 

Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss?

There is no credible research to prove that vaping leads to weight loss. It is just that nicotine makes people lose their appetite for some time. This leads them towards the false belief that the person is losing weight. On the other hand, this type of weight loss is bad for the body as well. With loss of appetite, the supply of nutrients to the body is reduced. This means that there is even less energy to cope with the ill effects.

It is more about nicotine than the act of vaping – the content of nicotine in the body increases with time, disturbing all the other systems, including the digestive system. When a person reaches the level of tolerance, it becomes much more difficult to quit. With time, vaping becomes a fatal addiction, and weight loss might be reversed over time. Vaping only suppresses appetite

Is Vaping A Healthy Way To Suppress Appetite?

A big no. Vaping is not healthy in any way. The biggest health hazard is that it is made up of plastic. In addition to supplying nicotine to the body, it also burns the plastic element. This means that there are twin ill effects of the same – nicotine addiction as well as the deposition of microplastics in the bloodstream. In the long run, they have fatal consequences. There is no cure as of now. 

Vaping Is Injurious To Health

A lot of researchers have found out that people prefer vaping over smoking because the time limit is extended. Vapes offer more than one thousand puffs while a cigarette does not last for more than a minute, on average.

In addition to this, vape does not require any lighting devices and can be smoked at the convenience of the smoker irrespective of the atmosphere. The addicted population should consider the following question to stop this bad habit – why is vaping injurious to health? -because of a variety of reasons, including high nicotine content and other heating elements. 

Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Following a balanced diet, in addition to dieting, will help in losing weight. Regularly exercising will also benefit you in the long run. There are numerous other alternatives available, in addition to consulting a dietician.

The thumb rule of losing weight is to consume fewer calories than are burnt on a daily basis. It is upon the person to build muscle while losing weight or not. This is where going to the gym comes into play. 

Final Thoughts

Any type of addiction is bad for health. In addition to this, starting any new bad habit with incomplete information definitely does more harm than good. When it comes to vaping, it has a lot of other ill effects as well. In order to lose weight, one can opt for other healthy measures instead of focusing on such wrong measures.

All the ill effects of vaping are of a more or less irreversible nature. The policy of “prevention is better than cure” helps in the long run when taking into consideration the harmful effects of vaping. So, the final answer to the question – regarding whether vaping makes you lose weight or not, is no. Moreover, even if it does as per some research, one must not indulge in such activities given their ill effects. 

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