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Derrick Lewis’ Weight Loss Has Surprised UFC Fans: This Is What They Have To say

Derrick Lewis’ Weight Loss Has Surprised UFC Fans

The new year brings hope for amendments and transformations. Most of these aspirations center around some fitness plans or changes. From the sports world, Derrick Lewis has come with such an amazing transformation in the wake of the New Year. Called the Black Beast of MMA, which is the abbreviation of Mixed Martial Arts, he is a known presence in the Heavyweight division of the UFC. But his recent photograph, where he appears as participating in some cardio training, showcases his amazing body transformation. The picture was shared by Chris Hernandez, the fitness and strength coach of Lewis.

The MMA world has completely gone awe regarding this latest change in the physique of Derrick Lewis. Many have remarked that the black beast can now participate in the Welterweight section of the UFC. As the holder of the most knockout victories in the history of UFC, this body transformation can be quite hopeful for the MMA star.  Read on further to know more about every detail of Derrick Lewis and his fitness transformation here!

Derrick Lewis: Who is he?

Known as the Black Beast of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Derrick Lewis is an American professional in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Born on 7th February 1985, Derrick James Lewis has the world record for the most number of knockouts in UFC history. He is fighting in the Heavyweight division which includes fighters that weigh 206-265 lbs.

Derrick Lewis had a troubled childhood. As the second of seven kids to a single mother, he often experienced social neglect and marginalization. This led him to participate in street fights which became the base for his UFC journey.  Later on, he was even trained by George Foreman, who is a legendary presence in the MMA and is the two-time world heavyweight champion. His last fight was against Sergei Pavlovich on 30th July 2022 in which he lost the game to Pavlovich.

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As one of the largest MMA promotion companies in the world, Ultimate Fighting Championship aka UFC includes 12 weight divisions. It is an American MMA promotion company that was founded in 1993. This promotion company follows the standards set by Nevada Athletic Commission. It hosts different weight divisions such as Strawweight, Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight, etc. Currently, UFC holds the record for hosting around 600 events.

Six facts you should know about Derrick Lewis

  • His childhood made him tough as the street fights he picked up along the way led him to MMA.
  • He got training under combat fighting legend George Foreman who led him to combat sports.
  • Boxing was his first love. He started his MMA journey by setting a solid foot with boxing.
  • In college, he had to face prison statements due to some legal violations.
  • He has the most number of knockouts in the history of UFC and also the most knockouts in UFC Heavyweight history.
  • Derrick Lewis adopts the fighting style of stand-up fighting. 

Did Derrick Lewis lose weight?

One of the recent photos shared by Terrance McKinney, the lightweight star of the UFC showcases the amazing weight loss transformation by Derrick Lewis. In this photo, he appears slimmer than he normally looks. Anyway, the fans are now surprised to see this drastic body change in one of the biggest heavy fighters of the UFC. The 37-year-old combat fighter was last seen in a match against Sergei Spivack. The fans are in complete awe regarding Lewis’s body transformation as he had some huge pounds in the past. 

Many of his fellow fighters in MMA have shared this photo of Lewis and have remarked that now he could fight for the Middleweight division easily.  The photograph seems to be taken during some of Lewis’s workout sessions which include strength training.  Known for his colossal diet and body weight, now Lewis had transformed into a spectacular and slimmer body weight.  Fans are in awe and are eagerly waiting for his comeback match at the APEX in Las Vegas on 4th February 2023.

The fitness world is viewing the weight loss transformation of Derrick Lewis with seamless admiration and awe.  The 37-year-old UFC combat fighter was known by the name ‘black beast’ for his enormous looks and heavyweight body. But the recent photos of him show that the fighter has undergone tremendous workouts and has lost a considerable amount of weight. Some of his co-fighters have hilariously remarked that now he could participate even in the Welterweight section of the UFC. Welterweight is the 170-pound limit of the UFC championship.

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Derrick Lewis was last seen in combat with Spivack and he had to face some kind of loss in the game. Many observe that this body transformation accounts for a resurgence and revenge. Anyway, fans of the black beast are eagerly waiting for his comeback that is supposed to take place this year.

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