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Ivanka Trump Weight Loss: Is This The After-Effect Of Her Mother’s Death?

Ivanka Trump Weight Loss

Fans have a mixed response to the weight loss of Ivanka Trump. The pictures shared by the American businesswoman and first daughter of Donald Trump gathered much attention. The drastic weight loss of the 41-year-old has confused her fans.

While many seem to congratulate her, some are concerned. Her mother’s death has made the weight change suspicious. Jump into the news to know the fans’ concerns about Ivanka’s weight loss.

Ivanka’s Fans Are Concerned, But Some Are Appreciative

The recent pictures of Ivanka Trump on Instagram reveal her drastic weight loss. In the wake of her mother’s death in July 2022, fans are worried about whether the change is positive. The daughter of the former US President already has a slimmer figure. But her recent posts on Instagram stress her weight loss.

Ivanka Trump Instagram Pics

Some photos she posted on Instagram prove that the former White House Senior Adviser lost considerable weight. She is wearing a chic white fringe mini dress in this photo. Paired with silver heels, the dress foregrounds Ivanka’s toned abs and a leaner figure.

Having 7.5 million followers on Instagram, this post acquired around 200k likes and 5k comments. Many of her fans have shared comments under this photo. Some praised her stunning figure and some shared their concerns. And some include seamless praise for her dress and body. 

Another similar post has also caught the attention of her fans. In this photo, she is flashing her toned abs in a rodeo appearance. The 41-year-old was wearing a black vest and flare pants. She accessorized this look with a silver and turquoise concho belt and boots. Taken as a  mirror selfie, her weight loss is evident in it. The post has also gathered around 200k likes and 5k comments so far although the post had some mixed comments on her body.

When some fans appreciated her fun and cool look, some opined that the weight loss seemed suspicious. This is because her mother passed away recently. Some fans have commented that they hope she is okay in all ways. They are worried about whether the current weight loss is an after-effect of her mother’s death and concerned about her mental health. It was pretty evident that she was very close to her mother, Ivana, the first wife of Donald Trump. 

Some of her recent Instagram posts depict Valentine’s Day celebrations with her family. Married to Jared Kushner, Ivanka has three children. In a post, she expressed gratitude for their relationship of 13 years. It also revealed some of their vacation pictures.

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All these photos show the leaner figure of Ivanka now. And that is what makes her followers bothered. Many of them have put comments under these photos such as “Take good care of yourself”, “You’ve been through a lot, Ivanka”, “Stay Strong”, etc. Even though fans are happy about her weight loss, they are cautious.

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