Baby Corn’s Role In Weight Loss: Does It Works?


A good part of the weight loss journey is spent picking and choosing what to eat and what not to. While most things are a no-no, some others remain in the gray area.

We can completely empathize with anyone who has to stop eating their favorite foods but that is how you can gain that body you wanted to flaunt. So to make things a bit easier for you, we will be looking at baby corn and how it affects your body.

Can I Lose Weight Eating Baby Corn?

To put that into perspective, we will be discussing how it can help you gain or lose body mass. Keeping on reading to know if baby corn is in or out of your grocery list.

What Is baby corn?

So we all know what corn is or at least what popcorn is. Baby corn is just the mini version of those bigger ones. Unlike its sweeter counterparts, this one is plucked before it can ripen fully and is used in cooking readily.

Can I Lose Weight Eating Baby Corn

Corn is usually taken off the cob and eaten while the baby corn can be consumed as a whole. This is possible because it has a tender stem when compared to the fully grown ones. Baby corn is never grown separately and is usually taken from the adult varieties itself.

What Does Baby Corn Contain?

Baby corns are rich in fiber and protein predominantly. It is low in calories and carbs. Other than that, it is also known to have Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Iron. What’s more, it has no fat and lots of Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Folate.

Benefits Of Eating Baby Corn

Let’s look at the benefits of eating baby corn. They are-

  • Full of vitamins and minerals- Like their adult versions, the baby ones too are full of vitamins and minerals. So it can help if eating a balanced diet is your goal. 
  • Wonderful for eye-Anything rich in Vitamin A can help a lot with eyesight. So in case you are reading this with glasses on, eat some baby corn!
  • Stomach friendly-Let’s face it. Our stomach gets upset more than our beau does. We cannot blame it because of the thin lining it is wrapped around with. So eating baby corn will cause no disruption to the stomach lining and in fact, it will induce digestion.
  • Good if constipation is your enemy- Sitting on the toilet reading memes is one thing but waiting for the motion to pass is no fun. Including baby corn in your diet can make sure your stools are firm and easy to pass.
  • Best for the heart- Since it is not fully grown into corn, baby corn has a few different benefits including protecting our heart valves from the corrosion caused by the extra cholesterol.
  • resistant to cancer cells- So this needs much verification but according to some studies baby corn can prevent the cells from mutating into cancerous ones.

Is Baby Corn Good For Weight Loss?

Finally, we have the answer to the much-awaited question, baby corn is good for weight loss. Sweet corn is usually not prescribed when you are on a weight loss diet since the sugar content is high. However, baby corn has no such problems to be dealt with.

Baby corns are not mature enough to form a sweet taste which makes it a major problem. Another reason why it is great to add to a weight loss diet is because of its antioxidant properties. Forming free radicals or a weak immune system can probably affect your weight loss.

Eating baby corn can develop a stronger immune system. Any time we select a food item, our primary concern is always the Calorie content it may have. But with baby corn, one doesn’t have to worry about it since it is relatively low. Does that mean it has fewer nutrients? No, it doesn’t.In fact, it is a protein galore which is really good when it comes to losing weight. Proteins not only keep us satiated but also curb unhealthy cravings at weird hours.

Baby corn is also recommended by doctors to diabetic patients to check their blood sugar levels which also is an added benefit when it comes to shedding kilos. We already have established how it is full of fiber. Now fiber not only enables us to have a clear excretory system but also has something to do with hunger and satiety.

What we need to take care of is the garnishing we might prefer with the baby corn. If you add sugar or maybe eat it with lots of oil, it cannot give the desired effect. So be mindful of the side dishes or gravy you might be eating when on a diet.

Are There Any Side Effects From Baby Corn?

Baby corn also has some side effects if consumed in larger quantities. They can be-

  • causing loose motions- So the fiber content in the baby corn can go both ways. One has to be careful when consuming it.
  • Allergy- Some people might feel nauseatic or like their throat closing up. In that case, please avoid eating it.
  • harmful to teeth- Even though it might not taste sweet, it still contains sugar so practicing oral hygiene is critical.
  • Triggering heart attack- Some people have complained of having heart attacks after consuming baby corn in huge numbers. You may want to watch the number there.

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