Can Cold Showers Aid In Weight Loss? – Advantages And Potential Drawbacks!

Cold Showers Aid In Weight Loss

Most of us prefer a hot or lukewarm water shower as it relaxes us. What if a cold water shower is beneficial for weight loss? As we all know cold exposure helps in burning more calories it is interesting to know more about the benefits of a cold water shower.

Cold water showers are practiced traditionally for healthy well-being as hydro-therapists prefer so. Researchers love to work on the topic as it has relevance from immunity to mental health.

Cold Showers And Weight Loss – Scientific Basis

Scientific studies have proven that exposure to cold water switches the fat-burning mode in the human body as it boosts metabolism and activates brown fat. Brown fat is activated when the body is fasting for a particular period or getting exposed to cold. Cold exposure triggers the activation of brown fat to burn calories and produce heat. It is a mechanism of the body to prevent it from shivering.

Cold Shower And Weight Loss

A study concluded in 2019 concluded that youngsters with high levels of brown fat could experience weight loss within a very short period. Another study conducted in 2018 stated the weight loss effects of immersing in cold water as youngsters who have done so for one-hour regularly could experience remarkable weight loss.   

Health Benefits Of Cold Water Showers 

Apart from weight loss effects, cold water showers help the human body in many ways ranging from mental to physical. 

Health Benefits Of Cold Water Showers

Boost metabolism: Cold water shower boosts the metabolic rate as it activates the brown adipose tissue. Boosted metabolism is the basis of healthy well-being as it supports healthy body weight, regulates blood sugar, pressure, and cholesterol, and promotes quality sleep. 

Energy flow: Cold water shower van contributes energy flow as it regulates healthy metabolism. As energy is the end product of calorie burning process the person who is taking a cold water shower may feel active throughout the day. 

Skin health: A cold shower promotes healthy blood flow to the skin as it activates the skin. When the skin is cold, Blood pumping toward the skin will be increased to maintain a normal temperature. It provides us with many skin benefits such as skin glow. Skin can have a perfect look when there is better blood flow. It can also reduce the sensation of scratches and helps recovery from itchy skin.

Better sleep quality that wakes you up in the morning:  Boosted metabolism and blood flow help maintain a healthy sleep. Along with healthy sleep factors like oxygen intake, mental alertness, and healthy heart rate that are improved after a regular cold shower makes waking up in the morning easy. 

Increased blood circulation: Increased blood circulation is considered to be the most beneficial effect of a cold water shower. When cold water touches or hits the surface of the body, the body tries to circulate blood to maintain the ideal body temperature. 

Relax muscles after workouts: Muscle cramps and soreness are common after intense workouts. The regenerative properties of cold water relax and repair muscles after big works outs. Muscle soreness and cramps can be reduced here. Sports-related pains and injuries can also be cured with a cold water shower. It is also proven effective towards feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Keep you healthy: Cold water shower boosts immunity and reduces sickness to an extent as it prevents inflammation and reduces the severity of common viruses and parasites. 

Positive effects on mental health: The positive effect of cold water showers on mental health is remarkable. Being a regular healthy habit that promotes determination and consistency, cold water showers promote a positive mindset. Cold water shower is a strategy used by mental health practitioners to treat depression and anxiety as it helps in the production of endorphins or ”feeling good” hormones. 

Risks Of Cold Water Showers

It is important to consider the negative effects of cold water shower as it complicates certain health conditions. Here are the cons to be noted while considering cold water showers.

Heart health: People with heart disease cannot opt for cold water showers as it can be detrimental for them. The variation in the heart rate and fluctuations in the blood flow can’t be managed by them. The shock created by cold exposure keeps the heart in n difficult position that may even lead to cardiac arrest.

Worsen the condition if you are sick: Cold water may worsen respiratory infections and other health conditions while you are sick. It is better to avoid cold water showers during winter as it takes longer time for the body to heat up. 

Final Thoughts

As a cold shower has its pros and cons, it is necessary to think and act wisely according to the situation. But if your question is if cold water showers aid in weight loss, the answer is of course yes. However, you must be aware of the risks before proceeding. You are the better advocates of your own body.

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