Is Custard Apple For Weight Loss? Here Is The Truth!

Custard Apple For Weight Loss

Nature has many wonders in store for us. Most of it leaves us in awe and we cannot praise them enough. Fruits certainly can be counted as one of those. Some look so vibrant, the others so unique. We couldn’t even fathom how nutritious or delicious it might turn out to be.

As they say, “Appearances are deceiving.” So through this blog, we will discuss if eating the peculiar-looking custard apple for weight loss is an idea worth considering.  The tropical fruit is not at all what it looks like so let’s uncover how it works.

What Is A Custard Apple?

Known by the scientific name Annona Reticulata, the fruit is primarily indigenous to South America and West Indies. Their cultivation is however far more expanded than it was spreading to Asia and Europe. As discussed earlier, its appearance is quite distinctive with a hard-columned light green shell. The inside part is white and creamy and may sometimes contain black seeds.

When it comes to the taste, they don’t have a specific flavor yet they are sugary. Those who haven’t tasted the fruit yet might want to know how nutritious it is. Not only is it filled with Potassium but dietary fiber, but also Magnesium. All this with 0 fat content. If it is that good,  eating custard apples for weight loss could be immensely beneficial. But how much?

Benefits Of Eating Custard Apple

Multiple reports are available that confirm the nutritious appeal of custard apples. So yes. Custard apple is a great addition to a weight loss diet due to the following reasons-

Benefits Of Eating Custard Apple
  1.  It enables you to see better – has Vitamin C in abundance which means your sight will never be a problem you need to worry about.
  2. Helps you stay high on energy– It has many nutritional properties that can increase your blood flow and save you from feeling anemic. Especially when on a diet, you need to consume everything that can give you maximum energy with fewer calories.
  3. Gives you a healthy heart – A high source of Riboflavin makes it ideal for suppressing the production of free radicals that cause heart attacks. It can also have a positive effect on your blood pressure all thanks to its perfect combination of Magnesium and Sodium.
  4. Satiates your appetite– Now if you are someone who keeps on munching one snack or the other, you might want to eat some custard apples. This will keep you fuller for longer periods due to its high fiber content.
  5. Enhances your weight loss cycle– It has a tendency to reduce oxidative stress with the help of the rich antioxidants present in it. Now oxidative stress can directly impact the way your body processes fat. So eat up people.
  6. Can give you all the goodness but with fewer calories– Calories are a big deal when you are aiming to shed some of those kilos. Especially when you cannot eat sugar. Custard apples are a good source of sweetness which doesn’t add much to your weight.
  7. Perfects your immune system–  A fruit with this much concentration of Vitamins and minerals is ideal for the overall functioning of the body.

Things To Remember While Consuming Custard Apple

There are a number of things you should know when eating custard apples for weight loss. Albeit nutritious, custard apples shouldn’t be eaten above limited levels due to the following reasons-

  1. High sugar content– Like all sugary fruits, eating an unlimited supply of custard apples can prove to be more harmful than beneficial. Therefore set a goal and calculate the amount you consume every day.
  2. Can trigger allergies– It can cause allergic reactions in consumers who are not prone to eating it. In that case, always eat a small piece and wait for some time before consuming more. If you find yourself feeling itchy or nauseous consult a doctor.
  3. Can lead to weight gain due to the high-calorie content– Every 100 grams of custard apple is known to contain at least 96 grams of calories. While this is lower than most fruits, eating it without portion control should not be encouraged.
  4. Shouldn’t be eaten in isolation– It has little to no effect when eaten in isolation. However, if you combine it with Proteins, minerals, and other healthier food options, custard apples work great.
  5. Can defeat the process of temperature increase– Usually when losing weight, it is suggested that the person keeps their body warm and as hot as possible to lose weight. But custard apples are generally cold in nature and can work counterproductively.
  6. Seeds can prove to be poisonous– The seeds can work with some of our bodily enzymes that can end up being fatal to the body. So make sure you buy seedless ones or try taking them out before eating any.

How You Can Include Custard Apple In Your Diet

Since we have already established the prominence of custard apple when it comes to weight loss regime, we might as well tell you some ways in which you could incorporate it into your daily meals. You can-

  1. Eat them as they are– Take a spoon and help yourself to a spoonful of yumminess. As suggested do keep the calorie in mind.
  2. Make a smoothie– Now if you are already having a whole fruit smoothie make sure you add custard apple to the assortment as well.
  3. Get a salad out of it– Due to its creamy texture, it can be used to naturally sweeten salads and can be used in some.

Overall, eating custard apples for weight loss is highly advantageous. But like most, there should be a limit. It is best to consult your dietitian before adding it to your daily meals.

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