Reasons Why The Body Weight Remains Unchanged – Untold Facts

Reasons Why The Body Weight Remains Unchanged

The human body we inhabit is complex. And to add to that there are many conflicting views and strange ideas related to it. For example, superstitions related to food or food fad are among them.

5 Reasons;Body Weight Remains Unchanged

Then, there is the problem of different lenses to look at the body – The ancient Greek method until a Frenchman decided to cut a body to see inside changed things in the Western world in medieval times. The Oriental world has its own views, all away from Allopathy and yet sometimes more effective than the age of medicines today.

Reasons Why The Body Weight Remains Unchanged

We must not argue for victory, but look for what works in a given situation on a given subject. 

Weight in Body

When in school we are taught that bodyweight is different from body mass, which is what remains if we travel to space!

The nature of the problem of not gaining weight or not losing weight is difficult because there are too many variables to a simple problem like this.


Worms and malafide bacteria or organisms, can not only cause gut infection and other complications that can be traced to ancient times. In today’s world, these more harmful mutations of worms have the capacity to rise up to the brain and cause death! All that from a simple unhygienic or unlucky food outside! 

They are on a broad spectrum, vegetables like cabbage also have the capacity to hold these infectious worms, so even half-cooked Chinese vegetables or raw vegetables in a burger at a stall can do this.

If less malevolent, then a stomach flush, worm medicines, and other such things can remove them. These worms would have been eating in your stomach, all that you eat, making you thin despite all food or sources of nutrition.

So, when the worms are removed, the person can grow fat. If they are not removed, the person cannot. As he lives as a host to other bad organisms in his body.

In Ayurveda, there is an entire course on Gastronomic Gut microbes in contemporary times.

Alcohol has a tendency to bring in such organisms, especially wine – red or white. While in countries like France, where the environment is cleaner, they are benevolent and help digest food with each glass, at other places you may eat the cork of the bottle in hunger after wine!


There is a saying that those who are thin are perfectionists, then there are teenage anecdotes to worry about!

A person with a high metabolism rate, breaks down the food eaten, very rapidly into carbohydrates, proteins, and others, and processes the waste for excretion in a matter of half an hour. Such people are thin and do not gain fat easily.

A low metabolism rate means that rapid digestion of food is replaced by slow digestion. Here, no matter how less you eat, the food will turn into finer parts slowly, and thus the person remains fat even if less food is taken.

Stress, depression, less physical activity

At a time when epidemics are on the rise, from the start of Anthrax to Bird flu, Swine flu, and now Covid19, people are forced to stay indoors and work from home. Businesses run with door-to-door delivery, it may be convenient, but for many people, it can bring about obesity, fat, cholesterol, pain and swollen legs and hands, and bad breathing without outdoor and nature connection.

Working in such times, a person may eat too much unhealthy food, no food at all, or not take enough fresh air, or a routine walk that he or she may be accustomed to. Thus, a person may lose weight or gain weight rapidly. This is also a sign of changes in the structure of the body and can create problems if not reacted to by way of indoor exercise and de-stressing activity.

Side-effects of Medication

Many medications such as those for the previously titled subjects like stress or depression, cause gaining of weight, this is sometimes due to the eating habit changes, a release of happiness, or a bad sign when it happens due to the medication. When and until the medication is on, the person is in a separate structure of body mass, and different when the medication is relieved of. 

To lose weight by workouts and gain weight by bananas, milk and if you are acceptable to it, eggs are an age-old method that works. To have an irregular sleep schedule or disturbance in the sleep pattern is another reason.

Water intake in either excess or less amount is another reason. Thus, to be able to use these as traditional guiding lights is a good idea, to not be afraid to try new methods of science such as protein shakes instead of dry fruits is a leap of faith that not everyone should take without looking at his or her circumstances and lifestyle carefully.

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