Alec Baldwin Weight Loss Journey: How It All Happened!

Alec Baldwin Weight Loss

For Alec Baldwin, losing weight was not a cakewalk. This handsome gentleman of Hollywood had to go through some real thorns, before losing weight. It was the onset of pre-diabetes that urged the American actor to start his weight loss journey.

At one age, losing weight also becomes a tough task. But Alec Baldwin succeeded through all those hurdles and accomplished the goal of losing around 100 pounds! Read and get inspired by Alec Baldwin’s weight loss journey here. 

Who Is Alec Baldwin?

Alec Baldwin also known as Alexander Rae Baldwin III is an acclaimed American actor. He has shown his talent as a comedian and producer too. Baldwin is known for his spectacular performances in the movies such as Working Girl (1988), Married to the Mob (1988), Hunt for Red October (1990), etc.

He also performed in a leading role in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice (1988) and Oliver Stone’s Talk Radio (1988).  Alec Baldwin has made a place of his own in Hollywood by working with legendary directors such as Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, etc. 

Alec Baldwin Weight Loss Journey
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He has won an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting actor in the drama The Cooler (2003). Along with that, Alec has won three Primetime Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards.

Alec Baldwin Weight Loss Journey

The weight loss journey of Alec Baldwin started in 2012 when he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. The guy who was once included in the list of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, was asked to trim 30 pounds from his body by his doctor.

Along with his wife, Hilaria’s support, Alec decided to start his weight loss trajectory. As to his wife, he had been following an unhealthy lifestyle that culminated in diabetes. Alec was eating a lot of processed foods and added sugars. His wife found out the root cause of his weight gain and advised him to lose this by sticking to some health plans.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin
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Alec had met Hilaria Thomas in 2012 after his steamy divorce from his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. When Hilaria first met him, he was suffering from certain health problems. She supported him in his journey to weight loss.

According to her, she asked him to keep a track of his unhealthy eating patterns by noting down whenever he has some junk food. Realizing her husband is moving towards a journey of self-deterioration, Hialria made him face the situation. That coupled with the pre-diabetic onset made Alec follow some healthy eating habits and fitness routines.

How much weight did Alec Baldwin lose?

Based on recent reports, Alec Baldwin has lost around 100 pounds from his body. But this was not an overnight incident. His weight loss was a gradual process that included sticking to a diet and some ardent fitness regimes.

In an interview with Access Hollywood in 2012, Baldwin revealed that he lost around 30 pounds within four months. He added that he has given up sugar and has followed some healthy eating habits. According to him, his wife, Hialria who is also a Yoga instructor is a great motivator behind his weight loss. Along with Yoga, he also did some pilates and ditched smoking altogether. 

After all these incidents, we saw him again on the Jimmy Fallon show in 2019. On the Sunday episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor showed his further weight loss by literally dropping his pants.

Alec Baldwin Weight Loss
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According to him what he meant by this act was, ‘his pants don’t fit him anymore’. The audience went into a state of jaw-dropping surprise and cheers followed the actor. Later in the talk with Jimmy Fallon, Baldwin revealed that his healthy lifestyle changes made him lose a considerable amount of weight.

As per the actor, he follows a plant-based diet and completely ditches eating meat on Mondays.

Diet And Exercises Of Alec Baldwin

In many interviews, Alec Baldwin has revealed his secret to weight loss. It was after realizing his blood sugar levels had gone into a spiral, Baldwin decided to take the journey toward health. He started his weight loss journey by completely skipping sugar.

Along with that, he cut down on refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, sour Chinese sauce, etc.  In 2011, he adopted a vegan diet and started advocating for veganism and environmental protection. In some interviews, Baldwin has revealed that he loves smoothies and considers them as a healthy snack. After he committed to a diet, Baldwin stopped drinking alcohol and smoking.

According to Baldwin, he did bring some fitness changes to his lifestyle. He started by practicing Pilates and later also took up Yoga and spin classes. Some interesting rumors are on the spread regarding Pete Davidson helping Baldwin to lose weight.

As per this conspiracy,  Davidson gave him some fitness advice, which helped the actor in losing weight. Davidson advised him to perform 100 sit-ups and push-ups every day to lose weight. Even though the famed Stand-up comedian told this as a joke, in an interview, Baldwin revealed that he took it literally. 

Alec Baldwin’s diet and fitness: How it works?

From the diet and fitness tips from Alec Baldwin, you can learn a lot. They are oriented towards his weight loss goal. He chooses to incorporate methods that go along with his busy schedule.

Below, we are going to examine how certain methods in diet and fitness helped Alec to lose weight. 

He ditched sugar completely

How it works:

There are many health benefits to cutting down on sugar in your food. One of them is, it can help you to regulate your blood sugar. Excess amounts of sugar in the blood can lead to a condition called insulin resistance. Cutting down on sugar can also aid in weight management.

Studies have shown that excessive sugar consumption can lead to visceral fat. Reducing your sugar intake can help to lose these fats and thereby aids in weight loss. Apart from these, limiting sugar can also improve your oral health and reduce the risk of liver disease. Studies have shown that it can also protect your heart and even improve skin health.

He said goodbye to processed foods

How it works:

Processed foods are usually high in sugar and calories and low in nutrients. Some of the unhealthy processed foods are cookies, pizza, chips, etc. Apart from causing conditions such as insulin resistance and heart risks, processed foods can also cause addiction. When you shift from eating processed foods to healthy and whole food items, your body will naturally lose weight. 

He shifted to a plant-based diet

How it works:

Much research has already been published on the benefits of following a plant-based diet for weight loss. This is mainly because plants are low in calories and high in fiber. Also, it contains nutritional elements that are crucial for your body. The fiber abundance in plant-based food can keep you full for a longer time. This will result in reduced appetite and thereby weight loss. 

He engaged in Pilates

How it works:

As a low-impact exercise, Pilates can be useful in correcting posture and toning up your body. Studies have shown that Pilates can strengthen a weak core. If you consistently engage in some core Pilates workouts, it can lead to weight loss. 


One can learn a lot from the Alec Baldwin weight loss journey. An important aspect of his weight loss journey is that it was not an overnight incident. Instead, the weight loss trajectory of the actor was a gradual one. He gained the inspiration to lose weight first when he was diagnosed with prediabetes.

By making changes in his lifestyle such as quitting sugar and cutting down processed foods, Baldwin made a straightway toward weight loss. His wife also stayed with him as a constant support in the journey. Recently he proclaimed a weight loss of around 100 pounds. One can also lose weight if healthy choices are made accordingly.

It is crucial to include more vegetables and fiber-rich food in one’s diet. Also, spending some time on physical fitness is important. 

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