Zac Efron’s Former Personal Trainer Says 2 Ab Exercises Are Useless

2 Ab Exercises Useless

Patrik Murphy is one of the most popular trainers. He has experience to train celebrities and different types of wrestlers to form a perfect physique. He has been in this industry for a long time and has succeeded in almost every venture he has undertaken. His knowledge and experience speak for themselves, which is why he is one of the most renowned personalities. 

Over time he has always indulged in Information sharing with the audience. He connects to the audience through his channel on various social media platforms, and with the help of the same, he tries to perform multiple activities quickly. He was the personal trainer of the famous wrestler Zac Efron. After Zac won different wrestling challenges, he became much more famous for his wisdom and training. It was only recently that he shared the perfect secret for building abs.

Why These Ab Exercises Are Useless?

According to the famous advice, the most popular exercises of Russian twists and hanging knees must not be practiced by the individual if he wants to make abs. These two exercises are practical to develop any difference. It exerts a negative pressure on the knees, due to which the muscles become weak. This can also lead to excessive back pain, which at times becomes curable. 

2 Ab Exercises Useless

The movement of the muscles is a straightforward exercise and must be simple in the process of the abs formation. It is always in a more significant interest that it is advised that everyday movements must not be used to form abs. Russian twist and hanging knees are considered to be the complicated versions of exercises that may not prove as effective as some common methods which have been specifically crafted in order to increase the resistance of the body in the long run.

What Is The Solution? 

Crunches with resistance and anti-rotation practiced with resistance are one of the most effective methods to achieve the desired result. These exercises do not put excessive pressure on the lower abdomen. One of the critical requirements for the abs to pop out involves spinal flection. This spinal flexion is vital. It is a process that involves constant contraction and relaxation of the rib muscles against the hips. This causes the formation of the abs in significantly less duration of time. Patrik Murphy, who works with celebrities such as Zac Efron and Jennifer Lawrence, said he never programs common movements.

But even these two exercises must be practiced for a given period so that unnecessary burden is not posed on the lower part of the body. Russian twist involves constant rotation from one end of the body to another, and it is also responsible for rotating the spinal cord’s vertebra. 

The degree of the process produced is much more than is required. In such a situation, practice cable twists so that the body has the time to relax and the degree and the quantity of the rotation is also controlled. Anti-resistance exercises, such as pulling a rod towards the chest, can also be equally practical. All of this can significantly impact the body’s shape without causing much damage that other exercises generate. 


It is only because of all these issues that the best ways to develop resistance inside the body must be discovered. Gym trainers and other professionals also recommend the same. Abs formation is not a very complicated process if practiced with the help of necessary experience and training. This is the best perspective that must be known in the long run.

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