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Yvette Nicole Brown About Obesity; Joins “It’s Bigger Than Me” Campaign!

Yvette Nicole Brown About Obesity,

You can find thousands of articles on ‘how to lose weight’. It seems like everyone on the planet has become some kind of weight loss expert. Still, the condition is on the rise and has become one of the daunting issues.

All this point out the fact there is some inherent mistake in these approaches. And that is what Yvette Nicole Brown has to say. Read on to know her opinion regarding weight loss.

Brown Urges Us To Take Obesity Seriously As It Is

Famed for her role as Shirley Bennet on the NBC sitcom Community, Yvette Nicole Brown is an evergreen presence in the American film industry. As an actress, comedian, host, and writer, she made an unsurpassable place in Hollywood.

She has come to the spotlight again with a new campaign ‘It’s Bigger Than Me’. As part of its launch, the actress opened up about the struggles of being overweight. And in a recent interview, she revealed an ideology that made her tackle this issue.

Yvette Nicole Brown It’s Bigger Than Me Campaign
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Obesity is one of the sizzling topics now. More than 40% of Americans are obese. At this critical point, many kinds of movements are on the run which advocates tackling the issue. Some activists want to propagate body positivity. They are ardently against fatphobia. And others want to provide measures to deal with obesity. They spread the trends such as Ozempic or so.

Having around 20 years of experience in Hollywood, Brown has undergone almost these phases. Being an overweight actress, she too suffered fat shaming and bullying. A brown woman with body fat is not an acceptable figure in the mainstream. And Brown faced all this bitterness from society. 

Being the new face of the ‘It’s Bigger Than Me’ movement, set out to launch its next chapter on March 8th, Brown has shared her current notions of obesity. She and this movement want to spread that it is not a cosmetic flaw or behavioral issue, rather obesity is a serious medical condition.

Brown’s battle with type 2 diabetes made her realize the intricacies of this matter. This changed her view on how she perceives her body. 

‘It’s Bigger Than Me’ is a movement initiated by Novo Nordisk. It wants to change the way people talk about obesity. The movement aims to destigmatize obesity and bring it outside the traditional notions.

With the support of celebrities from Hollywood such as Queen Latifah, the movement is trying to bring awareness to the condition. As per this, obesity is a medical condition and needs proper treatment.

Yvette Nicole Brown has the same opinion regarding this issue. According to her, if someone had a disease such as diabetes, no one would ask them to increase insulin. Obesity is a disease, still, people think it is the outcome of laziness or just some beauty concern.

The issue is beyond all these concerns. And a proper realization that this condition needs to be medically addressed is what Brown and the movement ‘It’s Bigger Than Me’ wants.

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