Can Green Tea Help You To Burn Belly Fat Faster?

Can Green Tea Help You To Burn Belly Fat Faster

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and other healthy ingredients that promote good health. It is also well known to improve the metabolism in the body and reduce the appetite to some extent. In this regard, it is an excellent option to burn belly fat at a faster rate.

The Effect Of Green Tea On Weight Loss

However, if you think that drinking loads of Green Tea will magically help you to burn all the belly fat, you may be disappointed. You need to understand that there is no magic pill for burning belly fat, and it needs to be handled in many ways. Green tea can definitely promote weight loss when it is combined with other good habits like regular exercise and eating a healthy diet.The Effect Of Green Tea On Weight Loss

There are many misconceptions about weight loss diets. Most people believe in a single-point approach when it comes to reducing weight. However, this is not the best option, and you cannot only rely on one method like exercise, eating a healthy diet, taking supplements, drinking green tea, or other popular methods.

Combining all these methods can give you the best results, and each method works in a different proportion in different individuals. While some people tend to lose weight easily with regular exercise, others struggle even after exercising for many months.

In this regard, you need to combine different methods and take the suggestions of your fitness experts, dietitian, and doctors while losing weight. In this article, let us understand the different aspects related to weight loss.

Understanding Belly Fat

We have fat all around the body and not just in the belly. However, many people are interested in only burning belly fat. This is not a good approach as burning fat only in a particular area is nearly impossible. When you start exercising, your body starts to lose fat throughout the body, including belly fat.

However, the fat in the belly region is visceral fat harmful to the body. When this fat is in excess quantity, it can lead to various diseases, including inflammation and diabetes. Due to these reasons, even health experts consider belly fat as a problematic area and suggest patients reduce weight when belly fat becomes more prominent.

Green Tea Reduces Appetite

Even though there is no medical evidence to prove that drinking Green Tea reduces appetite, many people who regularly drink green tea have reported a significant reduction in their appetite. There are some studies done on animals that indicate that green tea can help to absorb less fat from food items.

However, such studies were not confirmed in human trials. But many people who regularly drink green tea say that they are eating less, especially when they drink green tea before meals. Usually, such people drink about 3-4 cups of green tea, and it is best to have this drink on an empty stomach.

Green Tea Boosts Metabolism

Our body burns fat even when we are sleeping or sitting idle. However, the metabolism will be less in such states when compared to the active states. In healthy people who have more muscle, the metabolism is high even during rest, which is why they can effectively burn calories.

Studies have shown that drinking green tea can boost metabolism by nearly 5% in most individuals, and it can even go higher in some individuals and the results are better when green tea is consumed for a long duration. In this way, you can easily end up burning about 50-100 calories more per day by just drinking green tea.

Best Way To Consume Green Tea

The best way to consume green tea is on an empty stomach. In this way, the antioxidants and other powerful ingredients get to work effectively without any disturbance. If you exercise regularly, make sure to consume green tea before beginning your exercise routine, and this helps burn fat more effectively in the long run.

Green tea is best when it is hot, and you can choose to add some honey for taste if you do not like the natural flavor. However, avoid adding sugar to green tea. Finally, you should understand that green tea gives very good results in the long run, and you need to consume at least two cups every day.

Other Health Benefits Of Green Tea

In men, green tea is beneficial to avoid prostate cancer, and in women, it helps to avoid breast cancer in the long run. Apart from that, even heart diseases and diabetes can be avoided when you drink two cups of green tea every day for many years.

It helps to boost the immune system due to its rich antioxidant properties, and this can work wonders for your health. Research has shown that green tea is also beneficial in improving brain function, and it can lower the risk of several brain disorders.


In this way, green tea can help you lose fat by improving your metabolism and reducing your appetite. Try it for a few months to see positive results, and you can safely consume about four cups every day without any problems.

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