Do Prenatal Vitamins Make You Gain Weight? Truth Explained!

Prenatal Vitamins Weight Gain

They say life always comes back a full circle. It means that life always reaches the point where it all started. This is especially true for a woman. She begins her life holding the hands of her mother and then she completes the cycle by holding another set of little hands through life. However, pregnancy is not for the faint-hearted. It is no simple yard game.

The symptoms, the mood swings everything gets worse day by day. Additionally, some women are also suggested to take prenatal vitamins. But there is a claim that these tablets can lead to weight gain. Through this blog, we aim to debunk or establish this statement. Read along as we get into details.

What Are Prenatal Vitamins? What Is Their Purpose?

It is a set of tablets that are often prescribed to the expectant mother to be taken pre-term, during, and post-term. Generally, they include Vitamins and minerals that are missing from the mother’s body. Usually prescribed after a few months into the pregnancy or before it, prenatal vitamins are considered important for the growth of the child and protect them from any complications.

Prenatal Vitamins

So isn’t eating nutritious food enough? It is, most of the time. But when you are pregnant a lot of your body chemistry changes. Due to continuous vomiting and diarrhea, we tend to lose most of it. In cases like those, doctors recommend Vitamin supplements so as to make up for the lost ones. Moreover, your growth will also dictate the health of the unborn baby, and therefore nothing can be left to chance.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Prenatal Tablets?

Two of them include folic acid and Iron. So there is a high chance babies might get affected adversely, especially in their brain and spine. This is called neural tube defect and taking Folic acid tablets helps the case. Before birth, we all know that the fetus gets all the supplements via the placenta.

Some women are also prescribed Omega 3 Fatty Acids to aid the baby’s spine development as well. Calcium is consumed by women who often suffer from brittle bones. Zinc and Iodine are taken to boost immunity as well as neurological growth. Trust Choline and B,D,C,A to enhance and ensure the proper functioning of the body.

Do Prenatal Vitamins Make You Gain Weight?

Now we know how important prenatal vitamins are. But often there is a question of their contribution towards weight gain. The answer is no. There is no scientific proof to support the statement that prenatal vitamins can cause any weight gain.

Prenatal Vitamins And Weight Gain

During pregnancy, women tend to gain weight considering a number of lifestyle changes they undergo. For instance, women will often have a fondness for sweets when they are in their first trimester. More sugar leads to gaining more kilos. Iron supplements are known to cause water retention and inability to excrete. This way women might be under the impression that they have gained weight.

To add to this, with every passing week, you might gain a pound or two which is not unnatural and there is nothing to be concerned of. It is completely healthy and has nothing to do with consuming prenatal vitamins. If you are suffering from any other serious side effects, we suggest you talk to your OB/GYN to conduct a thorough examination.

Side Effects Of Prenatal Vitamins

Though generally devoid of side effects, in some cases it can trigger irrational symptoms. They could be-

  • Continuous vomiting-Not a surprise when we are pregnant.
  • Hard stools– This could be due to the Iron they consume.
  • Flatulence-Improper digestion can cause this.
  • Skin rashes– In very rare cases.
  • General allergies– This can be mitigated by taking ones that aren’t allergic
  • Blood clots– Appearing without any rhyme or reason

Talking to your healthcare provider should provide some relief and if the symptoms become severe or the allergy persists, make sure you go to the hospital immediately.

Should One Stop Taking Prenatal Vitamins If It Has Side Effects?

No, it is not safe to stop taking prenatal vitamins without any cause. You can always change the brands but a total stoppage may increase risks during childbirth. According to a study conducted by John Hopkins, women who take prenatal vitamins 3-5 times a week have a “markedly lower risk of having children with an autism spectrum disorder.” Please follow the instructions of your doctor or healthcare provider.


Prenatal Vitamins are key to the holistic development of your fetus. Despite many viral claims, it cannot cause any change in your weight, and if any change is noticed it is due to the condition. In extreme cases, it will show some side effects so talking to a doctor will prove helpful.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be stopped prematurely. Rely and place your trust in your body.

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