Is Sparkling Water Good For Weight Loss? Unexpected Health Benefits Of Carbonated Water!

Sparkling Water Good For Weight Loss

“How to lose weight” might be the most searched query on Google and we are not even kidding. Though it is easy to put kilos on, losing even some of them is nothing short of a mammoth task. There are a number of magic potions and pills available that can help you lose your body weight. Natural products aren’t scarce either.

Nevertheless, we keep searching for that perfect product that can show us results with minimum effort. So through this blog, we would like to help you know if drinking sparkling water could actually do the trick.

What Is Sparkling Water?

The kind of water that has carbon dioxide dissolved in itself can be called sparkling water. The reason why it sparkles is that due to the presence of carbon in water, bubbles usually emerge from the bottom. The carbon content in the water can be artificially developed and also occur widely in nature in springs like Perrier.

Sparkling Water

Since it is infused with carbon dioxide, it turns the litmus paper red and is salty to taste. Alternatively, it is used in places of other beverages that add to the calorie and are full of sugar. On the other hand, Sparkling water is full of naturally occurring minerals.

Different Types Of Sparkling Water

All of these do have their fair share of carbon content.

Carbonated water– This usually has carbon dioxide dissolved in it with a salty taste.

Soda water-This is also similar to carbonated water yet used to dilute other beverages.

Seltzer– It has itself filled with carbon that is artificially added. However, it is sans any other minerals.

Club soda-It also has carbon in it yet is salty to taste due to the presence of Salts.

Mineral Water– This one is the kind of naturally present carbonated water with some minerals to increase its healthier aspect.

Tonic Water– Unlike other carbonated counterparts, this one has quinine in it. When compared to the others, it tastes sweeter.

Is Sparkling Water Good For Weight Loss?

The answer is unequivocally yes. Most researchers believe that carbonated water is full of minerals and can therefore contribute a lot to your diet. Moreover, it is known to keep you satisfied for longer periods of time all thanks to its carbon content.

But it is also true that sparkling water itself does not immediately aid in weight loss. However, it can be a valuable addition to the weight management plan.

How Sparkling Water Aids In Weight Loss?

Here are some specifics on how sparkling water promotes weight loss.

Sparkling Water And Weight Loss
  • It meets daily hydration needs. It can not only cool down your body but flush out the toxins.
  • As it’s a calorie-free drink, it will reduce overall calorie intake.
  • Sparkling water helps to create a feeling of fullness or satiety, which may help reduce overeating or unhealthy snacking.
  • It is a great replacement for unhealthy beverages. If you are addicted to sugary beverages, you can maybe switch to this healthy option.

How Is It Better Than The Other Beverages That You Drink?

Due to dissolved minerals, its consumers reported it to be tasting better than regular water. Additionally, it is completely free from calories so weight watchers love it. However many of these brands do have some additional content in them including corn syrup so make sure you check the ingredients list before drinking.

Other Benefits Of Sparkling Water

Your stomach will thank you-Mineral water, is a kind of sparkling water that is full of sulphate which acts as a natural laxative and this is especially good for your gut health.

Can help you with hard stools– Constipation can also increase your water weight. However sparkling water can definitely help you.

Can reduce your risks of cardiac problems– Its minerals can reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood which in turn can protect you from heart problems.

Stronger bones– Sparkling water usually has a huge amount of Potassium, Calcium, Iron, and Selenium which is as we all know best for bones. So if you are prone to any kind of bone-related ailments, chances are switching to sparkling water can be wonderful.

Goes easy on your food pipe– Patients who have undergone throat surgeries can definitely benefit from sparkling water since it is known to be easy to swallow.

Does Drinking Sparkling Water Have Any Side Effects?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without its fair share of side effects and although not grave they are as follows-

  • Your teeth may decay faster-Since some sparkling water has added sugars like corn sugar syrup, it can accumulate plaque on your teeth and we all know how bad that is.
  • You might feel bloated– It being a carbonated drink has copious amounts of fizz in it so maybe it is not a good idea to drink it if your stomach is not well.
  • May lead to weight gain This happens only in case you drink sparkling water infused with sweeteners and because of this, you might keep on drinking it without realizing its harm.

We hope this might help you take an informed decision about the latest rage these days. While adding sparkling water to a weight loss plan can be helpful, it’s crucial to concentrate on your whole diet and way of life. Carefully consider taking a doctor’s suggestion in case you feel unwell anytime. Make changes in your diet only with their permission.

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