How To Sneak Fiber Into Your Child’s Diet? Some Easy And Tasty Tips!

Sneak Fiber Into Your Child's Diet

Children are extremely picky and coupled with their tantrums, it is almost impossible to feed them anything. Every day is a struggle. Some days are easy others are not. Greasy and fried foods will be loved by them rather than vegetables and fruits.

However for them to flourish, nutrients are imperative. If they don’t eat it themselves, the only way is to slip it into their food. But how to do it? Through this blog, we aim to give you some interesting ideas to sneak fiber into your child’s diet. We hope to make your life simpler and easier.

Why Do Children Need Fiber?

Children need a whole lot of compounds and fiber tops the charts. It is because of the reasons as follows-

 Children with fiber content foods
  • Can help them have proper bowel motion– Children have a delicate digestive system and it is important that they move their bowel. If your child eats fiber-rich foods, chances are he/she will make a thick stool which means their digestion is at its best.
  • Can help with childhood obesityChildhood obesity is a serious cause of distress in children. Every year a large percentage of children suffer from obesity which leads to many problems in their later years. Adding fiber to their food can regulate their body weight and satiate their hunger pangs. This stops them from unnecessarily snacking.
  • Can help them with diabetes– Diabetes not only affects older people but also children. Since children have lesser-regulated bodies it is difficult for them to deal with fatal conditions. Eating fiber in the right amount can help control the sugars and insulin in the body.
  • Helps to prevent exceeding cholesterol levels– Along with insulin levels, it also helps maintain proper cholesterol and can protect from cardiac ailments, if your family has a history of it. Make sure you include fiber in your kid’s diet.

How To Sneak Fiber Into Your Child’s Diet?

Being a mother is challenging in every way. Once they start eating solid foods, sugars and carbs find a way to make it into their mouths. However, as a mother, you need to be as innovative as possible. So if your kids give you trouble while eating food, the ideas suggested below can help you a lot.

Sneak Fiber In Child’s Diet
  • Make them nice oatmeal– It is known that oatmeal has weight loss properties, but it’s not just for that. It is rich in fiber and looks delicious. Don’t forget to make it perfect by adding raspberries, chocolate chips, or syrups.
  • Soup up the beans and lentils– None likes beans and lentils, especially kids. It might be not tasty for them or looks interesting. However, it is extremely healthy so the only way to make them eat it is by making soup for them. If your child likes meat, make a soup out of it and add some beans to it. They will gobble it up in no time.
  • Yummy pancakes with berries and cut fruits-According to researchers, eating fruits like apples with their skin is a rich source of fiber. Pancakes are tasty and if you garnish them with berries and fruits, they will eat them for sure.
  • Whole grain for the win -Whole grains are full of fiber yet it is not very popular. If you replace your loaves of bread, pasta, noodles, and porridge with whole grain, kids will love it for sure and you will have peace of mind too.
  • Popcorns in, Chips outPopcorns are weight loss friendly and have several health benefits, and it is a good source of fiber too. It should be given as a snack instead of other unhealthy chips and savory items that are full of oil and fat content. Popcorns are fun to munch on and are a healthy snack substitute. Add butter and salt in moderation along with other toppings.

You can also get creative with healthy smoothie recipes by using fruits and vegetables such as spinach, avocado, kale, etc to boost the fiber content

How Much Fiber Do The Kids Need?

The requirement for fiber depends on age, body type, and health history. On average they need anywhere between 10-20 grams of fiber. Please note that the number can go up as they grow up. So you can adjust the amounts and the quantity as they climb the ladder.

Playtime is a necessary part of their development. When you feed them food also let them have enough physical activity as well as regular amounts of sleep. 

Always be patient and implement these changes gradually in their diet. Instead of concentrating only on fiber intake, it’s crucial to encourage your child to enjoy a variety and balanced diet. Get creative and serve healthy food!

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