How To Use Pumpkin Seeds For Weight Loss?

Pumpkin Seeds For Weight Loss

When you are on a diet nothing seems trivial. Even the smallest detail could make or break the regime you are on. We all know how seeds had an important role to play especially when fat loss is your motive. Now the question is which seeds should we actually eat to get an optimum result. This blog will be delving into the health aspect of pumpkin seeds and how they can aid to trigger fat loss. Continue reading to know more.

How Do Pumpkin Seeds Help In Weight Loss?

Also called pepitas, pumpkin seeds are considered to be extremely healthy when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. So what does it actually contain that makes it so nutrient dense?

☘️ Full of proteins– It is a rich source of proteins which is a must-have when you are on a diet. Not only does it prevent muscle loss but also keeps you full for longer periods.  

☘️ All the fiber you need– Now dietary fiber should always be included in your balanced diet to prevent you from giving way to your cravings.

☘️ Unsaturated fats– These are good fats that also contain a group of Omega 3 fatty acids keeping you satiated for a long time.

☘️ Vitamins and minerals– Apart from the obvious ones, they also contain, Vitamin  E, Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron in copious amounts.

☘️ Proper digestion– A lot of minerals included in the seeds can help with digestion and proper digestion is key to a healthy weight loss regime.

Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin Seeds

Well, it is a nutrient galore and apart from that incorporating it in your daily diet can do wonders for your body which are as follows.

Are Pumpkin Seeds Good For Weight Loss

✔️ No to a negligible amount of calories– Imagine eating something so much and still not putting on weight. We wish desserts were that good but pumpkin seeds actually are. They have a low-calorie count and yet contain all the greatness we need.

✔️ Easy to be included– Most of us run a tight ship which means there is no time for us to slack away. This could obviously mean that you need eatables that are easy to be eaten and pumpkin seeds are just that. Sprinkle it over or have it as a snack to go.

✔️ Insulin sensitivity for the win– Insulin sensitivity will definitely determine how your fats are stored in the cells. Less fat storage means lesser weight gain.

✔️ Be allergy free– Thanks to its antioxidants and phenolic substance, it can protect you from developing allergies and unwanted free radical damage.

✔️ Keep your heart healthy– Due to the presence of unsaturated fats, pumpkin seeds do not encourage the building up of cholesterol which means your heart will thank you.

✔️ Get a good sleep-Pumpkins are rich in Tryptophan which triggers the release of Serotonin and Melatonin, ensuring a sound sleep.

✔️ Brighten your mood-Not only does it affect the neurotransmitters to alleviate the symptoms of depression but also keeps your anxiety at bay.

Things To Remember When Consuming Pumpkin Seeds

There are some things you should take into consideration when adding pumpkin seeds to your diet. That includes-

🟢 Controlling the portion that you eat– You should not treat yourself to no more than 28 grams.

🟢 See what the added ingredients are– Sometimes seeds are salted and may vary their calorie content.

🟢 Beware the allergies– Some people are known to be allergic to seeds of any kind so look out for those before binging on them.

🟢 Make sure it doesn’t mess with your medicines– Pumpkin seeds are full of Vitamin K which has a problem enabling blood clotting. So if you take blood thinners consult the physician before eating any.

🟢 Soak them overnight for better results– For better results, let the seeds get all wet and blend in.

🟢 Drink plenty of water– Due to the dietary fiber’s presence in it, pumpkin seeds can suck away all the hydration so make sure you drink water.

🟢 Make it a part of your diet– Though we know it is abundant in nutrients, don’t keep on just eating it for no reason and avoid everything else.

Tips For Adding Pumpkin Seeds To Your Diet

  • Should keep some roasted or raw ones near you to nibble on when you are bored.
  • Use it as a topping on yogurt with some fruits.
  • Blend it in along with smoothies to give it a crunchy taste.
  • Sprinkle over oatmeal to make it the perfect garnish
  • Soups and stews taste great when they are added in.
  • Create a trail mix including all the needed seeds and nuts.
  • Topping it on a salad is not a bad idea either.
  • Muffins and granola bars do taste better with pumpkin seeds.
  • If your peanut butter doesn’t cut it out for you, grind some pumpkin seeds into a fine paste.

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of protein and many other nutrients which can help you with weight loss faster than many other foods. Due to its variability, one can always depend on it to be eaten the way they want it but you have to make sure you don’t overindulge cause nothing’s good when in excess.

They should usually be mixed with other diet-friendly meals to take in their full glory. Do remember that adding seeds to diets should be matched with proper resistance training, peaceful slumber, and good mental health so that you could follow a sustainable pattern.

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