Best Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs For Obese People In 2023!

If you are looking for ways to relax and relieve your back pain, we might have a solution. It is a zero-gravity chair. As the name suggests, these are made in the style of traditional recliners but offer you a weightless sensation. Zero-gravity chairs are an excellent choice if you are trying to invest in some stress-free and relaxing holidays with your family. 

We’ve compiled some of the best oversized zero-gravity chairs for obese people in this article. Jump right into the article and find out the quality oversized zero-gravity chairs available right now.

How Does A Zero Gravity Chair Work?

A zero-gravity chair is a recliner that can provide you with a zero-gravity sensation. Zero gravity is a concept invented by NASA. A zero-gravity chair reclines your body by distributing your weight evenly on the chair. This is a similar position inspired by astronauts.

They hold on to a reclined position while lifting off on space missions. This can avoid sudden stress caused by the gravitational pull of the earth. This is the same principle applied to zero-gravity chairs.

Benefits Of Zero Gravity Chairs

Benefits Of Zero Gravity Chairs

When you sit on this chair, you can elevate your legs above the level of your heart. This can distribute blood flow evenly to all of your body and can provide you with immense relaxation and comfort. So here are some of the health benefits associated with zero-gravity chairs.

Corrects your posture

Studies show that zero-gravity chairs can correct your posture. It can decompress your spine and correct any misalignments in the shoulder and neck.

Relieves from lower back pain

When your body is in a reclining position, it takes away the pressure from your lower back. So using zero-gravity chairs can provide relief from lower back pain considerably.

Balances blood pressure

Zero-gravity chairs relax your body and can make it at ease. The zero gravity position can make you stress-free and can relax you. This will help you to balance your blood pressure levels.

Enhances blood flow

Using zero-gravity chairs can improve your blood flow. When your blood flow is improved it can lead to many other benefits. You will be able to remove toxins from your blood and it can stimulate endorphins that relieve stress and pain. 

Maintains flexibility of your body

Another benefit of using zero-gravity chairs is that they can improve the flexibility of your body. They can reduce the trigger points that work against body movements and increase the flexibility of your body effectively.

Removes stress and anxiety

Using zero-gravity chairs can eliminate stress and anxiety from your body. As it brings your body into a relaxed state, it can reduce your stress. 

Things to consider when buying zero-gravity chairs for obese people

Now that we know the benefits of zero gravity chairs, let us find out how to decide to choose the best. We have compiled a list of criteria that you should follow to purchase the best-oversized zero-gravity chair for an overweight person. Go through this list below: 

Weight capacity

In choosing the best-oversized zero-gravity chairs, you should consider the weight capacity. The weight is dependent on its frame and the supporting fabric.


The chair is to be used for big guys like you so always check the dimensions. 


One important aspect to note when buying these chairs is to consider their utility. Decide where you want to use it, whether on the patio, pool or on your camping trips.


Decide how you can assemble and fold the chair. If you want an oversized zero-gravity chair for camping purposes, go for chairs that are easy to assemble and fold. 


Zero-gravity chairs come in different materials. Check for material quality before buying the chair. You can consider aspects such as durability and ease of cleaning while deciding on the material of the chair.


Most of the oversized zero-gravity chairs come with accessory features such as a cup holder. Decide what you want as an accessory and choose the chair accordingly. 

Top 4 Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs For Obese People

Oversized zero gravity chairs can help obese people with relaxation through simulated weightlessness. After a long and hectic day at work, it can be the best companion for sore muscles.

Zero gravity chairs offer a reclining posture that mimics the astronaut’s position while shuttling toward space. It takes away the pressure of your body from your spine. As a preface to our list, we have provided our top pick.

⭐Our Pick⭐

Timber Ridge XXL Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge XXL Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

  • Timber Ridge XXL oversized zero gravity chair, ‌ which comes as a fully padded patio lounger with a side table. It is a 33” wide reclining lawn chair and can support 500 lbs.
  • One of the qualities that makes this oversized zero-gravity chair an excellent option is that it has a fully reclined length of 72 inches. That means it is large enough for big and tall people of at least 6’2”.
  • These chairs are ideal for all the big guys out there who are not only overweight but also ‌taller than the normal folk. The chair does not flex or squeak every time you sit or get out of it.
  • For the big guys out there, this chair can deliver maximum comfort and sturdiness.
  • The chair has gained more than 4.5 stars in customer reviews regarding all the aspects such as support, sturdiness, ease to fold, and comfort.

All these factors make the Timber Ridge XXL oversized zero gravity chair an excellent option for overweight people. Scroll down and continue reading to know more features about Timber Ridge XXL oversized zero gravity chair.

Now, check out our list of 4 best oversized zero-gravity chairs available in the market. You can find the distinctive qualities of each of these and decide what to choose for your next relaxing vacation.

 1) Amopatio Oversized Zero Gravity Chair with Cushion

Amopatio Oversized Zero Gravity Chair with Cushion
Product Dimensions36” Dx33” Wx18” H
Special FeaturesFol, Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
Recommended UsesCamping, Lounge
Room TypePatio Garden
Age RangeAdult
Maximum Weight Recommendation500 lbs

Amopatio oversized zero gravity chair with cushion is an excellent choice if you are looking for a zero gravity chair for obese people. These are very comfortable and easy to fold. The chair comes with a 4-inch thick cushion and a removable neck. It has an attached foot pad. All these factors make this chair super fluffy and comfortable.

You can use the Amopatio oversized zero gravity chair as an outdoor lounge chair that can suspend your body. This will provide you with a weightless and zero-gravity sensation that can soothe your body. This anti-gravity chair comes with a stable metal frame and a double bungee system that can effectively support your back.

The full length of this chair is 72 inches so even a 6-foot-tall and heavy man can comfortably lie down on this chair. Don’t worry about its size, you can lock the chair at any angle, which makes it an ideal camping companion.

 2) Slendor Oversized Zero Gravity Chair 29In

Slendor Oversized Zero Gravity Chair 29In
Product Dimensions32” D x 29” W x 48” H
Special FeatureErgonometric, Cup holders, Seat Lock, Foot Rest, Head Support
MaterialAluminum, Metal
Recommended useRelaxing
Room typePatio Garden
Age rangeAdult
Maximum Weight Recommendation500 lbs

This is a Gravity recliner chair that can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It comes with a headrest and aluminum alloy lock. The good news is that the chair comes with an additional cup holder. Slendor oversized Zero Gravity Chair can support even 500 lbs. It is styled as a garden chair and has a thick chair cushion.

These cushions can be removed in summer and can be reused in winter. The reclining camping chair comes with a removable side cup tray where you can place two cups, a mobile phone, and a tablet computer in its device holders. You can fold and unfold the chair in seconds and it is lightweight and easy to transport.

You can use the Slendor oversized zero gravity chair anywhere from a lawn, garden, yard, balcony, or beach. All of these chairs come with a one-year warranty and you can contact customer care if you have any doubts regarding its process. 

 3) UDPATIO Oversized Zero Gravity Chair 33In XXL

UDPATIO Oversized Zero Gravity Chair 33In XXL
Product Dimensions40.2” D x 32.7” W x 44.5”h
Special FeatureFol, Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
Recommended UsesOutdoor
Room TypePatio Garden
Age RangeAdult
Maximum Weight Recommendation 500 lbs

This oversized XXL zero gravity chair can carry a 500 lb weight in total. It comes with removable cushion padding. The chair is covered with Textilene fabric which has a breathable quality and can dry quickly.

It has a full backrest with an adjustable headrest and a durable footrest. All these parts can provide maximum comfort for your back, head, and feet. The chair comes with a 0-170 degrees of locking system which can reduce your stress and back pain.

You can easily set up and fold the chair in seconds. It is easy to carry and convenient for camping, or relaxing near a pool or lawn. 

 4) TIMBER RIDGE XXL Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

TIMBER RIDGE XXL Oversized Zero Gravity Chair
BrandTimber Ridge
Product Dimensions30.5” D x 29.5” W X 43.5” H
Special FeatureArm Rest, Ergonomic
Recommended UsesCamping
MaterialAlloy Steel
Room TypePatio Garden
Age RangeAdult
Maximum Weight Recommendations500 lbs

As we mentioned earlier, Timber Ridge XXL oversized zero gravity chair is an ergonomically designed wide reclining lawn chair. It comes in brown and can support a person of 500 lbs weight. This oversized chair can be an excellent companion for your camping and outdoor activities.

It is very easy to carry and store. You can fold it easily and the compact structure of the chair makes it an ideal accessory for patio occasions. The chair comprises fully padded seating with an adjustable padded pillow. This pillow can both act as a headrest and lumbar support. It also has an accessory side cup holder.

You will have an excellent leisure time with the Timber Ridge XXL Oversized Zero Gravity Chair. The chair comes with a locking system that can be adjusted to any position. You can be assured of a one-year warranty from the manufacturer when you purchase the Timber Ridge XXL Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs.


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Final Words

The list of oversized zero-gravity chairs mentioned above shows that each of them is marked for excellence and quality. All these chairs are manufactured following the highest quality standards. Each of these chairs can provide utmost relaxation to oversized people by reclining their bodies in a zero gravity position. 

One can find the ideal one among these according to their needs and requirements for a stress-free and relaxing vacation. So hurry up and make your choice.


Q. Can using oversized zero-gravity chairs be good for your spine?

Yes. Oversized zero gravity chairs can take away the pressure of your body from your spine and alleviate back pain. 

Q. Can obese people sleep on oversized zero-gravity chairs?

Yes. Oversized zero gravity chairs are designed in a way to support your body in a reclining position. So obese people can comfortably lounge in or sleep in a chair.

Q. Can I use oversized zero gravity chairs for post-workout recovery?

Of course. You can use oversized zero-gravity chairs to relax your muscles; they can heal muscle strain or any sort of injury. 

Q. How long should one sit on an oversized zero-gravity chair?

You can sit for 20-30 minutes on a zero-gravity chair, which will help you with relaxation.

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