Weight Loss With Bupropion – An Investigation

Study on Bupropion weight loss

Bupropion is an atypical antidepressant tablet that is primarily used for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD), Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD), and also as an aid for smoking cessation.

It is called atypical because it does not provide us the same result as that of Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOI), Tricyclic antidepressants, or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI). When you have a failure in your treatment or when the treatment has a partial response, then bupropion is used as an add-on for the treatment of depression such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). Bupropion was more effective in achieving weight loss.

Bupropion For Weight Loss- Overview!

Bupropion was invented in the year 1969 by “Nariman Mehta” and the U.S Patent was granted in the year 1974. Later in 1985, got it’s approval as an antidepressant by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

It was then sold under the name Wellbutrin. As people started having seizures on its consumption of 400-600mg per day, it was subsequently withdrawn from the market in 1986, soon after a year that it got its approval from the U.S.Food and drug administration. It was reintroduced in the market after decreasing its daily dosage consumption i.e. maximum to about 450mg per day.

Bupropion For Weight Loss

The Food and Drug Administration later in 1996 released alcohol-resistant bupropion under the name Wellbutrin SR, which should be taken twice a day. Soon after in the year 2003, a new formulation got its approval with the name Wellbutrin XL, which is meant to be taken only one tab a day. As said earlier it is also used as a smoking cessation aid but is sold under the name Zyban. The seasonal affective disorder is also treated with Wellbutrin XL. This is a kind of mood-changing depression disorder that occurs every year at the same time. 

In 2007, one of the providers of consumer information, People’s pharmacy received multiple complaints regarding the side effects of the generic bupropion which prompted them to ask consumer labs.com to test its efficacy.

The results showed that one of the generic versions of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg sold under the name Budeprion XL 300 mg, did not perform as its name suggested. FDA after the investigation suggested that there might be a chance of an apparent worsening of depression when changed from Wellbutrin XL to Budeprion XL.

In 2009, FDA gave an admonishment that people who have had bupropion for smoking cessation have started showing unusual behavior like depression, suicidal tendency, etc. Of about 75 reports were filed for “suicidal adverse events”  who had bupropion for over 10 years. After continuous follow-ups and positive results, the warning was removed in the year 2016.

Bupropion Vs Weight Loss:

Does depression cause weight gain? And the answer is YES. It is said that food and mood often go together. Haven’t you seen people eating a whole lot of food when they are tense up or stressed?

So when you have clinical depression, changes in eating habits can last for a long time which either makes you overweight or over slim. This gradually leads to endangering health. 

Also when people develop depression, they start to have anti-depression tablets which again is a cause for weight gain. And here is the good news. Wellbutrin, as the study suggests helps you in weight loss. It is not exactly known how it works in the weight loss technique.

Bupropion Vs Weight Loss

Dopamine and Norepinephrine are neuromodulators in the brain which control the state of the brain, memory, actions, vigilance, etc. Norepinephrine plays a role in the body’s stress process, which helps you regulate your sleep, blood pressure, etc. Whereas Dopamine regulates movement, the perception of reality, and the ability which helps you experience a pleasure.

Wellbutrin helps increase Dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain which helps improve the mood and other symptoms of depression. These two neuromodulators also play a role in the appetite and feeding behaviors in people and this might be a reason for the weight loss as it affects the eating habits of people having this drug.

But not all can use this medication. You have to consult your physician before using this drug as an antidepressant and also have to read well about the product, its common side effects, and all other precautions.

⚠️ Consult your physician often, especially at the beginning of the treatment. Make every effort to keep all of your scheduled appointments.

How Long Does It Take Bupropion For Weight Loss?

A study conducted in the year 2012 found out that obese adults who took bupropion in the dosage of 300mg per day or 400mg per day have a reduced 7.2% and 10% of their body weight within a time span of 24 weeks and a maximum of 48weeks. But people have started noticing changes even after 8 weeks. You can also experience significant changes in your mood or anxiety-related problems after four to six weeks.

In a clinical trial conducted in the year 2016, it is said that people who have lost 5% of their body weight after having bupropion in the first 16 weeks have also kept their weight off while continuing it for a year.

Long term consumption of bupropion might help people lose unpretentious weight loss which means far more than what they have expected.

In one study it is said that people with Body mass index higher than 30 have lost 5 pounds more than people with a body mass index less than 22 did in a year.

Also, you have to stay away from all kinds of junk and processed food. Add a lot of vegetables and fruits to your diet. Replace saturated fat with unsaturated one. Not only the intake of medicines will help you lose weight, but also you have to carry out a healthy lifestyle. When combined with diet and exercise, bupropion can show results right away.

Side Effects And Risks Of Bupropion:

Bupropion is an oral drug taken with or without food as directed by your physician. If you have a bad stomach, then try having it after your food. It is usually taken in the morning because this medication when taken late has a chance of causing insomnia. Now coming to the side effects of bupropion, the most common side effects are as follows:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness 
  • Constipation
  • Sore throat
  • Dry mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increase in the pulse rate
Side Effects And Risks Of Bupropion

Talk with your physician as soon as possible if these side effects are bothering you too much. If an empty tablet shell appears in your stool, don’t be afraid. Your body has already absorbed the medicine and this is purely harmful. Here are some side effects you should immediately take care of by doing this:

  • Having seizures
  • Changes in vision (like seeing different colors around light during night or blurred vision)
  • Swelling, redness, or itching in the eyes
  • Widened pupils 
  • Allergic reactions such as itching, or having rashes 
  • Severe dizziness
  • Trouble in breathing

>> You should always have close contact with your physician. Schedule a visit at least once a month. Talk to him about all the medicines that you are having right now and also about your allergic behavior.

>> Do not forget to tell him if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant or are a breastfeeding mother. But again looking on the brighter side, most people have not shown these severe symptoms other than only a few.

Summing Up On The Topic Bupropion For Weight Loss :

In research conducted to know the efficacy and tolerability of bupropion in overweight and obese people, it was found that bupropion was more effective than most of the other treatment options and the weight loss results were shown even after 8 weeks. The initial responders when continued the medicine have shown better results in the continuation phase.

People Also Ask:

1. What if you skip a dose of bupropion?

     Skip your missed dose and continue with your regular dose.do not have an extra tablet to make up for the one you have missed.

2. What if you had an overdose of bupropion?

      Call the doctor immediately or try reaching the hospital as soon as possible. If the victim had seizures or had collapsed or had trouble breathing, immediately call the emergency services.

3. Should I need to follow any special dietary instructions?

      There is no need to follow any special dietary instructions unless your doctor says so. But you should avoid junk and processed food to keep yourself healthy. Try adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet which is not because of having bupropion but to keep yourself healthy.

4. At what age can u start using bupropion?

      Usually, children below the age of 18 are not requested to take this medicine. But in some rare cases, doctors prescribe this medicine to children below 18. Only do anything if you do it under a doctor’s advice.

5. Can you stop taking the medicine suddenly?

     No, the medicine should not be stopped immediately as this may cause adverse effects on the patients. A sudden withdrawal from medication may cause irritation in the victim which may lead to some other diseases.

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