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Marie Osmond’s Weight Loss Journey: An In-Depth Look

Mary Osmond's Weight Loss Journey

Marie Osmond who is known for her spectacular music and acting career which spans over five decades has recently opened up about her weight loss journey.  According to the 63-year-old entertainment icon, she had body image issues from a young age itself.  But somehow she addressed the issue and regained her lost confidence and cheerfulness through hard work which helped her to continue her presence in the entertainment industry.

Known by the full name Olive Marie Osmond, she is famed for her biggest hit Paper Roses,  which is the 1973 version of a popular song by Fred Spielman and Janice Torre. This was her debut single which gained the number one position on two Billboard charts. Marie Osmond was just 13 years old when she came with this country hit. From there on, her musical and acting journey was filled with breakthrough achievements and worthy contributions to the entertainment world.

How Did Marie Osmond’s Weight Loss Journey Start?

It was at the peak of her weight gain, Marie Osmond decided to change the course of her unhealthy relationship with her body. According to her, she was the heaviest in 2007 which means she weighed approximately 165 pounds and was a size 14 then. Even though she wanted to change the pattern of her weight gain, she couldn’t do it successfully.

Marie Osmond's Weight Loss Journey
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But on one fine day when her elder son came to her and begged her to lose weight, she had an amazing revelation of her current body status. Her family was very much concerned about her weight and they had been afraid that they would lose her. From the family history of Marie Osmond, it was pretty clear that she had a hereditary gene of being overweight and obese. According to her, the women in her family didn’t live much beyond the age of 60. Also, all of them died either because of a heart attack or stroke. She remembered that her mother died of a heart attack. 

That revelation in 2007 anyway opened her eyes and she was pretty clear about the path she is moving towards. From there on, she decided to lose weight and live a healthy and happy life.

In a recent interview, Marie Osmond opened up about her weight loss trajectory in detail. According to her, she had stayed consistently in a 50-pound weight loss status for the past 15 years. In her opinion, weight can create a lot of unwanted issues and it can age a person. She always had the fear of missing out on quality time with her children and grandchildren. But being fit and healthy at this age enables her to have all sorts of entertainment with her family, which she considers the most valuable asset in her life. Anyway, when she reached the heights of her weight gain in 2007, the decision to take things a bit more serious happened. 

As per Marie Osmond, it was with the help of Nutrisystem she could lose all those heavy pounds from her body and maintain a healthy physique throughout her life. Nutrisystem is a personalized weight-loss diet program that is ranked as one of the Best Diets of 2023 by U.S News & World Report. In the opinion of Marie Osmond, Nutrisystem helped her to see food as not her enemy. It trained her to love the food and not to put any limits on it. The whole diet program changed her relationship with food which had a major impact on her weight loss journey.

As per Marie, when one sees food as an enemy and dieting as a headache, the whole process can be felt as dull and taunting. Instead, one needs to see food as a friend and diet as a normal eating pattern. 

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Anyway, the weight loss had a breakthrough impact on her. It not only affected her personal life, but also it made a lasting impact on her career. In 2007, she was announced as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, which is a dance competition television series that got screened on ABC. This announcement motivated her to lose weight again and made her reach the peak of her fitness. She successfully coordinated participation in the program along with her weight loss diet program by Nutrisystem. She still recalls this experience.

Marie osmand in dancing with the Stars
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The weight loss journey of Marie Osmond is truly inspirational in many ways. The motto she lives with is, the more you take care of the body, the more the body will take care of you. The determination and enthusiasm of this 63-year-old celebrity icon in losing weight is an inspiration to many and will continue to stay so. 

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