The Incredible Weight Loss Journey Of Damaris Phillips – How She Lost Weight?

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss

Weight loss journeys of celebrities are always a steaming topic. Among this endless list, a new member is included. She is none other than Damaris Phillips, the celebrity chef who popularized the Southern culinary styles through her illuminating presence in TV shows such as Food Network Star.

From the pictures shared on her social media handles, it is clear that this American culinary expert has undergone some tremendous weight changes. In recent Instagram reels, she appears slimmer compared to how she was in the past.

In the following paragraphs, you can learn everything about the weight loss journey of Damaris Phillip. For the newbies who don’t quite know who this television personality is, a detailed overview of her persona is given. On reading further you can learn about the strategies she undertook for weight loss and how effectively they became successful. Read on to know how Damaris Phillips lost those extra pounds!

Damaris Phillips: Who Is She?

Acclaimed as the 2013 winner of Food Network Star, Damaris Phillips is a well-known celebrity chef and television personality from the United States. Born on 8th December 1980, she is basically from Lexington, Kentucky.

Damaris is known for her role as the co-host for the Food Network show, Southern and Hungry with Rutledge Wood, and another show known as The Bobby and Damaris Show where she can be seen along with Bobby Flay. She was the winner of the 9th season of the Food Network Star and after that, she hosted her show titled Southern at Heart which extended for five seasons.

Damaris Phillips weight loss
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Being one of five kids to her parents, she had mastered the art of cooking from a young age. The passion for cooking led her to choose graduation in Culinary Arts from the Jefferson Community and Technical College. Damaris has written her first cookbook titled Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy which was released in 2017.

How Did Damaris Phillips Lose Weight?

As a continuous presence in the online world, the 42-year-old celebrity chef had posted her recent reels through Instagram related to cooking and tips. These videos clearly show that she had lost a huge amount of weight which created awe and admiration among her fans. Damaris, who was known for her overweight and plus-size figure now has transformed into a spectacular leaner figure.

In her current photos, she can be seen flaunting her slimmer body by wearing tight-fit t-shirts and tops. Those who have been following her from the beginning will know how much weight she was having.

Being a Chef, it is quite difficult to resist the temptation of trying out all those delicious foods one makes and this might be the reason for her earlier overweight appearance. Anyway, she has consciously made an effort to change that and now we can see her as slimmer and more beautiful.

Apart from sharing her recent slimmed-down videos, Damaris Phillips hasn’t revealed anything about her weight loss journey. There are rumors that she might have lost around 5 to 10 kg of her actual body weight. Anyway, one thing is clear.

Damaris might have included certain sacrifices and strict routines in her weight loss journey. One can surely say that she might have taken a long time to reach the current weight loss state.

Fans have been following her social media handles for a long time and it is clear that the whole process of slimming down has taken place within 1-2 years. Even though Damaris hasn’t revealed quite anything about her weight loss journey, in some interviews she has shared some of her weight loss tips. That is what we are going to look into in the next section.

Diet Tips For Weight Loss From Damaris Phillips

Being a culinary instructor, Damaris Phillips has to constantly taste the recipes made by her students and has to make opinions about them. This can go beyond a limit and can cause some serious weight gain if unnoticed.

That is why she has incorporated some diet and eating methods that can help her to keep a healthy body. Some of these tips by Damaris are provided below:

  • Practice mindful eating: This is one of the core principles followed by Damaris. She urges us to focus on eating and savor the taste while doing it. For her, this can help a great deal in deciding the amount of food to be eaten and thereby will keep your body healthy.
  • There are no wrong or good foods: This might seem a bit surprising to hear, but for Damaris, it is a fact. According to her, sorting food based on good or bad is time-consuming. She tries to eat everything but keeps a controlled amount.
  • Eat to lose weight: Well, such a piece of advice can seem counterintuitive but it is effective! As per the diet tips suggested by Damaris, eating regular meals throughout the day is inevitable for your health. It can prevent you from reaching the point of being crazy-hungry and eating unhealthy stuff.
  • Say no to deep-fried stuff: Being an expert in Southern food and saying no to deep-fried stuff is a bit difficult for Damaris as Southern food is known for deep-fried stuff. But she tries to avoid them and instead uses methods such as pan searing and oven cooking to fry the food items.
  • Eating what you like but making it healthy: This is a method of Damaris where she doesn’t like the concept of completely avoiding her favorite foods. Instead, she tries to incorporate healthy ingredients in her meal rather than eating less healthy and favorite delicacies. 

Did She Undergo Surgery?

Many fans of Damaris are speculating that she might have undergone some surgery to lose those extra pounds from her body. In her appearance in the pilot episode of the ‘Big Bad Budget Battle’ this year, she was seen in a much leaner and slimmer figure.

The Instagram photos of Damaris Philips also reveal that the celebrity chef has undergone some major weight loss process. Even though many have been attributing this weight loss transformation to some kind of surgery, the facts show that this allegation can be inaccurate. The reason for this is that Damaris has lost weight by taking a lot of time.

From her television appearances and social media handles, it is quite clear that she hasn’t lost weight all of a sudden. Instead, the celebrity chef has lost weight after taking a lot of time. This proves that her weight loss can’t be the outcome of surgery.

From all these discussions, one thing is pretty clear: Damaris has lost a considerable amount of weight and she has become leaner than before. The weight loss journey of Damaris Phillips had taken some years, which rejects the probability of surgery being the reason behind it.

Anyway, the fans are excited to see their favorite celebrity chef in her new appearance. They are also hoping for her to divulge some more secrets regarding her weight loss trajectory!

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