Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss: What’s Her Secret Behind Sudden Weight Loss?

Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss

Keely Shaye Smith is a well-known personality. People know and love her for her beauty, modeling, philanthropy, and her humble nature. She also works as a journalist and is an aspiring filmmaker. She started as a model, but she decided to pursue journalism after appearing in a renowned music video.

On April 8, 1994, she was engaged to the renowned actor Pierce Brosnan in Mexico. She has frequently occupied the news headlines due to her pre and post-marital weight gain followed by a sudden weight loss. All of this points to the question, how did Keely Shaye start putting on weight? And more importantly, how did she lose her weight? Everything you need to know about her weight gain and loss journey is covered here. Take a look.

Reasons Behind Keely Shaye Smith’s Weight Gain

Since she was a young child, she had weight-related issues. Keely loved eating fast food and frequently ate too much. Yes, it’s true, Keely Smith faced weight gain problems even before she married owing to certain health issues too. However, Shaye put on almost 70 pounds following her marriage with Brosnan.

Reasons Behind Keely Shaye Smith's Weight Gain

Following the birth of her children, she began gaining weight further. She experienced post-pregnancy weight gain several times as a mother of five children. Her subsequent pregnancies made it tougher for her to lose weight.

While her weight gain might result from her nutrition and lifestyle, a pregnancy-related hormone imbalance could be the main reason in her case. So losing weight made sense as her health was pleading with her to do that.

How Did She Start Her Weight Loss Regime?

There is no recognized reason in particular. Keely Shaye Smith, like other prominent people, has faced horrific trolling and outright nasty statements. According to some sources, Keely embarked on a weight loss program at her husband’s advice, actor Pierce Brosnan.

Brosnan has always adored Keely, who has always supported her choices. On the other hand, Keely is a strong, independent woman, and their relationship only appears to improve over time.

Even though there isn’t much known about Keely’s weight loss process, there are some noteworthy aspects. She began a vegetarian eating diet filled with all the necessary nutrients. Keely Shaye joined a gym and added a training regimen to help her lose weight. Additionally, she increased the supplements for weight reduction while decreasing alcohol consumption.

If you aim to reduce weight like Smith herself, you should follow some basic health and exercise suggestions. Try cutting processed and junk foods from your diet and keeping up a regular exercise regimen. Get more exercise, take longer walks, and hydrate well.

Keely Shaye Smith made it to the headlines with her shocking weight loss of almost 100 pounds. She looks a lot healthier and happier in all the recent pictures.

Here are a few tips on starting your weight loss journey too!

Some healthy tips for you for healthy weight loss

  1. Skip the fast food. It is the primary cause of obesity in contemporary society. Stop your cravings to get the better of yourself, and stick to your daily nutritious diet and homemade food.
  2. Avoid eating too much red meat. Also, make an effort to consume fewer amounts of dairy products. These are high sources of fat and cholesterol and directly affect obesity.
  3. Include fresh fruit and veggies in four diets. The greener your diet, the better!
  4. Drink as much water as you can. Keep your body hydrated as much as possible.
  5. Cut down the caffeine intake. Replace tea and coffee with homemade fruit drinks.
  6. Practice going for a walk every day in the morning. This is healthy for your mind as well as your body.
  7. Involve yourself in some sports or try to hit the gym, or work out at home.

Final Thoughts

Keely Shaye Smith has improved her lifestyle and taken charge of her health; we are all proud of her. Losing weight after giving birth can be incredibly difficult, especially since many factors are beyond your control. The world is glad to see her do well and adopt exemplary habits.

We can make her an example of adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking control of our lives. Start your health regime by taking the bare minimum basic steps like regular workouts and maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet. We wish you all the best as you embark on your journey to a successful weight loss regime.

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