How To Overcome Weight Loss Plateau – 7 Tips

How To Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

Men and women alike want to lose weight to stay fit and healthy. There are many ways through which an individual does this, maybe through exercise, eating right, or by some remedial home hacks.

Try This Steps And Achieve Your Fitness Goal

While everyone works on achieving their goal, it gets hard after a certain point in reaching them. In the weight loss journey, the initial weight loss is achieved very fast and the results can be seen clearly. However, after a pre-defined time even though one follows all the diet plans and exercises the result is not visible and it feels that the journey has become stagnant. This phenomenon is called the weight loss plateau.

How To Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

How is weight loss plateau caused?

In the initial stage of your weight loss journey, the results are quicker. This is mostly because as you cut calories the additional needed energy is taken from the glycogen which is a type of carbohydrate and is mostly made up of water. This is mostly stored in muscles and in the liver section. So in the initial weight loss journey, you release mostly water as glycogen is burned.

As your journey progresses you tend to lose muscle with fat as well. Muscles are the main thing that helps in burning calories. So as you lose muscles the weight loss also reduces because there are no more muscles to burn calories. To overcome this one needs to work out more than usual or reduce the intake of calories than muscle amount.

How to overcome the weight loss plateau?

  • Reduced calories – You need to measure the amount of calorie intake. You need to reduce the calories which you have been consuming at the start of journey to now. Many people note their daily calorie in take as this helps them change their routine when results are not achieved.
  • Change your exercise routine – Exercise is the important factor for weight loss. It is being said that a person should exercise normally 30 mins a day for successful weight loss and to stay fit. However, if you have hit the weight loss plateau then you need to amp up your workout routine and make it more tough and for linger duration.
  • Get into physical activity more – One should do additional tasks to overcome weight loss plateau. You should walk at places which are at a walkable distance, avoid using your cars. Take stairs instead of elevators. This is one of the most calorie burning physical activity. After dinner do not lay down on the bed go for a short walk for the digestion to occur perfectly.
  • Be Motivated – People often lose their motivation when they reach the weight loss plateau because they seem to follow the routine exactly but are not able to see any major results. However this is a temporary phase, one needs to re-evaluate their workout plan and routine and get back to the new routine and be less tensed about this.
  • More intake of Fiber – Studies have shown that fibers help you loose weight quickly as compared to other nutrient’s. One should at least have 30gms of fiber in their diet on a daily basis. Some of the high source of fiber foods are beans, apples, nuts and oatmeal.
  • Green Tea – Reduce you caffeine in take as caffeine doesn’t help in burning calories and also has added sugar in it, rather start taking Green tea. The anti – oxidants present in green tea helps in burning fat and calories at a faster rate and also gives you a feeling of fulfilment. Green tea basically lets you burn the tummy fat and consuming green tea after your meal has many fulfilling advantages as they help in digestion as well
  • Never skip meals – There is a misconception that if you skip a meal it`ll help you lose weight quickly, however that is not the case. Skipping a meal increases your sugar level and also causes your metabolism to be slow. Thus this has a reverse effect on weight loss and is bad for your body as well.

There are many ways in which one can overcome the weight loss plateau and the most important ones are listed above. Never overdo any of the said methods as this might cause harm to your health.

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