How To Lose A Beer Belly: Effective Tips And Procedures!

How To Lose A Beer Belly

According to the statistics, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink all over the world and places third among all the drinks in the world. Now with numbers like these, it means every other person does drink a beer or two to unwind after a long hectic day and maybe watch a game of your choice.

However, serial drinkers must have noticed that their bellies might start showing up gradually. This is called beer belly and it is pretty common than you think it is. So with today’s blog, we will be educating you on how to lose “hard-earned” abdominal fat also known as beer belly, and how you can maybe prevent it in the future. Read along without sipping on a beer!

Causes Of The Beer Belly

Though it is called beer belly, the fat deposits cannot be solely blamed on the drink. There is a mix of choices that you make which leads to an increase in your weight visibly. So what are they? 

  1. Lots of Calories– Calories are the reason why you could be putting up weight. For a drink, beer has a lot of calories mostly sugars that we would be emptying into the stomach. Hence it results in no calorie deficit but much more than you bargained for.
  2. The consumption– Beer is no water. It has alcohol content and no alcohol is free from its ability to add to obesity.
  3. Bad eating habits– Another way that beer consumption affects us is by controlling our food choices. The empty calories make us crave oily and greasy food which does us no good.
  4. No activity– Let’s face it. After a late-night session, we are in no condition to go to the gym and would rather stick to the bed.
  5. Genetics and age– Some people have a certain body type that adds to their abdominal deposits and if you are beyond a certain age, drinking can affect you in more than one case.

Health Issues Associated With Beer Belly

If you thought that beer belly is just about the appearance then you couldn’t be more wrong. It is often associated with a number of chronic health risks including-

Health Issues Associated With Beer Belly
  • Heart diseases– One of the most prominent ones is definitely cardiac ailments due to the increase in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Type Diabetes 2– We know the connection between obesity and insulin production leading to diabetes.
  • Liver diseases– Though not as lethal as hard alcoholic beverages, prolonged use can cause cirrhosis.
  • CancerWeight gain always increases your chance of developing cancer.
  • Sleep apnea– People who binge drink beer are known to have problems falling asleep and that can affect our functioning.

How To Reduce Beer Belly?

So let’s tell you this, losing beer belly is no magic. Neither is it about some magic pill or exercise. It is about a combination of lifestyle choices that can help you with the problem. Of course, not drinking beer at all is the ideal way but in case you go overboard you can control it by following these-

  • Controlling the portions– Firstly, you have to make serious changes to your diet habits which include rapidly decreasing the amount of food you consume. Try measuring it using the proper cups and spoons. Never opt for a buffet rather plan a schedule and count the calories.
  • Watch what you eat– Now that you know you have to control the portion, be wary of the kind of food that goes into your stomach. Cut down the sugars, carbs, and oily foods. Also, stop bingeing on snacks or chips.
  • Daily workout– Whatever you eat, there is no replacement for exercise. Pace yourself and make alternate regimens to avoid monotony. Engage in physical sports rather than sticking indoors. Aim to complete at least an hour of workouts.
  • Adopt healthy diets and Exercise habits– It should not be once in a blue moon. Consistency is important and try to make it a part of your life.

Once or twice you might fail to keep up but for most days you shouldn’t miss the workouts at least.

Medical Procedures For Belly Fat Removal

There are certain medicinal procedures you can opt for in case, diet and exercise are no longer viable. Please consult your healthcare provider before going for operations. These can be invasive or non-invasive.

  • Fat freezing or Cryoliposis: Fat freezing is as simple as it sounds. This procedure involves no invasion and includes the removal of fat cells by freezing them at specific locations, in this case, the belly. It is also known as cool sculpting.
  • Liposuction or Lipoplasty–  This is the process of removing fat cells surgically and is invasive in every manner. It also has a significant recovery time that should be taken into account.
  • Laser Lipo or Laser Lipolysis– It is also all about removing fat cells but with the use of laser rays. Therefore, this also doesn’t require you to undergo an invasive operation.

Beer belly can be troubling for a number of reasons besides the way it affects our appearance. Only consistent lifestyle changes can bring any difference. If the situation gets out of hand, you may want to go for surgical methods but you would still need to follow a healthy lifestyle!

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