Success Rates Of IVF In Overweight Women

Success Rates Of IVF In Overweight Women

Being obese or overweight costs a lot. And the frustration you feel after putting in a few pounds is beyond words. Perhaps you even lose the confidence to step out of your house and socialize with others just because you have a bulkier body than others.

Success Rates Of IVF In Overweight Women

The other side of this condition is more connected to your health. Because, as you gain more weight, you are likely to have a bunch of health issues. And on top of everything, in general,  overweight women always struggle to conceive. But still, they hope for good later in their life and undergo IVF treatment as anybody else does. However, many others think IVF can be a total waste of money if it is done on someone who is overweight. But the question is, whether it be ideal for an obese woman to try IVF to fulfill her lifetime dream of becoming a mother. Well, let’s find out.

Success Rates Of IVF In Overweight Women

The Link Between Weight And Fertility

Yes. Indeed there is a strong link between weight and fertility. And for an obese woman, it is not so easy to get pregnant as her reproductive system will be with several issues. The rate of infertility and miscarriage is very high among overweight women. As there would be problems related to ovulation and the ovulation cycle. To be clear, excess weight can negatively affect the quality of eggs in a woman. so, chances are less for her to complete an IVF treatment. 

IVF And Overweight Women

If a woman is overweight, most of the IVF clinics will refuse to consider her for the treatment as it would be very risky for her to undergo the treatment. Health experts say the egg retrieval process is done by giving some sort of sedative regimen to the woman, and if the patient is overweight, those medicines will not be safe for her either. Because she may develop breathing issues during the procedure and this is why there is a strict rule for the weight cut-off in many clinics. 

At the same time, there are several medicines to be given to an IVF patient to stimulate egg growth. And for obese women, higher doses of these medicines have to be given as per their body size. Even if she is given a higher dose, it will badly affect the health of herself and the baby. Besides, many other risk factors are awaiting her. 

Even if they tried embryo implantation, it would be difficult to succeed as the chances are very low for the embryo to stick into the patient’s body. And unfortunately, overweight women are more likely to give birth to a still baby. 

And it is 10 percent less than women of average weight. Apart from this, there are other many complications related to their pregnancy. They include preeclampsia, preterm birth, and gestational diabetes. 

Also, among obese women, the rate of PCOS is 30 to 75%, which results in irregularities in the menstrual cycle and even creates metabolic and hormonal issues to eventually result in infertility. 

How To Succeed IVF Treatment?

While undergoing the IVF procedure, one of the great hurdles that stop you from gaining victory can be the extra pounds in your body. In that case, the very first thing you need to do is to get rid of them. And that doesn’t mean you need to become a size zero to conceive, but the chances are greater according to the greater weight you lose. The good news is, that even a small change of 5-10% reduction in your body weight can bring miracles and let you be closer to parenthood that you dream of for long years.

To result in an effective shedding of weight, you can embrace certain dietary changes and increase your physical movement. Consulting a fitness expert or a dietician will help you to bring desirable changes in your BMI.

If you get rid of a few pounds in your body, you can experience positive changes in your menstrual cycles and improve the frequency of ovulation. And you will elevate your chances of having a healthy pregnancy as well as a healthy baby. 

Threats In Stereotyping And Stigmatization

There is a recent trend of stereotyping the weight of patients who opt for IVF. Being judgemental solely towards this factor can also welcome other risks as it may result in overlooking various other factors that make the procedure even riskier. 

By this another torment patients would face is a denial of the care and support they deserve more from the healthcare providers. And this will push them into emotional trauma and confusion. 

Wiping out this toxic trend requires a lot of patience and generosity from the side of doctors. Since everyone deserves to be treated equally, diagnose the patient adequately to know about her strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to hear everything she wants to share and give her the right treatment she merits. 

Understanding The Matter…

Ignoring the extra body weight is risky when it comes to pregnancy. Because it is harmful to both the mother and her baby if she proceeds with her plan. Even undergoing an IVF procedure can’t come to your rescue. Since there is a dangerous link between your body weight and the success rates of IVF procedures, it is ideal for you to ensure that your BMI is normal before opting for it. Certain other factors can make the procedure difficult to do for you. Take your health into account whenever you opt for the family way, both for the sake of yourself and your baby.

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