How To Make Ginger Water For Weight Loss?

How To Make Ginger Water For Weight Loss

Ginger has been used since ancient days as a culinary spice and the most commonly used flavoring agent. Ginger blends well with all foods and hence can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. 

In the past five years, the importance of ginger has been widely known even among the younger generations, owing to the introduction of detox drinks.

Ginger Water For Healthy Weight Loss – Is It Effective?

Today everyone is obsessed with detoxification of the body and has started incorporating detox drinks as a part of their daily morning routine. Detox drinks ensure the smooth functioning of your body and they are enriched with bioactive compounds.

Among all the detox drinks available, ginger water is the most popular detox water as it is rich in antioxidants and enriched with anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger water has innumerable medicinal benefits and promotes your overall well-being.

Ginger Water For Healthy Weight Loss

Is Drinking Ginger Water Good For Your Health? 

Ginger is one of the age-old herbal medicines that guarantees numerous herbal benefits. When you consume ginger in the form of ginger water the nutrients get absorbed in your body more effectively and this promotes your overall health. 

Let me list a few important benefits of ginger water. 

Rich in Antioxidants

Your body is adversely affected by the reactive oxygen species, commonly known as (ROS). This ROS is the primary reason behind your body’s oxidative stress which in turn will damage your cells. These are chemicals that react easily at a higher pace and are formed from diatomic oxygen.

Ginger water is enriched with antioxidants that help fight this ROS and this in turn will lower your heart diseases, promote healthy functioning of your heart and lungs, fire away cancer cells at the roots, prevent aging, and improve your brain functions, thereby lowering your chances of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Today we are habituated to a lifestyle where we sit in front of our mobile phone or laptop for prolonged hours, especially during night time and this affects your body’s natural ability to repair the damaged cells.

In addition to this, consumption of alcohol and excessive smoking increases the ROS content of your body and makes you prone to chronic stress. Drinking ginger water regularly helps control the production of ROS and enhances your overall health and well-being.

Suppresses Cancer: 

Different parts of your digestive system might be prone to cancer and the most targeted area is your colon. The rate of death occurring as a result of colon cancer and gastrointestinal cancer is almost 84% as compared to the other variants.

Ginger extracts are enriched with chemopreventive and antineoplastic properties that destroy all cancer cells. Ginger water prevents all the mucosal damage in your gastrointestinal area and heals your ulcer.

Ginger water is also effective for curing pancreatic cancer as it aids in the suppression of tumor growth. 

A recent study was conducted wherein around 20 people who were suffering from colorectal cancer were asked to consume 2.0 grams of ginger every day for a continuous duration of 28 days.

At the end of the study, it was noted that those who were on the verge of getting acquitted largely benefitted as the ginger water started fighting the cancer cells and destroying them.

The ginger water also boosted the cellular immunity of all the people who consumed the concoction consistently.

Promotes Weight loss:

Several experiments have been conducted on humans and animals to ensure the results of ginger water for weight loss. Ginger is popularly known for reducing the weight-hip ratio and targeting your belly fat. Ginger water is effective in treating obesity and burns a higher number of calories. 

It is best to include ginger water as a part of your dietary routine especially when you consume a high-fat diet. Ginger water aids in the digestion process and ensures no excess fat is stored in your body. 

If you want to kick-start your metabolism in the morning, ginger water will be your best choice. Ginger water when combined with a spoon of lemon juice accelerates your calorie-burning capacity and makes you tender. 

Ginger water also treats chronic indigestion and ensures regular intervals of bowel movements. 

Reduces Menstrual Pain:

Ginger is known for its pain relief abilities and hence if you consume a glass of ginger water during your menstrual cycle it will soothe your body and relieve your pain. This works even better than all the pain meds and is a natural solution for calming your body without any added side effects.

Ginger water will relieve you from nausea and support your uterus in shedding its lining without causing pain. Especially when you have endometriosis, when your body will be put through unbearable pain, ginger water will save the day and instantly calm your body down. 

In addition to relieving menstrual pain, ginger water also helps regulate your menstrual cycle and prevent over bleeding. 

Just consuming a glass of warm ginger water first thing in the morning and one in the evening will regulate your cramps and put your body in a state of relaxation.

Lower Cholesterol Levels:

You consume junk food at least once every day and this accelerates the LDL cholesterol level of your body and increases your chances of heart disease. Ginger water helps drop this LDL cholesterol. Your overall cholesterol levels and triglycerides will be balanced when you consume ginger water consistently and this will prevent your heart disease. 

Ginger water boosts the levels of good cholesterol in your body and this in turn automatically flushes out all your bad cholesterol levels. 

In a span of just 30-45 days, you could see a visible decline in your cholesterol levels by at least 10-15%. 

Safeguards Against Infections:

Ginger water is enriched with antioxidants and has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help fight off all infections. Regularly consuming ginger water will cure indigestion, nausea, and vomiting and fights off all the infections and toxic cells that enter your body.

This ginger water addresses the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other funguses at the roots and prevents them from entering your body. The bioactive compounds present in ginger will enhance your overall health and well-being.

Any form of motion sickness could be easily avoided by having a warm cup of ginger water.


Staying hydrated is the first step to ensuring a healthy body. Drinking appropriate levels of water is the most underrated health habit.

As compared to normal water, consuming ginger water will keep you hydrated for a prolonged duration and since this is enriched with multiple nutrients your body experiences a freshness like never before while maintaining hydration at the same time.

How To Make Ginger Water? 

The preparation of ginger water is quite simple. 

The most effective way is to prepare your ginger water with fresh ginger juice. When you prepare your water using fresh juice the benefits will be 10X more than the store-bought ones as this will be free from any added preservatives. 

Fresh ginger will be available in a beige-colored root and is affordable. 
Before using the ginger ensure it is properly washed to remove all the dirt on its surface. After washing the ginger and ensuring it is fresh, start grating it off with a Zester or a grater and extract ½ to one teaspoon of the ginger.

Now boil your required quantity of water. Normally three to four cups of water would suffice. Once the water is heated at a medium level and steam starts arising from the same, start adding the grated proportion of ginger slowly in the boiling water.

Simmer your stove for three to five minutes and post-simmer, turn off your stove and let the grated ginger remain in your boiled water for a further 10-15 minutes to ensure all the nutrients of ginger are effectively dissolved in your water.

Once the ginger extract is steeped well in your water, proceed to strain down your ginger pieces. You can discard the strained ginger pieces and start consuming your fresh ginger water.

How To Make Ginger Water 

You can consume this water either hot or cold. If you are looking to soothe your body and calm your mind it is advisable to consume it hot. Warm ginger water will also relieve your body from all the pain.

If you are consuming ginger water for treating obesity, you can also add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the already-boiled ginger water and consume it first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty. This will kickstart your metabolism and ensure rapid weight loss.

If you are not comfortable with the taste of ginger water, you can add a tablespoon of honey to the concoction and consume it. Honey is enriched with nutrients and when combined with ginger water promotes your health while making the drink delicious.

It is advisable to add only honey and not sugar as honey is natural with no added preservatives and will not endanger your health.

Ginger water can be consumed every day. You can also prepare a bulk batch of ginger juice and refrigerate the same for everyday consumption but nothing beats the benefits offered by fresh ginger juice. 

Does Ginger Work For Weight Loss? 

Yes, Ginger works best for weight loss. It is the most popular culinary spice and can be combined with almost any food.

Ginger is that food that can easily be blended into your diet as it can be added to your juices, smoothies, chat, or any other food eaten by you.

You can even add grated ginger to a cup of warm water and have it as a detox drink first thing in the morning.

Ginger consumed in any form will kickstart your metabolism and promote the digestion process. Ginger contains two important compounds called Zingerone and Shogaols and these compounds trigger weight loss in your body.

Does Ginger Work For Weight Loss

Both of these components can easily break down your fat content, especially around your waist and belly region, and slim you down.

A 12-week study was conducted in the mid of 2015 to verify the results of weight loss due to ginger consumption. During this testing phase, obese people were asked to consume 1 gram of ginger powder twice a day.

At the end of the sixth week, many people started noticing a reduction in their appetite and by the end of the 12th week, most people reported a significant reduction in their body measurements by almost 65%.

Ginger consumption is directly linked with your BMI and when you consume ginger regularly your BMI will be more stabilized and this will help shed all the excess weight in your body.

Ginger also can stabilize your blood sugar levels and this will be beneficial especially with obese people as obesity normally boosts the blood sugar level and endangers your life.

When you start consuming Ginger water as a detox drink your hunger will be significantly reduced and the constant need to munch something will fade away from your mind. Your stomach will always have a filled capacity post consumption of ginger water and you will notice a heat wave in your body when your calories are burning.

Normally your body has difficulty burning carbohydrates at a faster pace and slowness in this process will make you bloated. But ginger water helps prevent this bloating and promotes the digestion of your carbohydrates.

Ginger water regulates the level of fat absorbed by your gut and ensures your gut and colon are clean. When you consume food that is rich in fat content, your gut microbes will start acting out and this, in turn, will make you obese and bloated. This ensures that your gut will be fat-free, even when you consume a high-fat diet. Ginger also prevents your gut’s inflammation and promotes the healthy functioning of your gut

Precautions And Side Effects

Although ginger water is all-natural and highly beneficial to your body it is important to take precautionary measures while consuming the same to avoid negative effects.

Ginger is very effective in curing nausea and vomiting and hence it is also suitable to cure pregnancy nausea. But when you are pregnant you have to be extra careful as your entire body will become sensitive and reactive. Even the smallest of things can adversely affect your health.

Hence if you are habituated to consuming ginger water every day or if you are planning to incorporate ginger water into your diet to treat pregnancy nausea it is vital to consult with your medical expert before adding it to your food as certain women have reported negative symptoms of eating ginger while they were pregnant.

Everyone’s body condition and health condition are entirely different and hence it is important to get the opinion of a medical expert. 

There are no proven side effects of adding ginger to your diet when you are breastfeeding. Ginger is an ancient food at first and an Ayurvedic medicine next and hence it will not harm your health in any manner.

But when it comes to pregnancy and lactating it is always advisable to get an expert opinion before trying anything since your body will be extremely sensitive and might be capable of any harsh ingredients.

Ginger will not affect your health or your infant’s health in any manner. But if you are prone to experiencing heartburn or acid reflux it is best to avoid ginger until you stop lactating. 

Precautions And Side Effects

The Food and Drug Administration has conducted multiple tests on verifying if ginger suits pregnant and lactating mothers and while some mothers have no negative side effects some mothers start experiencing stomach aches and this affects their children too.

Hence it is safe to conclude that the consumption of ginger depends entirely on your body condition and the symptoms you experience while you are pregnant.  

Underweight people should avoid consuming ginger as ginger is a key ingredient for weight loss. Ginger is well known to regulate your digestive enzymes and control your appetite. Hence if you are looking towards gaining weight you should be mindful of your ginger intake. 

It is a well-known fact that ginger boosts your blood circulation but when you are exposed to Haemophilia, where your body can’t clot the blood even for a few minutes as less than 5 minutes ginger will be a danger to you.

With Haemohilia even a minor cut or injury will cause severe bleeding and when your body is incapable of clotting blood it will make you lose a lot of blood and cause crispness and make you faint. In these circumstances, it is best advised to avoid ginger at all costs. Ginger is associated with blood thinning and lowering your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. 

Hence if you are consuming any medications it is best advisable to consult a medical expert before adding ginger to your diet. Many drugs like insulin and beta-blockers are ginger resistant and can cause significant damage when you consume them at the same time.

Side Effects:

Ginger, being an ancient medicine, does not have any side effects in general. But it is important to note that ginger should be consumed in moderation. If you consume ginger in excess, the same benefits that promote your health will start declining and you will start noticing a few side effects. 

Heart Burn:

One of the most common side effects of consuming ginger in excess is that it will cause heartburn. If you consume a cup of warm ginger water twice a day for not more than 3 consecutive days, ginger will help relieve heartburn. But if you go beyond the 2 cups or consume it continuously for a week, then ginger will add to your heartburn and be detrimental to your health. Hence if at any point of consuming ginger water you experience chronic heartburn or any other difficulties stop the consumption of the same immediately.

Mouth Burn: 

If you consume ginger beyond 5 grams every day you are prone to a mouth burn. Ginger normally is a hot ingredient and when consumed in excess will burn your mouth and create hot boils. Ginger is excellent as an anti-inflammatory ingredient but when you cross the limit of 4-5 grams every day it will be your worst nightmare.

Gas: Ginger when consumed regularly will cause gastric trouble. You are more prone to experiencing gastrointestinal troubles when you fail to consume ginger in moderation and this will adversely affect your health. If ginger does not suit your body you will be more prone to diarrhea. You are also prone to irritable bowel syndrome and will experience severe abdominal pain when you are amid acid reflux caused by ginger.

Conclusion: Can Ginger Be Used To Reduce Belly Fat?

Ginger is a medicinal ingredient that offers numerous health benefits. It is very effective for both your physical and mental health.

Its natural aroma relaxes your mind and body and puts you in a state of relaxation. Ginger when consumed in the form of ginger water gets absorbed quickly in your body and promotes your health.

The best detox beverage for weight reduction is ginger water since it speeds up calorie burning and increases metabolism.

The best way to incorporate ginger into your diet such that it does not exceed the prescribed level of four grams is by adding it to your morning coffee. Ginger coffee is very famous in south Indian families and when you kick start your morning with a dose of caffeine combined with ginger nothing beats it. You can also add ginger to your tea and consume it.

Ginger Tea is very popular in Hill stations of India and it tastes delicious. Ginger Tea also helps relieve your cough and cold and instantly brings down a fever. A cup of ginger coffee or tea in the morning will help you overcome your morning sickness and nausea and this is particularly very effective when you are traveling.

Today, ginger is also available in the form of Jams. There are many formulations of ginger jam available in the market which you can add to your morning toast. Compared to starting your morning with fried food, having a slice of bread with ginger jam might be beneficial for you.

Owing to the nutritional benefits offered by ginger, many variants of granola bars have started including ginger as a key ingredient in them. Having a fiber-rich ginger-enriched granola bar before your workout will activate your body and improve your energy levels.

The best and easiest of all is adding ginger juice to your smoothies and kickstarting your morning with the added dose of nutrition. Start incorporating ginger water as a part of your morning detox routine and watch your calories fade away. 

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