Essential Exercises for COVID-19 Recovery | 7 Best Exercises To Do

Does Covid-19 Attack Lungs And Respiratory System?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a rough situation for everyone. The disease suddenly spread like wildfire and many got affected by it. There is no perfect solution to end this pandemic unless everyone starts getting vaccinated.

Does Covid-19 Attack Lungs And Respiratory System?

The COVID-19 mainly attacks the lungs and respiratory system and causes significant damage to it. The effects may stay forever. So, we should do the little we can to save ourselves from this damage.

Does Covid-19 Attack Lungs And Respiratory System?

Exercising daily can improve your immunity and also strengthen you to fight this battle. These exercises are more beneficial for people recovering from COVID as these exercises will help your lungs recover from the damage caused.

Best 7 Essential Exercise For Covid-19 Recovery

  • Breathing Exercise: The first exercise that is recommended by doctors is breathing exercises. This can help enhance the capacity of your lungs and reduce the damage. There are different types of breathing exercises. Diaphragmatic breathing can be very helpful to strengthen the diaphragm and calm you down.
Breathing Exercise
  • Breathing While On Your Back: For this exercise, you have to lie on your back and bend your knees in a way that your feet are resting on the bed. Then place your hands on your stomach or you can even wrap your hands around the sides of your stomach. Close your lips and let your tongue rest on the roof of your mouth. Take deep breaths to concentrate to pull down the breaths to your stomach. Slowly Inhale and exhale and try to repeat it for 1-2 minutes.

  • Breathing While On Your Stomach: Lay down on your stomach and place your head on your hands to support your breathing. Let your body rest and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Try to push your stomach onto the mattress while you breathe. Repeat the exercise for one minute.

  • Breathing While Standing: Place your arms around your stomach while standing. Close your lips and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Take in deep breaths and try to bring them towards your stomach. Extend your fingers apart while breathing.

  • Breathing While Sitting: The same goes for breathing while sitting. Place your hands around your stomach while sitting. Calm yourself and let your tongue rest on the roof of your mouth. Take a deep breath and try to pull it down towards your stomach.
  • Yawn To Smile Exercise: This is a very effective exercise that can help strengthen your arms and shoulders and to improves the capacity of your lungs. Sit upright on a sturdy chair and stretch your arms up to the shoulder and open your mouth as if you are yawning. Then bring your hand down back to the normal position and turn that yawn into a smile.
  • Pranayama: This is a very good exercise to enhance your lung capacity. It helps boost immunity and helps calm down the nerves. Start sitting crossed-legged with the head elevated over the shoulder and shoulder over the hips. Try to the extent of your body a little. Take in deep breaths and straighten your spine and then exhale. Continue this 10-15 times.
    Do not exert yourself too much while doing these exercises. Remember to take it slow. Stop doing the exercise if you feel like it is worsening the situation. If you feel dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc. do not continue the exercise. Consult your doctor if the symptom continues.


Yoga can be a great way to make yourself calm down. Try and find a good video tutorial of yoga that you can follow


There are many yoga videos for beginners available on youtube.  Select the one that will be easy for you to do. Follow along with the video. Do not try and overdo it. Take baby steps

  • Leg Lifts: Stand on a flat surface and try lifting yourself on the heels. Hold the pose for 2 seconds. Do it 3-5 times to regain balance. You can also try standing on one leg and balancing.
  • Walking: Walking is a very simple exercise you can try. Just walk around your house to get energized. Walk for 10-15 minutes. If you are feeling weak then walk slow.
  • Jogging: Jogging can be a great exercise if you want to raise your heartbeat and feel refreshed. If you are not able to do it continuously you can walk for some time and jog for at least a minute.

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