The Amazing Story Of Emma Hunton’s Weight Loss Journey

Emma Hunton Weight Loss

An unbelievable weight reduction from 127 kg to 68 kg. That too within a few years. Yeah, you read it right. It’s the inspiring story of Emma Hunton, who achieved this amazing feat through sheer determination and hard work. This is just an introduction to her amazing weight loss journey.

Known always as the chubby actress, the current weight loss of Emma Hunton is truly astonishing. Emma has pulled out this amazing transformation by following some strict diet rules and fitness methods. Dive into the article to find out how the ‘Angel’ actress lost a considerable amount of weight in a short period!

Emma Hunton: Who Is She?

Born on 26th August 1991 in Los Angeles, California, Emma Hunton is an American movie and television actress. She is the daughter of Erica Hunton, a famous American actress. Emma won the hearts of millions through her stunning performances in movies and television shows such as Good Trouble, Angel, Happy Endings, and Gunsmoke.

Emma Go On A Weight Loss Spree

She rose to popularity after her spectacular portrayal of ‘Davia Moss’, the character in ‘Good Trouble’, the American television series. In October 2017, Emma Hunton got married to Ryan Duval. Ryan was previously working as a chef at The Wallace in Culver City. Unfortunately, the couple parted ways later and got divorced.

Emma Hunton Inspiring Weight Loss Story

Emma Hunton’s fans were surprised by her gorgeous makeover into an enviable, slim, and trim figure. Speculations were rife that the actress’s fabulous transformation was part of her character’s new narrative in ‘Good Trouble’, Season 4. Some of her roommates even spread rumors that Emma has been losing weight due to an eating disorder.

Emma Hunton Shed A Lot Of Weight

However, all the rumors were laid to rest. On April 20th, 2021, the actress revealed this to the public through an Instagram post. She stated that her weight loss happened due to the turn of events in her personal life.

Personal Experience that Transformed Emma

Emma Hunton was never hell-bent on losing weight. Rather, she wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, in her personal life, the actress had to go through some terrible experiences of body shaming.

Emma always stood against body shaming. It was her personal experiences that made her take the resolve to go on a weight-loss mission.

How Did Emma Hunton Go On A Weight Loss Spree?

After Emma made up her mind to lose her body weight, she started her journey by assessing her Body Mass Index (BMI). The results were shocking and Emma went on to realize that she was on the higher end of the obese risk range.

It was that revelation that made her go on a quest to know deeper about her own body and explore the possibilities of how she could transform it.

Emma tried out several diets and activities before settling on one that best suited her lifestyle and weight loss mission. She also mentioned that it is quite necessary to find something that you enjoy because if you are not enjoying it, nobody else will.

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Emma Humton Diet Plan

Emma Hunton followed a systematic diet plan, which helped her immensely in her battle against weight loss.

  •  Plant-based diet –  The first step in this direction was to turn herself into a complete vegetarian. Thus, she adopted a plant-based diet. A plant-based diet comes with the benefit of aiding in weight loss and improving one’s health.
  •  No processed foods – The next step was to remove all processed foods and sugary drinks from her menu. Instead, she opted to consume whole food rich in nutrients. Emma went a step ahead and made sure that she kept a track of her calorie consumption.

Emma’s Diet Chart

Emma’s diet chart included a combination of the below items.

👉Breakfast – The breakfast consisted of oatmeal with berries.

Benefits: Oatmeal is a nutritious snack as oats are gluten-free and a rich source of important minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. It also aids in weight loss, reduces blood sugar levels, and lowers the risk of heart disease.

The fiber-rich berries are also quite healthy as they are loaded with antioxidants, help improves blood sugar and insulin response, and aids in fighting inflammation.  

👉Lunch – For lunch, the actress had a wheat vegetable wrap. It included grilled leafy vegetables and olives.

Benefits: Grilled vegetable aid in weight loss as no oil is involved in cooking. Olives are low in calories and they come with a negative calorie load.

👉Snacks – Emma’s snacks included apples, almonds, and sometimes a bowl of yogurt.

Benefits: Apples not only help in maintaining a healthy weight but also aids in shedding pounds. Almonds cut down hunger and promote weight loss. The benefits of consuming yogurt include lower body weight, waist circumference, and body fat percentage.

👉Dinner – For dinner, it was quinoa with green leafy vegetables. It also included a bowl of green salad and sometimes whole grain bread as well.

Benefits: Unlike other grains, quinoa comes with lower carbohydrates and more protein. Whole wheat bread not only helps in weight management but also promotes healthy digestion.

Since it is not practical to consume the same foods on a daily basis, Emma made some moderations to her diet. An example is replacing whole grain bread with quinoa for dinner. The best part was that she was never into tea or coffee which proved to be quite helpful.

Emma also mentioned that she used to drink a lot of water which was beneficial in two ways. It kept her hydrated and contributed to boosting her metabolism.

Emma’s Workout Regime

According to sources, in the initial days of her weight loss journey, Emma Hunton was not into workouts. Instead of that, the actress focused more on the nature of the food she was consuming.

However, later she was serious about losing weight and hired a trainer who could guide her with a proper workout regime.

To burn out extra calories, she went for a walk regularly for at least 30 minutes a day. Later, 

Emma joined the gym and engaged in high-intensity workouts. She performed the following exercises as part of her high-intensity workouts.

  • Burpees – Apart from burning fat, burpees also lead to a stronger heart and lungs,     enhanced blood flow, and reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. 
  • Lunge jumps – It helps in boosting heart rate and burns more calories. 
  • Push-Ups – In addition to enhancing upper body strength, it also contributes to the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. When done properly, push-ups also make the lower back and core stronger by engaging the abdominal muscles. 
  • Jumping jacks – For overall weight loss, jumping jacks are one of the best exercises recommended as the entire body is involved. It works on the abdomen, legs, belly, and arms contributing to weight loss in these areas. 
  • Weight training – Weight training comes with several benefits such as an increase in metabolism that help burn more calories, stronger bones, and decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

Apart from the aforementioned exercises, the actress also used to run on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes every day.

The highlight of Emma’s weight loss mission is that she lost almost double the calories when compared to the number of calories she gained through food consumption.

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The weight loss journey of Emma Hunton is really inspiring for all those who are battling obesity. In spite of going through severe body shaming and humiliation, she proved that shedding those extra pounds and attaining a dream figure is not impossible.

Hope Emma’s diet and exercise regime will prove to be highly beneficial for all weight loss aspirants out there.

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