Does Diarrhea Cause Weight Loss? Is It A Healthy Way Of Losing Weight?

Diarrhea Cause Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight or keeping fit in general people try all kinds of fads. No sooner one gains a result remotely sooner it becomes a trend. Most of these could even be harmful to the body but that won’t stop anyone from getting on the bandwagon.

This blog will discuss if Diarrhea can cause weight loss and if it does, does it imply a healthy weight loss? Read on.

What Is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea as most of us may know can be categorized into the passage of faeces in a watery form, severe abdominal pain, and in some cases vomiting. This is basically due to the work of bacteria which pass into our body through unclean food or unhygienic water. Generally, it lasts only 2-3 days but sometimes when it is a symptom of other underlying conditions, it can persist for a longer period.


Apart from the obvious causes, the attack from a bacteria like E-Coli or a virus like Zoto, there are a few other reasons why someone can be affected by Diarrhea.

➡️ Eating uncooked meat– Make sure your meat is properly cleaned and cooked before eating it. This may also cause tapeworms.

➡️ Being on a particular medication– Some medications can upset our digestive system and therefore can meddle with its proper functioning. This causes the formation of watery stools.

➡️ An underlying conditionIrritable Bowel Syndrome can be one of the reasons why you have Diarrhea.

➡️ Allergy-There are certain kinds of food that people develop an allergy to in those cases they can have Diarrhea as a major reason for discomfort.

➡️ A major surgery– Researchers have noticed that people who go through gall bladder surgery often have a leaky bowel which results in the loosening of faeces.

➡️ Hormonal change– In some people, an increase or decrease in certain hormones might also cause a loose bowel.

➡️ Stress-Though not officially established, some people have a watery bowel when they are anxious and stressed. They might also suffer from severe abdominal pain and vomiting due to the same.

What Happens To Your Body During Diarrhea?

When you are attacked by Diarrhea your body loses a lot of water content that adds up to its dehydration. As we all know water is important for our bodily function, so a huge loss in it can also impact our nutrient levels, cognition, and energy levels.

A severe Diarrhea can also impact the smooth functioning of the circulatory system pushing our body into a shock.

Can Diarrhea Cause Weight Loss?

The answer is yes. Diarrhea can potentially cause weight loss. Though poop isn’t much heavy it does hold some weight. Triggering dehydration in our bodies, Diarrhea can be a reason to lose water weight.

Diarrhea Cause Weight Loss

When you lose a lot of water and nutrients through Diarrhea, your body may lose weight. This weight loss is usually transitory and is caused mostly by fluid loss. But if Diarrhea lasts for an extended period of time, it can cause severe weight loss due to chronic nutritional deficiency.

Is Diarrhea Weight Loss Healthy In Any Way?

No, it is not healthy in any way. Losing copious amounts of water can stop many major body functions that are required for us to sustain. Moreover, losing weight in Diarrhea cannot be promoted as it only helps us shed the weight in our organs and not the fat deposits under the skin which are actually what decide our body type.

Diarrhea is a symptom of an underlying disease or infection, and it is critical to manage it successfully by addressing the cause of the Diarrhea and seeking proper medical assistance. Now let’s discuss some of the ways Diarrhea can be treated properly.

How To Treat Diarrhea?

It can be treated with antibiotics, ORS, and other prebiotics which help the culture of healthy bacteria in our stomachs.

In case it is not a severe one, you can always depend on some non-fiber-rich foods like bananas, rice water, or other juices that can significantly improve one’s health. However, if you are running a fever for more than 3 days, you should consider visiting your healthcare provider. In case you spot blood in your stools, chances are the infection might have made its way up to some major systems in your body.

Diarrhea can be prevented by inculcating healthy habits like cleaning your hands regularly, avoiding unclean food and water, and boiling water and milk before consumption. Additionally, ask your doctor in detail about a new medicine that might cause Diarrhea. Your healthcare worker can help you with that initiative.

Healthier Ways To Lose Weight

Work your body– Exercising is the most effective way of losing weight and therefore should be promoted to prevent any other fatal diseases.

Control the diet-Eating different food items can have different impacts on our body so pick and choose wisely.

Have a proper schedule– You should develop a routine that should be followed and can help you stick to it.

Since there are healthier ways to lose weight, don’t compromise your health!

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