Ariana Grande Weight Loss: Does The Pop Queen Have Anorexia?

Ariana Grande Weight Loss

Acclaimed for her four-octave vocal range, Ariana Grande is a household name in the pop music industry. Along with her musical talent, she is known for her petite looks and cutie-pie appearance.

She had lost a considerable amount of weight in previous years and fans got worried that she might be having some eating disorders. But Ariana rejected those claims by saying she lost weight by diet and exercise alone. Read on to find out the secrets behind the weight loss journey of Ariana Grande. 

About Ariana Grande

Known for her acclaimed songs, “Problem”, “Bang Bang”, and “Dangerous Woman”, Ariana Grande is a well-known American singer. She was in the spotlight from a younger age. Grande put her signature in the music industry by exploring Pop and R&B styles.

Ariana Grande
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Apart from singing, she has been known for songwriting and acting. Some of the awards this singer has received include Grammy, MTV Video Music Award, Bambi Award, Brit Award, and Guinness World Records.

Ariana Grande: Body Statistics

Name Ariana Grande Butera
Date of Birth26 June 1993
Height5 feet 1 inch or 154 cm
Weight48 kg or 106 pounds
Body Measurements32-24-33 inches
Dress Size2 (US) or 34 (EU) or 6(UK)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown

Ariana Grande Weight Loss

Amid her eating disorder rumors, Ariana Grande lost around 25 pounds last year. After seeing the singer pulling this much weight loss, the fans were quite concerned about her health. But Ariana has made it clear that she has no eating disorders. Instead, she has a lifelong battle with hypoglycemia, which might be the reason behind her weight changes. 

Ariana Grande Weight Loss

At a stage in her life, the ‘God is a Woman’ singer had developed some unhealthy eating habits. She used to consume junk food and added sugar items. This led to a tremendous amount of weight gain in her body.

It was at this point that the singer decided to turn the course of her life journey. As part of this change, she decided to bid farewell to junk food.

Ariana‘s Response To Eating Disorder Rumours

There are many rumors surrounding the singer that she has Anorexia, an eating disorder that makes the affected shun away from food. But all of these are pure rumors and Ariana has explained that she is healthy right now.

In a recent TikTok video, Ariana Grande replied to the body shaming comments that are spreading on her social media. The singer had to post a 3-minute TikTok video on the grounds of recent allegations of her weight loss.

Many of her followers criticized the singer for her weight loss and even raised concerns about her health. To these comments, Ariana had given a detailed and proper reply through her latest video. According to her, she is in the finest health status now and her earlier body was not at all healthy.

As her followers were comparing her current body to her previous one, the singer replied that what you see outside won’t be the reality. She admitted to having certain health concerns and taking antidepressants previously. And right now, she feels she is in her perfect healthy body. 

Ariana urged her followers to be careful when making comments regarding the body of other people. She added that you never know what might be happening in a person’s life. Grande requested her followers to be a bit more considerate regarding their fellow people and stop commenting on other people’s bodies. 

Ariana Grande Weight Loss Diet

In many of her interviews, she has shared her decision to go with a vegan diet. It was after watching a documentary, ‘Forks over Knives’ she decided to turn into a vegan. Ariana is quite fond of animals and she has shared that she loves them more than human beings.

That is why she chose a full plant-based and whole-food diet. According to her, such a diet can expand her life length and make her an all-around happier person. 

The shocking fact is that Ariana comes from an Italian family and she barely eats Italian food. She has revealed her love for Japanese foods such as lotus, adzuki beans, and daikon.

Ariana Grande Weight Loss Diet

For vegans, Japanese cuisine is heaven. They offer a wide variety of plant-based foods such as edamame, hijiki, vegan okonomiyaki, etc. To meet her weight loss goals, Ariana followed a Japanese macrobiotic diet.

Under the guidance of her trainer, Harley Pasternak, she changed to a balanced diet that includes whole grains, barley, brown rice, sea vegetables, etc. According to her, she believes in mindful eating. She observes whatever food she consumes and what effect it has on her health and body. 

Ariana Grande’s Diet Plan

Following is an example of the Ariana Grande diet plan; you can find the variety of plant-based foods she consumes for a day here. 

BreakfastSmoothies are made from blueberries, raspberries, oranges, flax seeds, and vanilla protein powder.
LunchVegetable salad with avocados, kale, cashews, and teriyaki sauce.
DinnerBrown rice bowl with veggie stir fry, tofu, and nori.
SnacksBerries, Baked potatoes with cinnamon.

Ariana Grande Workout Regimen

One thing her trainer ensures is to attain her step goals. Whether it is through dancing, running, or even walking, she is suggested to get at least 12,000 to 14,000 steps a day. Ariana Grande engages in a daily workout schedule that goes along with her busy life.

Even though the singer is not fond of the gym, she likes to do Pilates. Two of her favorite workouts are lunges and glute bridges. The details of her exact exercises are given below:

Ariana Grande Workout
  • Reverse lunge– These are excellent exercises to work on your glutes, core, and hamstring muscles. Ariana engages in these exercises for 30 repetitions in 5 sets. 
  • Walking lunge– Another exercise she is fond of is walking lunge. This is beneficial for improving leg function and flexibility. 
  • Skater lunge– Practicing skater lunges can improve the glutes, inner thighs, and hamstrings.
  • Pile plank– Arina engages in these exercises to strengthen her core and tone up her whole body.
  • Superman– As the name suggests, this exercise is done by positioning your body in the superman position. It can help you to strengthen your lumbar and hip extensors.
  • Glute bridge– She does this many times and for 2 minutes duration each. The Glute bridges can be effective to improve the hamstrings and tone up the gluteus maximus muscles. 

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The Bottom Line

On going through the article, one can understand that Ariana Grande is cautious regarding what she eats. She lost weight by following a meticulous diet and consistent fitness routine.

Ariana has revealed her love for Japanese food and particularly plant-based items. She is a self-proclaimed vegan and avoids any kind of animal products. It is by following a healthy diet and workout routine, Ariana Grande has lost weight.

Even though there are rumors of an eating disorder, she has clarified that she doesn’t have any. 


Q. How much weight did Ariana Grande lose?

She has lost around 25 pounds of weight in the past. 

Q.  What type of diet Ariana follows for weight loss?

She follows a vegan diet.

Q. What is Ariana Grande’s favorite cuisine?

Her favorite is Japanese food.

Q.  Is Ariana allergic to any foods?

In some interviews, she has revealed that she is allergic to tomatoes.

Q. How much weight does Ariana have?

Ariana Grande has around 104 lbs. 

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