The World’s First Artificial Womb, Ectolife Is Too Dangerous To Make Real

Ectolife Is Too Dangerous To Make Real

Have you all heard about Ectolife? We are sure you did. The ultimate artificial womb took the Internet by storm. And what if it’s made real? According to the statistics (and the consequences seen in the Ectolife), it’s definitely going to be a dangerous thing!

A destruction that can go beyond your imagination- experts say the Artificial womb will be a living hell. If the stuff is not regulated it can be surely dangerous beyond human imagination. Does the main dilemma remain whether it’s a real-life birth or just a production of a character in the movie?

Neuralink came as a challenge to the world. While we love technology that makes tasks easy, this one got really scary. Hashem Al Ghaili made the thing real by launching a new concept called Ectolife, Neuralink. The concept was shared across but it’s impactfully dangerous and not a good go! We are sure Hashem Al Ghaili wanted to help women who suffer from fertility issues. Some may not be able to conceive and go for surrogacy or in-vitro fertilization treatment. This was made to resolve the same issue, who still cannot conceive and want to have a child.

Why Is It Scary?

What’s the scary part? The babies will be machine-made! Yes, you heard that right. The machines will be doing all the tasks as a woman who produces. Scared? You should be because machine-made babies are far different than human-made babies. Some of those who are unable to conceive despite the treatments may feel it as a blessing in disguise but it’s so not.


The reproduction process is very human. Apart from the hormonal changes and chemical reactions, the mother is also sending her emotional, and psychological sense to the baby (that a machine cannot). It’s very common to have a fertility disorder where females or males are unable to have a child. With advanced technology, we surely expected something beyond IVF or in-vitro fertilization but this changed the game! No human is perfect, they come from humans who have so many chromosomes that later make up a baby. And this is completely normal.

We understand that Hashem Al Ghaili tried to help people but this is an insane and dangerous concept! Let’s see how-

  • The concept made us show the growth pod feature that will monitor the baby’s vitals and physiological changes. It will also have internal speakers but our concern is one- Radiation! Yes, the baby will be exposed to radiation, sound waves, and other electromagnetic waves. The effects are unpredictable for all.
  • Ectolife also showed how the embryo will be engineered before planting- now this is scary! We all are unique but with this, perfect human robots will be created where you may choose the height, weight, stature, features, and whatnot. The bottom question is are we creating humans or video game figures? There will be 0 uniqueness if this thing comes to play.

The world offers us diversity- people are uniquely made and society runs smoothly. But with the concepts of Hashem Al Ghali, this seems a little challenging. No one would want their baby to have a short height or weight issues. They all would want their baby fair, with good hair and whatnot. But is it acceptable? We all would look alike and that can be the end of the world!

There are some things special to humans- and that involves reproduction. Technology is bliss but should not overpower our pro tasks. In our opinion, this is not just a dangerous but destructive concept. What are your thoughts about it?

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  1. I thought this idea would be so dangerous it could be more harmful than good because there is only one who could create all things perfectly and that is God alone in a natural way which he designed…..if humans do not know what the real problem is then it will be imposible to achieve a needed solution ……

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