Are Fear And Anxiety Connected To Weight Loss?

Are Fear And Anxiety Connected To Weight Loss

Fear and anxiety can engulf the best of us. It could be something as trivial as the fear of darkness to the fear of people. It can be quite overwhelming to let our phobias and worry guide us. We know it isn’t easy to live like this and to add insult to injury, there is a sufficient amount of evidence to support how fear and anxiety can affect your weight.

So maybe if you are losing a lot of weight, it could be because you are under extreme emotional distress or vice versa. We aim to clear that up for you in case you are struggling.

Relation Between Emotions And Weight

Many researchers have been able to establish a strong pattern between ones eating habits and their emotions. Several people can be categorized as emotional eaters who consume food to satiate their emotional needs.

It is not to get any energy but to gain control over emotions. It is a road toward unhealthy habits and obesity. There are a fraction of people who stop eating altogether when a strong emotion overpowers them. This can lead to weight loss. What is to be noted is that their emotional hunger has no relation to physical hunger or their energy levels.

Relation Between Emotions And Weight

How Are Fear And Anxiety Connected To Weight Loss?

Fear and anxiety are some of the strongest emotions people have. They can have unlimited control over our lives which adversely affects us at some point in time. It can actually dictate what we would want to do and what we should do.

There is no doubt about the fact that these two can definitely manipulate us into losing weight. So what is the connection between them? Firstly, fear and anxiety can let us diffuse a huge quantity of stress hormones into our bloodstream. This could speed up one’s energy levels and increase our metabolic rate.

Now we all know the connection between metabolic rate and weight loss. Secondly, being in constant fear can rob you of your goodnight’s sleep. Beauty and weight depend a lot on us getting proper rest. Sleep helps regulate our body and that is important to its overall functioning.

When you don’t sleep, chances are the next day you wake up being cognitively defective which leads to weight loss. Thirdly, when anybody is anxious our cortisol level goes up automatically. And when cortisol is up, people may find it difficult to rest or even a small nap.

This means using all the energy you have to function without refueling. Another reason why fear and anxiety can have an impact on how you respond to stimuli. This is called stress-response hyperstimulation. If scientists are to be believed, it can cause a number of digestive problems. It’s not just stomach ache but also nausea which leads us to throw up whatever we take in. Now that cannot be healthy in any way and thus causes chronic weight loss.

These are all physical reasons so there are some external reasons as well. For instance, if a person suffers from fear and anxiety, they might not socialize which means no unhealthy food or casual drinking. Moreover fear and anxiety can be cured by physical activity so as their psychiatrist suggests, they can be engaging in a lot of exercises that exert pressure and helps them shed those tough kilos.

Symptoms That You Are Suffering From Fear-anxiety Weight Loss

You can have some clear signs if you are losing weight because of anxiety and fear including-

  • 1. A weight loss with no apparent reason- No diet pills no dieting no workout. If that is the case, then your weight could be going down because of fear and anxiety.
  • 2.  You lose 4-5 kgs in a week’s time- This is something very fishy so weight loss isn’t healthy.
  • 3. Losing kilos in a matter of days-Nope, it isn’t healthy either.

How To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way?

Losing weight can be beneficial but that doesn’t mean you adopt unhealthy techniques to do so. Weight loss can be very pleasing if done properly. You can start it by regulating a diet. Pick and choose your veggies and protein. Stay away from Carbs.

Exercise regularly and dedicatedly. Drink sufficient water and do not skip meals. Get your sleeping hours and opt for supplements only suggested by doctors.

Fear and anxiety can entirely change your life. Though it can cause you to lose weight, it can never be adopted as the only option since it can harm your body in the long run. If you are determined to lose weight, you should be ready to put the hours into it and it can go a long way. To be free from fear and anxiety, you should consult a therapist and take proper medications to deal with it.

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