Water Workouts For Weight Loss: Float Your Way To Fitness!

Water Workouts For Weight Loss

Workouts are a crucial part of weight loss. We are already familiar with a number of them. There are some that could be performed with pieces of equipment and some without them. No matter what the way, it should never be compromised and sans workout regimes, there is no losing weight.

Well, we already have been acquainted with almost all the exercises that are on the land, but what about water? We are not kidding. Water opens a whole new door of possibilities. For those who are water babies and those who are bored of the same old techniques, this blog will be refreshing.

We would be discussing all water workouts and even suggest some for you to try a hand at. Don’t forget to try some out!

What Is A Water Workout Or A Pool Exercise? 

The kind of exercise that requires water is called a water workout. As simple as it can be, water workouts mainly depend on the flexibility of water to give your body the extra push you cannot find on land. Lately, it has gained traction and is told to be the next best thing.

Many gym trainers stand by it because according to them water has a resistance over 12 times that of the air. Let us explain that to you. Resistance training and weight loss go hand in hand. The greater the resistance, the higher the muscle gain. This means a faster metabolic rate and greater loss of Calories within a shorter period of time. Ready to jump in?

Benefits Of Water Workouts

If you are apprehensive about diving right into the pool even now let us count the benefits and maybe that will be the motivation you need. 

Types of water workouts for weight loss

💪🏻 They are only a minimal impact– Unlike the exercises on land, water exercises are not very pressure exerting. This means people with weak joints, sports injuries, and other disabilities don’t have to limit themselves. They can devote some time in the water and get that perfect body they wanted.

💪🏻 They cover the whole body– Usually, when you work out on the land, you have to dedicate separate days or times for particular muscles. But in water, you use all or most of your muscles. This doesn’t mean you cannot go for a peculiar one but you can cover more area in a shorter time.

💪🏻 They are great to increase your stamina-With a resistance twice as much as air, you can exercise all you want and end up losing calories more than you ever could or imagine.

💪🏻 They are a great way to cool down– Summers are extremely cruel and exercising drenched in all that sweat is not all that fun. So exercising in water can be relaxing and you can still lose the weight you want.

💪🏻 They are good mood elevators– Exercising of any kind can elevate the mood instantly with the release of special happy hormones. When you are in the water a blue mind effect kicks in and everything starts feeling awesome.

Types Of Water Workouts For Weight Loss

 So now that we have tempted you enough, let us introduce you to some of the exercises in water that you can use to lose some of those tough fat cells.

Some of them include-

💪🏻 Water walking or jogging– All you might need is a swimsuit and head cap. Now straighten out your back and maintain the right posture. Walk with your arms extended, and take longer steps to help you form some resistance from the water. Those who want to put more stress on their heart and lungs should go for it.

💪🏻 Flutter kicking– To perform this workout you have to lock your upper half with a resistance band and then flutter and kick your lower half in the water. You can also do it by standing in the water leveling up to your waist and moving your arms and legs vigorously.

💪🏻 Pool Planks– For this, you might need a strong tube to push in on. First, take a lunge by taking a step forward and then move the tube forward. Now use that to form a resistance in the front and you are all set.

💪🏻 Jumping Jacks– It is just like the ones we do on land. Stand at ease and then jump to and away from your feet. You can also opt to hold weights and make sure your hands are inside the water. Ease into the movements and do not overdo it.

💪🏻 Bicycle Kicks– To perform this you have to stand away from the poolside and face towards the water. Now place your weight on the side rod and lift up your waist and do the movement like cycling.

💪🏻 Water pushups– This one is not done horizontally but rather vertically. Stand approximately 2-3 cm away from the poolside facing towards it. Now put your upper weight on the side and lift up your body. Please make sure you adjust the tempo and speed.

Water exercises are great for the mind and body. Not only are they fun but also suitable for anyone. Unlike everyone thinks, water workouts are not about swimming and you need no knowledge at all to perform those. Who thought working out in water could be as beneficial as drinking water? You could hang out together as a family and adopt a healthy lifestyle as a whole. That too without compromising on your strength.

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