The Reality Behind Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss: Shocking Results

The Reality Behind Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss

Here is the most awaited Chaz Bono’s weight loss journey. For those who have been trying to lose weight, it is quite an inspiration to know the story of Chaz Bono. You must be wondering how he could transform himself from a 250 lbs sack of potatoes to a handsome man who maintains a fabulous physique, and fitness level currently.

The Reality Behind Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss

If so, you are about to explore the secrets and reality behind the victory he achieved by knocking out the whole universe. So, keep reading to find out how Chaz Bono could succeed with his 85 lbs weight loss journey.

Chaz Bono weight loss

Who is Chaz Bono?

You must already know this man who is currently in his 50’s. Because he is well known to the world as a writer, actor, as well as a musician. Born to a celebrity couple Sonny Bono and Cher, he started to appear in Television shows as a child artist. It was between 2008 and 2010, we seriously looked into his personal life, when he underwent a female to male transition. And now he himself introduces to the world as a trans man.

He has been active in his career since 1972 when he was just 3 years old and made a good fortune through both the big and mini-screens. However, he caught the attention of the mainstream media because of the unbelievable transformation he could give to his body.

How much weight did Chaz Bono lose?

It was in 2012 Bono decided to get rid of all the extra pounds. He started his weight loss journey when he was in the part of Dance With The Stars. It was right after his transition, he appeared in the reality show. While actively participating in it, he could lose 5 pounds and it was just the beginning.

Then he embarked to lose 50 lbs. Even though that is obviously too much to shed for a dream, he nailed it into reality. And that was with an extra 35 lbs more. The most stunning part comes when we came to know that all these he did within a year. Currently, he sticks with a healthier lifestyle and also follows a proper diet that is rich in meat and veggies. 

Now he admits, he really feels very satisfied and comfortable with the way he eats now. It indeed feels like a kind of a  miracle for him as well as others which he never thought that such a change would ever happen to him. Now everyone can notice the significant change in his personality as well as how confident he has become.

Chaz Bono before after

Reasons for his decision to lose weight

Reasons for his decision to lose weight

Many Americans hardly make any healthy choices. And Bono’s case was also wasn’t different. He was closely linked to unhealthy eating habits and was even addicted to Rx. Right after his transition, he was more into these. However, after getting into the Dancing With the Stars show, he could lose 5 lbs. It was when his weight reached 250 lbs he seriously started to think about shedding it. With the help of Dr. Travis Stork, he set his goals, worked for them, and finally achieved it.

Before that, he was struggling with a life filled with weight issues and the worst side of obesity. He was born to a skinny family, and like any other me]mbers in his family he was with a slender body too. He also had to bear the pressure from his family to grow up underweight. But eventually, he gained weight when he started to ignore his diet and lifestyle.

He felt a kind of denial when he thought how heavy he was and he knew that his weight was holding him back from opportunities in life and ruining his health. This thought started to break him down and he was ready to do something about it. And the right time came when he felt a lack of confidence on the stages of Dancing With the Stars.  

What made him lose weight?

When everyone sees him with an entirely different body, this must be the question ticking inside. So, it was indeed a tough venture, in which he followed effective eating patterns as well as somebody moves (mostly something he is passionate about, i.e., dancing).

Of course, it wasn’t possible without the help of Dr. Travis Stork, who recommended that he have to lose 50-80 pounds from his 250 lbs, 5 ft 5 1/2 inches body.

Stork was the host of the show ‘The Doctors’, and the entire team was proud of Bono’s progress.  And by adapting to nutritious food and realizing that exercises and physical activities could be fun, he refined his overall health. 

The Reality Behind Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Shocking Results

The diet

According to Chaz Bono, most of the credit if his success goes to his change of diet, which is the Freshology meal delivery plan. While he was participating in Dancing with the stars, he and many others in the show Used Freshology to bring healthy changes in their diet patterns with calorie-controlled meals. Bono says that he had run out of grains and carbs, and his duet is composed of meats, veggies, and fruits. 


Most probably you have heard about this diet program by now. For those who don’t, it is a meal delivery program that sends weekly fresh or frozen meals to the clients. If you are someone who is following this plan, it never compels you to use their meals as it is. As per your preference you get a chance to customize those meals in a healthy way and convert them to be more delicious. This p[rogram also would allow the clients to have upgraded in their meals like organic or all-natural foods. This form of dieting caught Bono’s eyes and he applied it to his own eating habits. 

The diet

This meal-delivery service is provided by Diet-to-Go, an organization that aims to make it easy and affordable to follow healthy eating habits. Through which you will be able to achieve healthy living goals as it offers you a variety of chef-prepared, low-calorie meals that fit multiple eating patterns. There are four customizable menus included in the program and it claims to follow the highest food safety standards. And this will ensure the clients can get the best ingredients for a high-quality meal. 


The most impressive benefit of following the program would be saving a great amount of time. Because the clients won’t need to spend any time selecting and shopping for food varieties as well as they can spare the excess time they put in cooking and preparations. And every meal that is sent to the clients can be frozen for up to 30 days for later use. If you want to try different food varieties or want to have the most appropriate diet plan for you that will also be possible through Freshology. Because it will provide you multiple plans to fit specific dietary patterns. 

The plans included in the service will also be flexible to allow the clients to have a chance to decide when to begin and when to end as per their wishes. And its cancellation would also be possible without giving any cancellation fee. On top of that, it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to those who would like to follow it. 

Meal Planning And Selection

Each meal delivered in Freshology is ready to eat. These meals are specially designed by dieticians and prepared by professional chefs. The entire service is based on a 5- week meal rotation system, and hence this plan will not let the clients get bored by following the same diet plan every day. Because the clients will not be served with a week-long meal plan for the next 5 weeks. 

The four meal plans included in Freshology are Balance, Balance-Diabetes, Keto-Carb30, and Vegetarian. The clients can choose any of them according to their preference and there would be 20 varieties of meals and more to select from. 

Meal Planning And Selection

The first one, Balance,  is the most popular one. Which is the largest selection of food varieties, except pork and red meat. The Balance-Diabetes plan, as its title hints, is specially designed for those who have abnormal blood sugar levels. If you are planning to follow a ketogenic diet for losing weight, the most suitable one would be the Keto-Carb30 plan. And finally, the Vegetarian plan is for those who strictly want to pursue a vegetarian diet, and this also can be called a meatless version of the initial Balance plan. Whatever be the individual preference of the user, each meal he receives will be added with extra fruits, sauces, and other slide dishes as per the plan. And you will have 100% freedom to choose from a list of substitutions, just in case you don’t like a specific item from the menu.   

Freshology: Delivery options

Once the meals are delivered, all you need to do is to reheat them and enjoy them, or you can store them for up to  30 days in the fridge. 

Freshology: Delivery options

Freshology clients will be delivered their orders through FedEx. As it is available almost all around the U.S, it has a wide variety of users everywhere in the country except Hawaii and Alaska. Besides, there is local pickup available twice a week in some selected cities, and those places where this service is available can be located through the official page of Freshology. 

Physical Moves And Exercise Routines of Chaz Bono Weight loss journey

Apart from choosing to eat healthily, Chaz Bono also followed certain physical moves during his weight loss journey. As we all know he is obsessed with dancing you might probably guess what might cover most of his physical activities. It is indeed dancing and other fun activities he enjoyed the most. He included all these in his workout routine after realizing that it could be fun to do exercises. Bono also decided to go with Martial arts training, which he made a part of his regimen as well.

Physical Moves And Exercise Routines of Chaz Bono

Here are some of the moves he included in his regular workout: 

#1 Low-Intensity Cardio

As Chaz Bono was a beginner to exercise, this type of exercise significantly helped him to start. These can greatly help to burn calories and lose weight, and examples include swimming, aerobics, cycling, jogging, and power walking. 

#2 Burpees

This combination move is packed with the plank, push-ups, leaps, squats, and jumps. This targets the entire body and is effective to burn fat all throughout. The different body parts in which burpees will bring their effects would be the legs, chest, core as well as hands. 

#3 High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

These exercises are good at maximizing fat loss and calorie burning. HIIT is composed of fast bursts of exercise that can give rise to heart rate, as well as a 20-second interval followed by them. For those who can’t save a lot of time from their daily schedules, this could be the ideal option. Because, even if this workout lasts for a few seconds, it is worth it as the results will appear soon.  

#4 Jumping Rope

This low-impact exercise can enhance one’s cognitive function and coordination. It will improve the heart rate, and it is possible to burn 1,300 calories every hour.

#5 Lunges

Lunges target glutes and leg muscles. And can be done in different forms. To make this workout heftier, all you need to do is to add some weights to it. 

What are the changes that have happened in his life after weight loss?

Bono admits that after he succeeded in his 85-pound weight loss journey known as he went for an excess skin removal surgery. And frankly says all these worthed it, as we can see how incredible he looks now. He also says that he feels more healthy, confident, and happy after removing the excess weight from his body. 


Verdict on Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss

By reading this article on Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss you may come to a conclusion that Chaz Bono’s life itself is an inspiration for everyone. The way this LGBT activist overcame the greatest barrier of excess weight is quite impressive and influential without any doubt. Bono changed himself through the right dietary practices and physical moves, through which he could prove that even with a 250 lbs weight, it is possible to achieve fitness in less than a year.

This one decision not only changed his physique but his life, health, thoughts, and even confidence level as well. Through which you can clearly ask a question yourself that if he can, why don’t you even try it?

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