Long Head Tricep Exercises: Top 5 You Should Try

Long Head Tricep Exercises

Do you need those bulky and strong arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger? If yes, this article is for you. By practicing certain Long head tricep exercises and methods in general you also can have strong and muscular arms.

A long head tricep is the longest tricep within your arms, hence its name. In this article, I have provided some of the methods that you can adapt to build strong and muscular long heads. Also, it encompasses five key exercises that you can incorporate into your daily workout routine which can maximize the strength of your long-head triceps. So, dive into the article and read on to know more in detail.

Long Head of the Triceps: An Overview

Triceps or otherwise called Triceps Brachii which means three-headed muscles of the arm in Latin is one of the biggest muscles found behind the upper part of the hands. These are the muscle group that is responsible for extending your elbow joint and straightening the arms.

Long Head of the Triceps

The three muscles that encompass Triceps Brachii are the Lateral Head, Medial Head, and Long Head and they have different roles in shoulder elevations. Among these, the long head constitutes the largest portion of your triceps which is prolonged down on the posterior part of your arms. It differs in structure from the medial and lateral heads because the long head connects with shoulder joints and thereby aids in extending your shoulders.

6 ways to build muscular long-head triceps 

By adopting some strategies, you can build muscular long-head triceps. To implement these strategies, you should know in detail about the position of your triceps and the muscles that constitute it and also how to target them for the best results. Check out the points below to know how to build better and more muscular long-head triceps.

Give training to your triceps twice a week

Training your triceps twice a week can benefit you in many ways. It can be effective in building more muscular long-head triceps. You can choose 2-3 days between working out, for a break, and practicing in between. Decide your days for workouts and plan accordingly. Also, make sure to practice different workouts for your triceps on each of these days so that you will get different stimulation for your different muscles.

Don’t add a triceps workout after a shoulder or chest workout

If you are planning to do a shoulder or chest workout and after that, a tricep workout, leave that idea. It is clear as water that you won’t have any energy left for a triceps workout after a hectic shoulder or chest workout. So it is better to take a day off for the triceps workout or do it immediately after any of your push-day workouts.

Select a mass-building exercise for your long head

As per many fitness trainers, it is always better to do multi-joint movements before you do the single-joint one. Also, if you feel a bit bored with your routine it is better to try a variety of exercises that you won’t normally do for your triceps. Do try the close-grip bench press workout to enhance the muscle mass of your long-head muscles.

Give priority to long-head tricep exercises

Do all those overhead triceps workouts before you do any triceps press-downs or kickbacks that work for your lateral and medial heads. This is because your glycogen levels lower during workouts and you become tired as you progress. So prioritize your workout by giving the first option to the workouts that add to your long-head muscle mass.

Select a second long-head tricep exercise

Only sticking to one kind of workout won’t build your long-head tricep muscles overnight. It is better if you try adding a plan B to your long-head tricep exercise routine. For example, if your first long-head workout is seated overhead EZ-bar extensions, practice doing one-arm overhead extensions next.

⚪ Take failure as the next step

Continuously practicing long-head tricep exercises can put fatigue you. But the key to having mass long-head muscles is not to stop at failure. Instead, add some tactics to your workout routine. You can include a workout partner who will push you to do some extra reps, in case you reach the point of boredom. Or you can reduce the mass of the drop sets and restart your workout. Also, adopt some peak-contraction training through which you consciously hold all the weight rather than immediately dropping them after reaching full extension.

5 Long Head Tricep Exercises

Through many exercises, you can build the long-head triceps muscles. Some of the Long Head Tricep Exercises are listed below:

Cable Overhead Triceps Extensions

By practicing cable overhead triceps extensions, your triceps are prolonged and stretched. This will enable your muscles to move and activate. To do this exercise, you can use a straight EZ bar or a rope handle. Before doing this exercise, make sure that you have good shoulder mobility. It is mandatory to keep your arms vertical and your biceps placed near your ears. Otherwise, this workout can be uncomfortable and hard for you.

How to do it?To begin the workout, attach the rope or cable above the level of your head. Now grip on the handles and pull forward and take one or two steps away from the pulley. Place yourself in a split stance by putting one foot forward and one in the back. This will ensure maximum stability. Place your core muscles tight. Keep your elbows near your head. Now prolong your elbows in a forward direction which will result in the flexing of your triceps. After this, bend your arms and feel a stretch in the triceps. Repeat the whole process.

Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks

This is one of the exercises that provide maximum stretching for your long head and thereby help your muscles to build effectively. You can use light to moderate weights for practicing this workout. Make sure to use kickbacks as a concluding exercise.

How to do it?-You have to take a dumbbell with your left hand and put your right leg forward and your left leg at the back. Now hold some chair or floor with your right hand and along that bend your knees. At the same time put your torso downward but make sure to keep your back straight. Now place your left arm at a 90-degree angle which makes your upper hands parallel to the ground and forearm perpendicular to it. Now take your forearm back which flexes your triceps until it comes parallel to the ground. Exhale as you do this movement. After this, bring your left arm again at the 90-degree bending position. Do this practice for suggested repetitions and switch with your right arm. Along with that don’t forget to switch the position of your legs

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extensions

This is one of the effective exercises to target the muscle building in your triceps long head. You have to use dumbbells for this exercise, so it is suggested that you use drop sets. It is always better to start this exercise heavily and keep practicing until you are exhausted fully. One can do this exercise by standing up too but make sure not to stretch your backward.

How to do it?-Sit on a bench and hold one side of the dumbbell with both hands.  Start the workout by bringing the dumbbells overhead.  Make sure to keep your upper arms in a static position. Now bend your forearms and bring those dumbbells behind your head. Place your forearms parallel to the ground. Flex your triceps by extending your forearms behind and make sure not to lock out your elbows. Repeat the movement several times for the required number of sets.

Behind the Neck Overhead Presses

This is a moderately effective exercise for building the stamina and strength of your long head. It is an ideal workout for time-pressed lifters who are seeking larger and stronger shoulders and triceps. If done in the proper manner, this workout can be effective but there is a chance for shoulder pain and injuries as a result of this workout. Check out below how to do this workout.

How to do it?
To begin the workout, you can either choose to sit or stand. Now take a barbell and place this across your upper back. Make sure to pull your shoulders down and elevate your chest. Life and press the weight upwards in the length of your arms. Prolong your elbows and make sure not to lock them out. Now bring back the barbell to your neck and repeat the whole process.  Ensure not to bend your head forward.

Close-Grip Push-ups

This is a simple body-weight exercise through which you can build and strengthen your long-head muscles. You don’t need any instruments such as barbells, weight machines, dumbbells, etc.  This exercise is also known as diamond push-up and is considered one of the easiest and most effective methods to build your long heads. Check out here how to do this workout.

How to do it?-Begin this workout by placing your hands and feet in a push-up position.  Ensure that your arms are tucked into your sides. Now, bring your body down and place your chest a few inches away from the ground. Make sure to keep your back straight. Inhale as you place yourself in this posture. Using your triceps, push your body back and exhale. Repeat the whole process for the required amount of reps.

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On going through the aforementioned points, one can understand that the long-head muscle of the triceps plays a major role in your muscular status. Building the long-head muscle not just provides you with an aesthetic and muscular look, but also supports your whole shoulder balance. When you focus on the long-head tricep exercises, you will be able to get those muscular arms and at the same time, your shoulders will be guaranteed safety from muscular injuries.

As the long-head muscles constitute two-thirds of your arm mass, it plays a crucial role in the muscular structure of your arms and hands. By sticking to these exercises mentioned above and by practicing them properly, one can build strong and powerful long-head tricep muscles.

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