Can Hormone Therapy Help With Weight Loss? Relation Between Hormones And Weight!

Hormone Therapy Help With Weight Loss

Hormones play a large role in our life. Though we don’t feel their presence or might not even be aware of them, they always do their part in keeping us hale and hearty. We already know how it monitors our mood and our ability to engage in physical activities but does it also control our weight gain?

Can controlling the hormones help you with weight loss? This blog will help you understand if hormone therapy helps with losing weight.

What Is Hormone Therapy?

It does exactly what it means. Therefore it can be described as a process of replacing or regulating hormones in the body. Its working can be attributed to the checking of hormone flow and otherwise.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy, Androgen replacement therapy, and Transgender hormone therapy are all kinds of hormone therapies that serve specific purposes. In the following sections, we will be letting you know how it affects the weight of our body.

What Are The Hormones That Affect Body Weight?

As we already discussed, our body is full of hormones that have the ability to make or break one’s functioning. Out of the numerous ones, some may impact our weight management as well. They are as follows-

Cortisol– It can be loosely described as the hormone that decides how we respond in a certain situation that requires a lot of attention. So therefore it is what takes care of your carbs, blood sugar, pressure, and fats.

Testosterone– Known as the male sex hormone it basically gives the men every aspect of their physical attributes. Consequently, it also manages their weight gain and loss patterns.

Progesterone and EstrogenProgesterone and estrogen levels in women can have a significant impact on weight. The female sex hormones control the female physicality, menopause, reaction to a particular diet, and everything else in between.

Insulin– It is not just for diabetic patients. Insulin can make or break how your body digests a specific kind of food and how it converts it into energy.

ThyroidThyroid can play a crucial role in weight gain. Secreted by the Thyroid gland, an increase in its levels has often been seen in people who are morbidly obese.

Leptin– All the weight watchers are too familiar with this hormone. It is the ultimate weight loss hormone as it can have multiple effects on our hunger pangs, cravings, and satiety to say the least.

Can Hormone Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

Yes. Hormone therapy is known to help a lot with weight loss. It can help both women and men to reduce significant amounts of weight. However, in women, it usually alleviates the symptoms of menopause while in men, testosterone is brought in control.

Hormone Therapy And Weight Loss

Women that have neared menopause are known to gain copious amounts of weight which then proves impossible to shed. On the other hand, men can suffer from the lower levels of the male hormone which again leads to difficulty in shedding fat.

Then there is bio-identical hormone therapy which fills our body with hormones that are present or absent in the body accordingly. Ultimately, what makes all of these therapies so helpful? It can benefit our body in multiple ways including-

Managing our body mass index

The moment we hit menopause all hell cuts loose. We also may suffer from some serious deficiency due to the hormones running awry inside our body and hence hormone therapy can be helpful.

Amping up your metabolic rate

Metabolic rate has a lot to do with losing weight. So the greater your metabolic rate, the greater the weight loss. Hormone therapy works towards this initiative and hence is helpful.

Relieving your stress

Many times the answer is psychological. Stress can cause weight gain as it leads to cravings for carbs which is not obviously in tandem with weight loss goals.

Giving comfort sleep

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep when it comes to shedding kilos even those tough ones.

Regulating the Insulin levels

As you know obesity influences diabetes and this occurs when Insulin runs haywire so hormone therapy targets its production and release.


Hormones are extremely important for our body and before we embark on any kind of diet we must make sure we are within the controlled levels. Many times, a special diet or supplement doesn’t work because our body is at fault. To avoid situations like these, you should get yourself checked often.

While hormone therapy can aid in weight loss, never forget the fact that nothing works in isolation and balanced dieting and rigorous exercise shouldn’t be compromised at any rate. Sleeping patterns and stress should also be taken care of to get a significant result.

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