Does Sugar In Fruits Cause Weight Gain? Here Is The Truth!

Sugar In Fruits Cause Weight Gain

 “A for Apple” is probably the first word most of us started our long communicative journey with. So is the proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” By now we think you might guessed what today’s topic of discussion is. Not just apples but the whole set of fruits.

We have grown up hearing how fruits are good for our health and how chips and other fried food should be positively replaced by them. However, did you know fruits also contain a small amount of sugar? Since sugar is a big no-no while losing weight, does that mean sugar in fruits can cause weight gain? Let’s find out the answer to this question before you binge on any more fruits!

Sugar In Fruits

We are about to unveil if sugar in fruits causes weight gain but before we delve into it what fruits actually contain. To clear the air, sugar is not the way we know it as something sweet. It is one of the basic forms but fruits have much more complex compositions including Fructose and Glucose to name a few. 

For instance, for a cake to taste you need to add some sugar or jaggery but fructose is naturally found in fruits which gives it a pleasant taste. Moreover, artificial sugars are hardly filled with any useful nutrients but fruits also contain lots of Vitamins and Minerals that are essential for our bodies.

Benefits Of Eating Fruits

There are obviously various benefits of eating fruits when compared to the sugar in fruits that cause weight gain.  Some of them included-

  1. Hydration– It is not possible for us to carry water everywhere in those circumstances you can quench your thirst with a fruit. Watermelons and similar fruits are known to be made of water for the most part so don’t worry about calories.
  2. Nutrients galore– All fruits are filled with certain nutrients that do not occur naturally in our body and are therefore essential. However when on a weight loss diet, make sure you don’t eat fruits like mango that have more carbs than fiber.
  3. Healthy digestion– One ingredient that is present in every fruit without fail is fiber. If you are health conscious you would certainly know how important fiber is for easy bowel movement and digestion.
  4. Weight loss– Since it is full of goodness and fiber, most fruits make a nice addition to your weight loss meals. Avocados, berries, and apples would be some of them. 
  5. Protects from allergies– Fruits are known to be antioxidant sources for the seed. Therefore it contains many flavanoids that are entirely useful to prevent free radicals from releasing into the body.

Do Natural Sugars In Fruits Cause Weight Gain?

Unlike popular belief, the natural sugar in fruits can in no way cause weight gain as you might from eating artificial sugars. However, there are a number of factors you must keep in mind while consuming.

Sugars In Fruits

Firstly, always consume organic fruits. Many store-bought fruits are injected with sugar and they are not as good as you would expect them to be. Injecting the artificial sugar also decreases its nutrient value hence rendering the whole task useless.

Secondly, no matter what you eat, you should be mindful. Eating anything without portion control can have very unsettling consequences. While eating a few pieces of apple can be wonderful, bingeing on it isn’t very healthy.

Thirdly, fruits promote satiety. Being the carriers of protein, only a handful of them can make you full for longer periods. This can aid in your weight loss journey and not weight gain.

Lastly, when considering the amount of sugar in fruits, they are far better sources of nutrients and antioxidants. What does this mean? This means that the sugar quantity is negligible when compared to the nutrient density of a fruit. By eating only a small quantity you could feel full as well as get all the richness that will take Kilograms for others to provide. So if you did put your fruit down before, you can pick it up now!

Why Does Fruit Sugar Not Make You Gain Weight?

Though the may taste sweet as much as an added sugar food, sugar in fruits cannot cause weight gain. This is due to the fact that they have just had fructose or glucose in minute quantities. This is not enough to cause any trouble to your weight.

Moreover, for every fructose, it also has enough to neutralize the sugar. You may ask how. Let us explain, the sugar in fruits is minimalized by the dietary fibre it contains which means the sugar goes through proper digestion instead of being released into the direct bloodstream. Neither can this spike your blood glucose level nor accumulate like the artificial ones do so they don’t make you overweight.

Sugar in fruits can cause weight is another myth that we have debunked successfully. But you do need to control the portions and communicate with your dietitian.

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